Go! Tell me the difference between Chi and Chakra’s

Posted on June 23rd, 2008 by Lib

Well, I know what Chi is.

Chi is apparently the life force which permeates the world. In addition to being in all living beings, chi is also found in spaces such as homes and gardens. Although chi is a metaphysical construct, rather than something which can be physically quantified and measured, belief in chi is widespread in many Asian nations and disciplines including Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), martial arts and Feng Shui.

And I know that Chakra’s are the different energy points throughout the body.

But what I am struggling with is, what, if any, is the difference between Chi and Chakra’s?

Both are energies so surely they are the same.

So does that mean if you don’t believe in the Chakra system then you don’t believe in Chi?

And as a consequence of that thought process, does that then mean all Martial Arts are a myth?

Help please……1 inch punches are optional.

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  1. Tight Speedos says:

    Lib, there is no difference between Chi and Chakras, they are both the same, theoretic nonsense.

    • Lib says:

      As simple as that eh?

      • Tight Speedos says:


        • Lib says:

          So explain the 1 inch punch to me then.

          That’s Chi right?

          If not, what is it?

          • Tight Speedos says:

            I don’t deny that martial arts effective. And Bruce Lee was one its finest exponents.

            But as was been pointed out by you in your post above, “chi is a metaphysical construct, rather than something which can be physically quantified and measured.” In other words it is more supernaturalist theoretic nonsense. Unproven with no factual evidence to back it up.

            Feng Shui is more of the same. Although I would accept that the layout of a room can affect one’s mood. But that is common sense rather than ‘energies’ at work. Common sense informs me of the best way to lay out my rooms, and if they are not laid out effectively it p!$$es me off. Nothing to do with positive and negative ‘energies’.

            Simple as that.

  2. BO says:

    Chi and Chakra..rubbish are you sure you don’t mean Cheech and Chong…http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kt6FLGwnxJI&feature=related

  3. Jim & Em says:

    Hi Lib – cool image you’ve used on this post and a great question…

    Jim here and as it goes and from memory Chi is the Universal energy of ‘the Everything’ / ‘the source’ as the Chinese have recognised and followed in the I Ching since 2500BC ish – a book of 64 passages that can be read from pages one to the end (the left brain / western way) or the right brain way (with a roll of a dice to enable a selection of a passage) – my brother bought me the Iching book in 1996 and I’e still not finished reading it the right brain way yet….

    Everything in creation (crop circles???) is made up of electromagnetic energy vibrating at different frequencies that correspond to sound, light and colour – agreed???

    The existence of electromagnetic fields around every object in the world, known as an Aura. The Chinese refer to this energy as ‘Chi’ (pronounced Chee), the vital life force energy of the Universe, present within every living thing. Western medical science is now beginning to take a serious look at ancient Far Eastern traditions that focus on Chi – the life force energy which flows through the pathways (meridians and chakras) of all living forms – in order to maintain health and wellness, mentally, physically and emotionally.

    The chakras are energy stations that use chi to support the energy body and the physical body. Each chakra has a different job. Most modalities speak of at least 7 major chakras while there are hundreds of minor ones in us, animals and all living things – recognised highly throughout India with the advent of Yoga and its various forms.

    So think of chi as the electricity and chakras as the various power stations – the energy centers of the body and Chi would be like the currency of the realm so to speak.

    Without chi the chakras would cease to exist.

    So would we.

    or crop circles :-)

    So would martial arts.

    Even though there foundation is based on energy and a timeless ‘knowing’ some of the thorns here would deny any connection.

    Tai Chi* anyone?

    *Chi is a Chinese word meaning aliveness, life force energy or life breath – also known as Ki, Qi or Prana.

    Finally, one for the thorns about Chi – Chi has been written about and studied for over ten thousand years, from China and Japan to India, the Hawaiian Islands and South America. Chi is the energy of life itself, recognized as the balance of Yin and Yang (male and female, positive and negative, electromagnetic energy), which flows through everything in creation.

    Chi is at the foundation of most health and fitness practices such as Massage, Yoga, Martial Arts, Reiki, Feng Shui and Acupressure, crystal healing, pranic healing and maybe, just maybe CROP circles.

    So to answer a tad more on Chakras, our Spinning Energy Centers, lets look at the foundation of Yoga which centers the body by holding different postures that connect with the chakras.

    Why bother?

    Well if a Chakra becomes blocked, specific emotional and physical problems begin. To heal the body, mind and spirit, is to bring the chakras into alignment and balance – to prevent DIS-EASE!!

    Chakras – their Colour Frequencies and Vibration:

    RED: Base/Kumdalini/Root Chakra – Located at the base of the spine.
    This chakra grounds us in the physical, related to security and survival.

    ORANGE: Spleen Chakra – Located beneath the navel.
    Home of creativity, sexuality, hormones and reproduction. Blockages manifest as such.

    YELLOW: Solar Plexis – related to the pancreas and outer adrenal glands.
    The seat of our emotions. Blockages manifest as anger, sense of victimization, poor me, resentment.

    GREEN: Heart Chakra – related to the Thymus.
    Blockages manifest as heart or immune system problems, lack of compassion.

    BLUE: Throat Chakra – Parallel to the thyroid gland.
    Communication. Blockages manifest as such.

    INDIGO: Third Eye Chakra – Linked to the Pineal Gland.
    Connected to the higher self and psychic abilities.

    PURPLE: Crown Chakra – Located at top of head.
    Connection to higher spiritual realms*

    *Crop circles anyone / Having a GUT feeling / following your instinct / an inner \ knowing etc etc etc.

    Thousands of people every year, are now traveling to Thailand*, (*colonic is optional :-)) China, Japan, Brazil and Germany for affordable, non toxic, alternative healing. Western medical practitioners need to become educated as soon as possible regarding Chi energy and Far Infrared healing energy, or expect to receive the very same ridicule they harbour towards the wise and ancient Far East, directed towards themselves as they google away for more prescriptive advice that often tricks our brains into covering up an issue (anti biotics, for example) rather than dealing with it at source…

    So – hope this helps….just felt right to share what I’ve learnt…..

    As I pepare myself for the onslaught! (B)

    • Nice explanation…next post.

      ClinicallyCluelesss last blog post..Entry: June 30, 2005

    • That first part about Chi sure sounds a lot like string theory, which I think (not certain) is being touted by physicists and cosmologists as a possible unifying theory of the universe.

      Funkygirl012003s last blog post..Informercials and Advertising yourself

    • Tight Speedos says:

      Blimey Jim, well now, very enlightening, I never realised that…………

      So what did happen to Goldilocks in the end?

      • Lib says:

        Come off it TS, he’s hardly the new age equivalent of Fagan is he?

        A much appreciated insightful opinion as far as I’m concerned.

        And I think you discredit the people that regularly visit this site.

        • Tight Speedos says:

          I think you are twisting my words Lib.

          The fact is Jim has made a grossly misleading statement which has been proven thousands of times over, in supervised clinical trials, to be incorrect.

          Yet no retraction? It’s OK to state gross mistruths in support of quackery? No it is not.

          Hey kids! Let’s all go play on the railway lines, Big Jim says it’s safe! – So who’s coming?

          • Jim & Em says:

            I’ll not retract my statement – its my perception through my own experiences….not the gospel.

          • Tight Speedos says:

            So you have experienced antibiotic treatment that has tricked your brain? Presumably you measured this against something real and tangible to demonstrate just how it ‘tricked your brain’.

            I’m all agog!

            Do tell……….

      • Jim & Em says:

        Prove that antibiotics solve the real issue rather than block it?

        They control and simmer down areas of the brain so we ‘feel’ ok as the problem often gets worse – in simple terms.

        • Tight Speedos says:

          Get real.

          Antibiotics have had literally thousands of clinical trials and have been proven to deliver what they claim. Fact.

          You have made a grossly misleading statement to the readers of this blog wrongly inferring antibiotics are mere brain trickery. Fact.

          Now show us the ‘facts’ behind your theories. The fact is there are none.

          • Jim & Em says:

            I’ve presented what I’ve learnt and welcome you and others to educate me on how antibiotics cure the problem as opposed to covering it up.

            I’d love to know – present the case and I’ll add it to my knowledge.

            Do you believe we as humans have feelings? Instinct? Compassion? Energy?

          • Tight Speedos says:

            Jim, there is an internet tool called Google, you will find the results of plenty of legally superivised clinical trials proving the benefits of antibiotics.

            If anyone has a pack of antibiotics at home, inside should be the advuce paper stating clinical trial performance.

            The evidence for antibiotiocs is all around you and easily accessible by anyone.

            But I really would love for you to prove your theories, but as we all know, you cannot.

          • Urban Pagan says:

            TS hits the nail on the head again

            next time you have an abcess Jim leave the anti biotics alone and instead align your chakras- then when you writh round in pain go and get the anti0biotics

  4. Urban Pagan says:

    its nonsense plain and simple

    as for the one inch punch being a chi related thing- its not

    its a simple technique which involves putting all your weight behind one hand and pushing through a target- its not a punch at all and its a lot more than one inch

    as for chi and chakra’s

    the above post by jim and em is yet another example of absolute unproven, unvalidated hippy nonsense that has no basis in fact at all.

    thats one level

    the real level and the reall sad thing is when people often terminally ill dispose of proven medicine and throw into the ‘alternative’ bandwagon and die slow agonising deaths- its middle age myth and dangerous

    as has been said before if any of the alternative therapies WORKED they would become mainstream medicine and people would benefit

    if any of the energy theory was fact and provable the new age firm would be getting nobel prizes for physics- they aren’t- because its all boll. ocks.

    ‘the wise and ancient far east’

    its nonsense.

    and dangerous

    I will ask a question though to the new agers- if an elderly relative of yours was ill with terminal cancer in a hospital would you tell them to turn off the pain killers and risk suffering intense pain until death? if not then you don’t have faith in your nonsense you peddle- if yes then you are cruel and fantasists. sorry but this is al crap put forward by people who earn a living through quackery and cause more pain than they cure.

    scum in short

    • Lib says:

      But what about the cancer patients that have gone down the alternative route and effectively gone into remission?

      • Urban Pagan says:

        there is no evidence that the cancer would not have gone away anyway lib- the sample size for the people who do this and it goes into remission is so statistically insignitficant it stands up to no scrutiny- derren brown has a cracking but about this in his book as I recall

    • Jim & Em says:

      A difficult one Urban but labelling holisitic healing working with the energy centres of the body and the Universe as SCUM clearly shows resentment for the compassionate intentions of love and light.

      Suffering is a ‘relative’ issue and most of us walking the planet have lost ‘relatives’ in the scenario you describe above.

      Lessening the pain versus prolonging the death? Now that is the question.

      • Urban Pagan says:

        I stand by it that anyone who encourages people to drop proven medicine that cna alleviate pain in favour of unproven nonsense is playing ‘god’ with peoples lives.

        I will ask a question- if (and I hope this never happens), if you were to get a horrible illness would you go down the traditional route or go and align your chakras? serious.

        because if you base your answer on evidence the alternative stuff is gone- if you base it on chance / luck then you are risking your life and comfort for a theory. which is nuts

        • Jim & Em says:

          I’ll cross that bridge if it ever needs crossing….

          • Urban Pagan says:

            you see I would take the medically approved route as its the only one that is proven

            not the alternative one

            if you really believe in the alternative one surely you’d throw your weight behind that. you haven’t. why? perhaps deep down you are a rational being who knows that to negate provebn science over hopeful unproven theory is silly.

  5. aussiecynic says:

    I do rather like some eastern remedies….
    I have had surgery where only accupuncture was used and it was surprisingly easier than the alternative… no pain killers before during or after….
    There is something to the way many of these work, western doctors are looking into many of these energy based solutions one case in point is the area of fertility…
    It is fair to say because our bodies are made up of electric signals which control our movements and function that a disruption in the electric pulses can cause problems it does in any electric device… and correcting the curcuits can correct the problem…
    After all for thousands of years these forms of medications have been treating those in China and other asian countries and given there is now 3 billion chinese + it would be fair to say perhaps there is something in them….

    aussiecynics last blog post..Buy a LIFE ON EBAY!

    • What part of your body did the docs work on? This sounds familiar have you mentioned the whole surgery, acupuncture thing before?

      3 billion + chinese, wow! I guess that powdered rhino horn does work.

      Funkygirl012003s last blog post..Informercials and Advertising yourself

      • aussiecynic says:

        I think so.. my back on my backbone…. I had a cyst removed which was sitting on my spine and growing… so he used acupuncture and
        cut it out, sewed me up and all i felt was a tug which I thought was the dr starting but he informed he was finishing.. would do it again.. if I had to… so easy no pain, no reactions excellent

        aussiecynics last blog post..Buy a LIFE ON EBAY!

        • Jim & Em says:

          Acupuncture – working of the meridian lines / energy of the body – back to chi again.

          1980′s medicine rarely credited us as being walking sources of energy – medicine is waking up.

    • Urban Pagan says:

      so are you linking chinese population figures to alternative medicine ‘working’?

      the inca’s used it- they got wiped out

      many other ancient civilisations used it- they got wiped out

      you could argue some of the oldest medicines came from africa and africa is facing massiv e birth rates- it also has an aids epidemic- so the connection is spurious at best

      • Lib says:

        Why do anti-biotics stop working or stop becoming effective?

        I know that the body becomes tolerant to them but what happens then?

        • Tight Speedos says:

          Well now, there is a very good point Lib.

          Yes, some antibiotics do lose potency after time as the bacteria they attack gains immunity to the drug. It does not happen in all cases, but is why there is so much constant research into antibiotics and their continued development. As the bacteria evolves, mutates and becomes resistant, so the drugs must be developed to keep pace.

          And you know what? They do. The drugs that is, keep pace. Know how I know? Because they are clinically trialled under legal supervision and proven to do so.

          • Lib says:

            What about the indigenous tribes of the amazon?

            For hundreds of years they have lived in one of the worst areas in the world for malaria and HIV, without conventional western medicine and yet their mortality rate is not vastly different to the western world.

            No antibiotics there.

          • Urban Pagan says:

            but lib these tribes have evolved over years to suit their environment

            as soon as westerners with our medically evolved illnesses were introduced (to a tribe in south america) practically the whole tribe were wiped out by flu.

          • Lib says:

            So as westerners, are we weaker because of the drugs we have taken?

            Perhaps The Verve had a point.

          • Urban Pagan says:

            my point is that so much of it is down to environment and evolution- the lost tribes are from such a small gene pool they are susceptible for any illness. we aren’t and have treatment and so are far advanced. in every way.

            so many of the new age set believe if something is ‘old’ or ‘ancient’ it has more value. I disagree as man moves forward we learn more and discount nonsense. after all for all their great intelligence and ‘wisdom’ many prayed to multiple gods, drowned or burnt suspected witches and fell prey to loads of superstition.

            in between the few bits of wisdom is a load of stupidity which was dropped as we evolved.

            man is at his most advanced now and our accomplishments today knock the ancient civlisations into a cocked hat.

          • Tight Speedos says:

            Quite right Urban Pagan, but let us not forget that the source of many modern medicines come from places such as the Amazon Rainforest.

            Over the years, mankind, in this instance the indigenous tribes of the Amazon became smart enough and learned how to treat various illnesses with medicines derived from plants.

            As we smugly sit back in our developed country status and observe these ‘primitive’ peoples, does it not make you respect and admire their ability (and that of mankind) to be able to develop such cures in what we might deem to be a primitive society?

            It does me, but at the same time it does not surprise me and I see no reason why I should not think of those ancient Egyptians and Mayans and not accord them the same level of respect as I do to modern man.

            Mankind, ancient and modern, has proven to himself time and time again, that he is capable of anything if he sets his mind to it, including building pyramids and making crop circles.

          • Lib says:

            In terms of technological acheivements or engineering feats, of course we are advanced but in terms of evolution?

            More and more children are developing allergies and as a race we are becoming sicker.

            So why has that happened?

            I can’t see that being natural evolution so how has it happened?

          • Urban Pagan says:

            are more children developing allergies?

            or are more allergies being diagnosed?

            big difference in my opinion

          • Lib says:

            I knew you were going to throw that back but I have no way of knowing obviously.

            Of course there is better diagnosis, as there is better crime detection and so on so forth.

            However, I truly believe that more allergies are being diagnosed because there are more allergies.

          • Tight Speedos says:

            If there really are greater levels of allergies in the world today, as opposed to greater levels of diagnosed allergies, then perhaps increased pollution is the reason.

            Thank god we have the antibiotics to combat modern illness.

          • Lib says:

            And what a shame we have to rely on them.

            Thank God that we can afford them as a nation eh?

          • Tight Speedos says:

            You are right on both counts Lib.

            I wonder what the death rate would have been without them though? Good old Dr Fleming and his discovery of Penicillin in 1928.

          • Lib says:

            Not for me, I’m allergic to Penicillin.

            Oh the Irony.

          • aussiecynic says:

            hey Lib I too am Allergic to Penicillin…
            my whole family is… and Morphine…

            aussiecynics last blog post..Sad So Sad

          • There still are staph infections that do not respond to antibiotics at all.

            ClinicallyCluelesss last blog post..Current Update ~ My Truth ~ My Childhood in a Cult Part I

          • Tight Speedos says:

            Good point CC, but no-one made the claim that everything was curable with antibiotics, not that I am suggesting you are defending alternative medicine with your comment.

            However, consider this. If we place antibiotics under the label of ‘scientific medicine’ (I choose the word ‘scientific’ to infer that it is proven under legally supervised testing conditions) we also know in advance whether or not an antibiotic will work for us, which is most certainly not the case with most alternative medicines, or charkras etc.

            And let’s move on from antibiotics for a moment and look at the recent breakthrough announced last week using that other scientific practice; stem cell research.

            It was broadcast on the BBC that scientists had successfully cured a man of cancer without surgery, chemotherapy or radiotherapy by cloning his cells and injecting them into his body.

            The healthy clones, rejuvenated his immune system which in turn killed a very dangerous cancer.

            All this achieved under supervised clinical procedures and proven to have been successful. The key word in the last sentence is ‘proven’.

            In hoping that I will not be unfortunate enough to fall victim to the big C, if I do, I will be banging on the door of the scientists / doctors with proven expertise in curing this dreadful condition, not someone who might claim he could tell me about the colours and alignment of my chakras.

            I strongly suspect that only the most foolhardy amongst us would not follow my lead.

          • Lib says:

            Its good to have the choice though, no?

          • Tight Speedos says:

            Well it doesn’t seem like ‘choice’ to me, but in the spirit of your comment, what you choose under these circumstances Lib?

          • Lib says:

            Unfortunately its a bad day to be subjective having been informed of the death of a friends brother at the age of 24, from cancer.

          • Urban Pagan says:

            agreed terrible news Lib

          • Tight Speedos says:

            Well that is very sad and everyone close enough to feel the pain has my genuine sympathy.

            I am no stranger to serious illness, with some resulting in death, myself having had ‘first hand’ experience watching close relatives suffer and in some cases died of cancer, MS, heart disease.

            Had good old GW Bush not come into power my brother, likely, would not be wheelchair bound today with advanced MS. The progress the US scientists were making 8 years ago in this field lead many leading doctors in treating this condition to believe that the cure would be available by now. Sadly, as a result of that cowboy’s orthodox religious beliefs, stem cell research was cancelled by the very country leading its development, directly adversly affecting the health of millions and millions of people.

            Under the circumstances of your reply to my question, I do not wish you to misinterpet my next comment, but chakras and other quack nonsense have not helped my brother and he is willing to try anything, and has tried quack new age cures as part of his search.

            The biggest issue he has is in obtaining drugs available in other parts of the world that are not yet approved by the UK Govt, or being selected as a guinea pig to trial (under legally supervised clinical testing condiitions) new scienctific cures.

            After living with this illness for over 20 years now, with approximatley 12 of them spent in remission (during which period he was blissfully unaware) his deteriorating condition has started to accelerate. There are good days and bad days, but his sense of humour is ever present, as is his frustration and anger that new scienctific cures take too long to come to the market, and a cowboy US President effectively confined him and millions of others to a disease without cure (currently).

            I’m not a religious man, but if I were, I would be praying for the rapid development of science, as it is the only way mankind will find cures for illness such as those I mention.

          • Lib says:

            I too have a relative with MS. My dad.

            And for that reason alone I do not disagree with your stance on stem cell or indeed any other scientific research that will lead to a pharmaceutical cure.

            But, I see no reason why alternative medicine cannot work along side.

            It does work for some people, whether its psychosomatic or not, perhaps not in the curing but certainly in the treatment of symptoms.

            My dad was diagnosed last year and if he chooses to go down a herbal path to relieve his symptoms, who am I to scoff or berate.

            It’s whatever is best for him or any other sufferer of pain.

          • Bo Snr says:

            Sorry to interupt this fascinating discussion, anyone who comes to Bo’s wedding will see me looking well and healthy.
            All I do is stagger around a bit.
            As the day progresses it may be noticed that my staggering is worse!
            Is it the MS or the alcohol or the herbal remedy?

          • Tight Speedos says:

            I am assuming therefore that Bo Snr is your dad, Lib.

            My opinion of the chakra type stuff is based on both the lack of evidence supporting ‘cures’ (other than unsubstantiated hearsay) and observing my brother in a desperate situation willing to try anything once and, other than the laff value it provides, getting nothing from it.

            Well laughing is of course good for your morale (that’s scientificaly proven) but what does Bo Snr think of new age medicine? And would he substitute it for conventional clinically trialled medicine?

  6. Gareth in Thailand says:

    there are certainly not 3 billion Chinese, its around 1.3 billion.
    For the record many use both traditional & chinese medicine, traditioonal generally having by far more users..

  7. aussiecynic says:

    but you have to admit that if they hadnt used the traditional medicines to start with there would far fewer now … so it must work… and the use of adjusting techniques to give relief to many conditions, even Reiki is practices in many palitive care hostiles to give some relief to patients dieing.
    medications are generally synthesised versions of natural accuring substances….
    The trick is knowing which substance to treat which condition, it also stands to reason (unless you are urban today ;) or his friend speedos) that if the electrical impulses in your body are out of sync your body will be too… they have been looking at these for those with Epilepsy given it has been linked directly to a failure of the electrical curcuits of the brain to body communications. Also for many other disorders which can be attributed to the brains wiring even Depression, Bi Polar, behavioural disorders and many other factors which have begun to effect children… if these conditions can be treated with a readjustment of the bodies energy and electric impulses then perhaps we can stop people becoming zombies of medication…. it has to be a good thing..

    aussiecynics last blog post..Sad So Sad

    • In terms of mental illness, such as depression and bipolar and other mood disorders, it is highly complicated because it has to do with chemicals in the brain, neuropathways that are formed early on and creating new ones and one’s cognitive and behavioral issues. It is not simply a wiring issue, if it were then many people could be cured of these debilitating disorders. Also, people with these disorders no longer become “zombies.” If treated with the proper medications, they can live happy productive lives. I bet you interact with someone with a mental illness on a regular basis and don’t even know about it. There are 18 million with some type of depressive disorder in the USA alone.

      ClinicallyCluelesss last blog post..Current Update ~ My Truth ~ My Childhood in a Cult Part I

      • aussiecynic says:

        hey clueless it is the direction of nyropathway development they are looking into… as for the medication I do understand the way it works…. and I do have very close experience…
        the way they are looking into it at the moment is in the field of how these develop when we are young and are seeing how best to use the wiring in order to stop any problems as people grow… it is very sad and difficult to understand why so many people are suffering with the issues the numbers have jumped considerably overthe past decade… there is also interest in the chemicals in our diets and pollutions to see if these are a contributor…
        Anything which would allow these conditions to be treated and possible cured would be good and the fact that interest is growing in alternative theories has to be a good thing for those of us with these conditions and those at risk of developing them…… :)
        aussiecynics last blog post..Sad So Sad

        • Jim & Em says:

          THanks for sharing this AC & Clinically…..

          Prevention early doors rather than the cure sounds good.

          • Actually through trauma and abuse, as a child your brain finds a way to cope, which are defenses. Defenses are what helps us survive, but unfortunately they are the very things that get in the way and are factors in mental illness. Those neuropathways cannot be changed and if someone has flashbacks it only makes that pathways stronger. However, the brain can make neuropathways which is what psychotherapy is about, learning new skills that are stronger than the defenses. It isn’t that the defenses won’t be an automatic go to, but there will be options.

            No matter what the source of depression is, it always results in a chemical change. Or a chemical change results in depression. Chicken or the egg thing. However, brain scans show marked difference in brain functioning with medication treatment. The best treatment remains medication with psychotherapy.

            Sorry to get on my soapbox, but this subject is close to my heart. I also think that it is facinating what they are not learning and especially with matching medications with different mental illnesses.

            ClinicallyCluelesss last blog post..Today’s Session ~ Rage, My Therapist is Crazy!

    • Urban Pagan says:

      sorry but I always found lithium to be more effective when I was majorly depressed. as it is I’ve not had any since last year but believe me when I was in the middle of a depressive episode my chakra’s were the last thing on my mind

  8. I thought they were only giving their information and opinion. I did not get the impression that it was a steadfast way of life?

    ClinicallyCluelesss last blog post..Current Update ~ My Truth ~ My Childhood in a Cult Part I

  9. Urban Pagan says:

    wrong gareth there are now 4 billion chinese and the reason they are all illness free is because of acupuncture and chi

    and thats that

    never let the facts get in the way of a new age theory!!

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