Shhh Undercover Filming.

Posted on June 23rd, 2008 by mike

Mike here,

When not making films for GO! Smell the Flowers, BLAM Productions also makes films like these:

The following is actual footage filmed under cover by The Lone Ranger as part of  Hi Ho Books Away at my magazine, The View From Here. The idea is to leave ten hardback literary books in a public space and see how long it is before someone picks each one up.

YouTube Preview Image

So when is the last time you picked up a book and what was it?

21 Responses to “Shhh Undercover Filming.”

  1. Jim & Em says:

    Hiya Mike, Jim here – great idea to take it viral – what was the longest time before a book was picked up?

    The last book I picked up was ‘Pies & Predjudice’ – a book about the North of England -well worth a read!

    • mike says:

      So you are an expert on pies now Jim?

      The longest time to pick up a book was the one in the film at an hour and a half, the shortest was under a minute! We have 3 books left and then we will have a top 10 list, which we may be able to interest the Guardian Newspaper in with help from a contact we have in the literary word.

      mikes last blog post..Week 7 Results of Hi Ho Books Away!

      • Jim & Em says:

        LOL Mike and no, pies arent my thing…

        This fly on the wall book on bench is a truly unique concept – one we could try with leaving bunches of flowers on a bench – someone smells – then water is released into their face…of course we wouldn’t but its a great viral idea you’re rolling out – love it!

        Any chance you could pop a camera down in a field in say, Wiltshire, UK – make it a crop circle book and see what light forms you get on film – if its a quick flash it could be a group hug, perhaps?

        Would you mind if we used you lego flower people from your other post below and added it to the ‘ About’ page here on the site – we’ve re-writing a bit of the content this week – we’ll cradit your design, of course.

  2. Tight Speedos says:

    Here’s an idea Mike:

    Why don’t you use your creativity to produce a film of chakras in motion, or UFOs in flight, or god sat on a cloud, or a psychic talking with a visible spirit? Don’t tell anyone its a hoax, then we can sit back and laff at the incredible gullible theorists’ stories of why it is for real.

    Many of this blog’s commentors would fall for it.

  3. This morning, my Bible.
    Yesterday, my Bible &
    The Developing Mind: How Relationships and the Brain Interact to Shape Who We Are by Daniel J. Siegel &
    Schultz and Peanuts, A Biography by David Michaelis.

    ClinicallyCluelesss last blog post..Entry: June 30, 2005

  4. aussiecynic says:

    I am in the middle of three books thanks to Bo Snr and Gareth… heheheh

    I finished the colour of Magic recommended by Bo Snr.. very good and am about to start the next in the series..
    have one chapter to go in book 3 of Piers Anthony Mode Series with the last book sitting on my lounge awaiting its turn… tonight Yippee..
    The Good Omen was so good…. I wish they would write a sequel …. thank you Gareth it was excellent… and might read it again as time goes on…
    So I have authors and 2 book series I am reading at the present moment… heheheh..
    totally brillant…
    Terry Prachett great and this Piers Anthony totally weird but amazing… Xanth series to follow next week…

    aussiecynics last blog post..Buy a LIFE ON EBAY!

    • The Prachett series should keep you busy there are about a zillion books in the series.

      • aussiecynic says:

        Tell me about it the disc world series is huge….
        If I get bored with the series I’ll move onto something else but am looking forward to having a good go at the series
        I’ll be starting the next one Saturday I think, should be finished the one I started last night by then… its only 300 odd pages…

        did you see Mike FLowers version of wonderwall was voted number 5 worst cover ever … lol… thought it was funny…

        aussiecynics last blog post..Sad So Sad

  5. That’s kind of voyeuristic Mike! I feel a little pervy right now.

    Perhaps you should put up those black rectangles to protect everyone’s identity as book snatchers?

  6. What I have seen from the video, my conclusion is:

    Older people have more appreciation for books than the younger generations..

    Nur Sarah Lams last blog post..Picture of Today – Vegetarian Fish

  7. I’m a lover of books, so it never takes me very long before I pick up a new or old one :) My latest book though was “Sermon on the Hill” by Emmet Fox….definitely a good read

    mighty morgans last blog post..Wounds of the Spirit.

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