Go! Smell The Children!

Posted on June 21st, 2008 by taylorblue

Running Through

My children will be off of school next week. (And as you can see from the picture my son is super happy!!) And I think I am going to go crazy! I think they are so funny…this week is an example.

My kids have wanted a Nintendo DS so they could be like all the other kids in school. I thought it would be a good idea for the summer so they wouldn’t get bored. But, of course, after playing one game for an hour they were.

It kills me to think that they wanted this thing for so long…and then got tired of it so quickly.

I try to tell my kids to always have something you want…if you always get everything you want you will have nothing to strive for. It’s not always a good thing to get things just handed to you. There is always a great satisfaction in getting there yourself. Things may be tough…but when you get there it’s that much sweeter.

What are you striving for?

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  1. aussiecynic says:

    great advice Taylor..
    I told and tell my lot the same things..
    but one thing I always did was wait 3-6months before getting them something like a PS2.. they wanted it and wanted it so after 6months (christmas) they still wanted so santa bought one.. with 2games each (we got a package deal) ..
    If they still wanted thing after that amount of time then i knew they would use it and look after it..
    the other thing I do is have ages..
    first bike at 8-9, crossing the road without holding my hand 8(the age range depends on the child), moppet wanted some makeup she had been told not till she was 8 because it was not appropriate before then.. for her birthday she got a make set..
    The big arguement at the moment is a mobile phone most of the kids down here have one… but the rule is not till High School so 11-12years old … she is really struggling with this one seeing as how it is 2 years away..
    I am striving for an overseas trip.. hehehehe.. and a passport… it helps

    aussiecynics last blog post..Digg Experience part 2 My top list

  2. Adults do this too!!!

    ClinicallyCluelesss last blog post..Thursday & Friday Sessions ~ feeling out of control!!

  3. Oh morning fog brain, I forgot to answer the question. I am striving for healing.

    ClinicallyCluelesss last blog post..Thursday & Friday Sessions ~ feeling out of control!!

  4. Mike says:

    I have a PSP and never really got tired of it. I play soccer on it.

    Mikes last blog post..AC/DC – Back in Black

  5. Jim & Em says:

    Hi TB…

    Striving for?

    Peace, flowers and group hugs – what else?

  6. I don’t get what I want easily..For example, before I become so active at GSTF, I don’t have a laptop or PC..I have always wanted a laptop as it is portable..however due to financial problems, I can’t afford to buy it until I had worked so hard and now I got a laptop..The next thing I want to get is a plasma TV..

    Nur Sarah Lams last blog post..The Call – Regina Spektor

  7. Shelly says:

    With the children, I always try to make it “sweeter” for them to have a Thing by limiting the thing, to a degree. Mobile phone? Yes, they have one, which they are not allowed to bring to school or use except for the hours of 6PM to 10:30PM (from the time the free minutes start until the last possible moment they will be allowed to stay up at night!), and they have video games, but like anything, must complete daily chores before using them. I find that they don’t get as bored as quickly, and the learn important perspective in relation to the Thing itself.

    It is important to me to insure that they know that Things are really secondary to most everything else in life, and also to teach them that Things require work, in both the getting and the maintaining–you work a certain number of hours to be able to afford the Thing, and you have to put in a certain number of hours of effort to keep the Thing in good working order, etc., and also, life requires you to be present and not hide out with your Things all the time…we have certain family times in which no phones are allowed, for example (and that goes for mom and dad, too!)

    Shellys last blog post..And For A Small Fee, I Can Have That Gift-Wrapped

  8. Lib says:

    Right now? A bath.

  9. I’d settle for Mandy not suffering terribly from hay fever right now….for myself, I’m with the cup of hot chocolate brigade and if we’re allowed to indulge in flights of fancy for just a moment, my kids living with me instead of their mum….

    Jonathan Crouchs last blog post..GOGO’s Crazy Bones – shopping experience

  10. Urban Pagan says:


    surely in this situation your best bet is to really spoil your kids and turn them against their mum. then they will hate her for not giving them stuff and ultimately you’ll win. has she got a new bloke as well? if so sort it out mate- he’s mugging you right off

  11. Taylor Blue says:

    I get bored waiting sometimes too..but then i try to distract myself with something else…I hate waiting..but I already covered that discussion! :)

  12. That sounds like a good idea for a post! Just kidding.

    ClinicallyCluelesss last blog post..Thursday & Friday Sessions ~ feeling out of control!!

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