GO! Forget everything!

Posted on June 20th, 2008 by Jim

Does anyone else find they no longer need to remember the likes of phone numbers and birthdays or have lost the ability even if they tried?

Maybe we are the google generation that thrives on high speed information without the need to recall it. Are we fast losing the capacity to think deeply, camly and seriously as we succumb to internet attention-deficit disorder?

Maybe this is the techno induced first steps of dementia? Here’s some tips on how to give your brain a tune up to help us on the way whatever our excuse for remembering very little as it’s all at the touch of a button:

YouTube Preview Image

We ask YOU – Do you remember phone numbers, email addresses and birthdays like you used to? Do tell and we promise we won’t forget!

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15 Responses to “GO! Forget everything!”

  1. Arvind says:

    Jim – I was going to write something here but have forgotten what I wanted to say….

  2. Huh, what was the question…I forgot it already. I remember birthdays, but I can’t remember addresses and telephone numbers. There are way too many numbers and passwords to remember for myself. Using one touch stuff makes my brain lazy.

    This video was very interesting. When I was working as a social worker, I had several clients with Down Syndrome and Alzheimer’s Disease. There is a corrollation with that particular chromosone. But, they were in a study together it was double blind, but one group received a placebo and the other a nutritional supplement like what whatever his name was talking about. One client continued to deteriorate and the other made remarkable improvements. We don’t know who had the placebo, but what myself, her family and the nursing home saw was incredible. Even the doctors, invovled were impressed. I’m glad that the baby boomers make this a necessary area of study. By the way, just for information. Alzheimer’s is a form of dementia. Dementia is not always Alzheimer’s. Or as one of my clients would say “Old timers disease.” He really thought that was what people were saying to him.

    ClinicallyCluelesss last blog post..Childhood Effects

  3. I’ve always had difficulties remembering names, but for years prided myself on retaining phone numbers. Well, now the phone numbers are starting to slip, too. I’m not sure if it’s because my brain is a bit overloaded with other things or that I’ve gotten lazy. I’m sure my age factors in there somewhere, as well.

    Empress Nightshades last blog post..My Brain Says Life is a Highway

  4. aussiecynic says:

    Must admit that I am one of those people who has the ability to remember all those things mentioned..
    I remember
    Phone Numbers
    birthdays all 7 kids and family member past and present…
    email address (mostly)
    and last but not least names..
    without the use of organisers (which I loath), google, calenders or writing them down anywhere with very few missed…

    the funny thing it is the everyday stuff I forget as most of you know spelling is somethingwhich slows me up.. but I do normally get there this is mostly because of my typing …. and everyday stuff I forget like what I did this morning can sometimes be hard to remember and I will have to stop and think…
    Perhaps it is because I hate calculators as well and used to trig(tan, sin, cos mathmatics) in my head with only the formula as a guide.. I dont know..

    aussiecynics last blog post..Climate Change first noticed 1827

  5. Svasti says:

    As a paid up member of the geek fraternity, I keep my ‘memory’ in my PDA and my phone. I know my family’s birthdays and those of my good friends. For other friends, I know the rough date of their birthday. But the only phone numbers I know by memory are my parents’ (its the one I grew up with), my desk number at work and if I try hard, my home number.
    I know where people live, but couldn’t necessarily tell you their address without looking. I am a shocker with remembering names unless I make myself repeat the name over and over again.

    Svastis last blog post..Courage

  6. Lib says:

    I used to be really good but I’m absolutely rubbish now.

    I can’t tell you the amount of times I have gone on Facebook only to be reminded it’s peoples birthdays on that day.

    Thank God for E-cards.

  7. Jim & Em says:

    So all that writing could lead to another book, Mighty!

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