Free flowers contest #27!

Posted on June 12th, 2008 by Jim

Competition time again at Flowers! Your chance to win $60 of flowers delivered anywhere in the world courtesy of our partners Flora 2000, the International delivery experts.

To enter just pop in a caption in the comments section AND include one random fact about yourself, your blog, your website or what you had for breakfast in your answer – that’ll confuse the SPAM folk and help us get to know you here. Your chance to have fun and promote yourself. So he we GO!


You could always send flowers to someone right now, anywhere in the world . Simply use code GSTF00 if you send someone flowers and you’ll be entitled to a bit of flower smelling discount! Contest ends on Tuesday 17th June Midnight Dubai time. Good luck flower smellers!


28 Responses to “Free flowers contest #27!”

  1. Dani says:

    “A mandated elderly driving education class”.

    Mom’s crazy life is a website that takes Mom blogging to a whole new level.

  2. Caption 1

    Best way to entertain the elderly? To make them fall asleep!


    Caption 2

    Man on the TV: I’m sorry I’m such a looser!

    First Lady Covering mouth: Yeah you tell me. I’m sleeping.

    Second Lady: You already bored me, tell me when your done.

    3rd Lady: Why are you still there in my dreams!

    4th Lady: Wow, they are all sleeping, I think I should trim my nails now.

    Everyone else: ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!

    earthlingorgeous’s last blog post..Trust Issues (It’s Easy To Forgive but Not to Forget)

  3. Yang says:

    While watching Mike’s video presentation during the office meeting, everyone mysteriously fell into a 40 years aging slumber.

    Okay interesting fact about me. I love duct tape! I use it to create artwork. Check out my Halloween Costume from last year. Of course I made it all out of duct tape.

    Kitties were made of newspaper, wires, and of course duct tape.

    And yes duct tape comes in a million colors. (Actually closer to 20 colors.)

    Yang’s last blog post..Your Questions Answered

  4. Elsie (Queen of the TV and she with hand to mouth) pondered – where on earth had they hidden the tv remote this time? as the others pretending to be asleep chuckled quietly and enjoyed the re-run of MacIver.

    Interesting fact: I struggle for a catchy ‘tag-line’ that sums up the fact all our personalised photo gifts are printed by hand.

    P.S – great picture!

    Jonathan Crouch’s last blog post..Great Customer Competition for June 2008

  5. It was the longest game of musical chairs ever at Elsie’s party – the fact that the others kept falling asleep every time they sat down didn’t help matters and it was proving tricky to actually remove a chair as the last time they did that – they had two cases of a broken hip.

    Now all they had to look forward to was a scuffle at the jelly and fruit que!

    Interesting fact: Not all our Blog posts talk about photo gifts – we cover other topics too.

    Jonathan Crouch’s last blog post..Great Customer Competition for June 2008

  6. Tamy says:

    #1 Old people Rock.
    #2 You know you’re getting older when Happy Hour is a nap.

  7. wilbau says:


    “Overwhelmed by Virtuality”. :)

    Random fact about myself:

    When the weather is sunny, I smoke a cigarre while lying in my hammock and watch the clouds.

    wilbau’s last blog post..Flowers of my Garden

  8. mooooog35 says:

    Thankfully out of the camera’s view, the gentlemen of “Pristine Lake Adult Housing” practice their new cunnilingus techniques.

    mooooog35′s last blog post..Hooray!! I’m a Stupid Sh*t!!

  9. aussiecynic says:

    Maud do you remember when dear Gregory was a lad…?
    Oh Yes Mildred he was such a looker.. all tall dark and handsome
    he still is Maud
    Oh Mildred you have been missing your meds again….

    I’m just having a blast at AussieCynic doing what I do best making folks laugh…..
    in the only way I know how
    The Aussie Way….

  10. “oh no…here HE comes again…everyone pretend your asleep”

    Random fact….I stink at these free flower caption contests :)
    Mighty Morgan’s last blog post..Mental Sketches

  11. Becca says:

    “Oh, your hands hurt? Well now your back is going to hurt, becuase you just pulled landscaping duty!”

    I’m a vegetarian who loves kettle chips :D
    Becca’s last blog post..your life is just now starting?

  12. “We’ve already watched that show!”

    My haircut is very edgy and unusual. Long pieces and short pieces…all different lengths.

    ClinicallyClueless’s last blog post..Tears of anger, grief, comfort, & joy ~ Father’s Day

  13. Susie says:

    Reality TV Burnout

    Random fact about me.. I love drawing!

    Susie’s last blog post..Passion verses Addiction

  14. Here you see this test group is trying out the new telekinetic T.V. no need to watch just close your eyes and relax!

    Brought to you by Lazy Electronics, no energy exertion is our goal!

    Random fact……..I once had a dog wiht 3 legs

    Brian Thetford’s last blog post..Christ is the example

  15. legbamel says:

    “The ladies slept and, together, dreamt a happy ending for Sam, just this once.”

    A random fact about my blog: I got so interested in posting about grammar that I abandoned my original topic and changed the focus.

    legbamel’s last blog post..The Difference Is Duly Noted

  16. Jack Sparrow says:

    “Maybe if we pretend to sleep – they will change the channel and put MTV”

    Random Fact – I wink at every cute girl – even when I am not looking thru my Camera !

    Jack Sparrow’s last blog post..Kashmir in Fall Season

  17. Mike’s “death gaze” was working wonders….

    interesting fact: Today my hair won’t stop curling like medusas. My second fact is that what I write on my blog is much more interesting than that…

    mysterycreature’s last blog post..Taking my (meme) virginity

  18. mooooog35 says:

    Confident that the Rohipnol was in full effect…Randall plotted his next move.

    mooooog35′s last blog post..Hooray!! I’m a Stupid Sh*t!!

  19. Well we all have senior moments!

    Pat AKA Purple Lady’s last blog post..Butterflies

  20. Several of the group couldn’t contain their excitement, hard as they tried.

    Interesting fact…I’m a ‘reality TV..aholic.’

    Charlene Zatloukal’s last blog post..New products…new places

  21. Gareth in Thailand says:

    The Spice Girls figured they’d earned a rest after their comeback tour but really miss their make up artist.

    Random fact; After waiting until I was 27 to take my driving test I Now have 3 different d iving licenses.

  22. BO says:

    The extra sprouts for sunday lunch were just too much for George,the smell he left took the ladies by surprise.

    Random Fact : Five weeks today i’m getting married.

  23. Urban Pagan says:

    Dr Shipman was surprised at the popularity of his john wayne film night.

    UP fact- I used to be scared of the count off sesame street.

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