What a wonderful Garden! can’t you smell it?

Posted on June 12th, 2008 by A/C

Oh what a Garden we live in!
It is beautiful, wonderful, full of caring and kind people, fascinating creatures, wonder and surprises, but at the same time it is a scary, cruel, terrifying and testing place to survive in.

Something I find rather amusing, in a totally ironic way, is how news travels. You know if something bad has happened to Joe Blog up the road then you will hear about it before poor Joe can say shhhh! On the other hand if its good news it could be days, weeks or never before you hear about it.
Why is this So? I mean shouldn’t we want to hear about the all things which happen to folks out there and shun the bad and horrific deeds others do.

The evening news is the most frightening and violent show on Television, yet it is on during general viewing times when most of us are enjoying dinner. Images of accidents, wars, starving children, murder victims all there in our lounge rooms. Programs which present a love scenes, being a caring and helpful person in a positive way etc (not the naughty stuff) are sent to times after 8.30 when children are normally in bed, yet cartoons, movies and many other programs which portray violence are permitted as general viewing.harry_potter_and_the_goblet_of_fire.jpg

An example of what I mean consider this: A movie comes on the telly Harry Potter Goblet of Fire its viewing time is 7.30pm, so the littlies are able to watch. I and Moppet are huge Harry Potter fans BTW. The movie progresses through its normal, dark story line and comes to climax just short of the end, you see the bad guys Voldemort as a helpless creature, Harrys’ friend is murdered, Voldemort’s minder cuts his hand off, slice Harry arm with a sharp blade whilst Harry is restrained and a magical battle follows. When Harry returns to Hogwarts with his dead friends body, he is taken by another bad guy Moody to his office, subject to various nasty little events etc … you get the idea great viewing for the 5-8 year olds its aimed at, don’t think good old fashioned family viewing.

But then the next week a Movie Sweet November which is actually relatively a calm, loving movie about relationships, quirky girl and her desire to teach people how to enjoy life and not become so wrapped up in the importance of their jobs that they loose sight of the importance of living life, to see life as a wonderful adventure one which we should take hold of with both hands and run with. Is viewed at 8.30pm when the littlies have gone to bed.

I understand the need for heroes in ours and our children’s lives, the need for adventure in an otherwise boring time. But is only this way because we have been conditioned to believe that someone else has the responsibility of entertaining us, keeping our mind on the go, and teaching moral and ethics to our children.

My point is are we teaching our children the value of life and how to make the most of the time they have on this earth(regardless of your faith) or are we forming them into a consumer driven desensitised group who are more used to seeing the use violence and attending counseling rather than well balanced caring people who find the use of violence a sickening prospect.

What do you think?

Is this trend a danger to the next generation or this all blown out of proportion, after its not as if crimes involving kids is on the increase is it!

10 Responses to “What a wonderful Garden! can’t you smell it?”

  1. Jim & Em says:

    Cheers for this AC and plenty of food for thought.

    Jim here, always remember a classmate in infants school telling me he thought the news was fiction and soaps were fact and fly on the wall! He had a point – the media seems destined to keep us like sheep, worried and skipping up to bed leaving the hall light on. Bad news does indeed travel fast as us humans tend to thrive on the drama that can help reaffirm our positions in society – as a benchmark if you will.

    Media wise, for example – Front page news of the NY times would be great ‘ Man walks around central park and smell the flowers’ but replace ‘man’ with ‘convicted rapist who is let out early’ then it becomes news!

    The fact is that when theres a power cut, no TV then doesn’t conversation get more interesting as we have to entertain ourselves? We found not being on line an dstanding around camp fires in Canada an example of this – we joked, sang and generally got back to basics.

    The heros we had as kids often came from the playground of our imaginations and still should – from fighting dinosaurs to beating Spiderman – a sad day when that goes, when say Superman wins :-)

    Shame that Sweet November is on after the tots watershed -could you record it for us at least?

    • aussiecynic says:

      I’ll send you a link through the email…
      thats not bad at all.
      we used to play cowboys and indians in my grandmas garden and half the time the indians won… it was only fair…
      marbles, yoyo competitions and all sorts of imaginary games using made up anything….
      its sad that kids are so driven by visual media…
      btw our tv is off…. during the day and only on a few hours at night and not for the news

      • Jim & Em says:

        Cool ok – we gathered your TV was off in general and no wonder!

        We did enjoy discovering TV again in Canada though….what makes us laugh is the CNN ‘ BREAKING NEWS’

        GASP – MORE breaking news!

        • aussiecynic says:

          I dont mind CNN NN NN
          is funny…. tv is on tonight from 5 pm till about 9.30
          ABC Kids rollar coaster is great with loads of stuff thats fun and some educational so dont… then Time team and Grand Design…
          all good normally we turn off at 7-830 now unless a doco but I do like Bones and thats tonight… and thats it…. till tomorrow

  2. I hardly ever watch TV, haven’t really since I got clean almost three years ago, but for whatever reason I turned it on yesterday and was totally amazed at what is being broad casted every minute into the homes of millions…..times are hard for some at this point in time and the TV just seems to perpetuate fear, scarcity, doom and gloom.
    I would much rather sit in the shade of a beautiful tree or soak up the rays of the sun reading a book then to have my mind constantly bombarded with the messages abound that are becoming a reality for more and more folks.
    If ignorance is bliss……I’ll take it over the perceptions and observations of the media at large that try to force the negative aspects of life down my throat!
    I find much more beauty available if I choose to look for it and not become a victim of the stories that are perpetuated through the “BOOB” tube :)
    Mighty Morgan’s last blog post..Mental Sketches

    • aussiecynic says:

      I agree Morgan
      I do wonder though if the Attitudes on the tube perpetuate the negative feelings or vice versa.. sometimes it is hard to know

  3. I don’t like most of the shows on now, I’m so tired of reality shows and everything else seems so dark. I feel like the shadow of darkness has fallen upon the media. (However, I do watch and enjoy the psychological edge to Law & Order: Special Victims Units and their characters). I’m looking forward for the pendulum to swing back into sitcoms, but not mean ones…ones with intelligent humor. It is too easy to make fun of others and cuss…I do not find that funny. I really enjoyed “Friends” until it became too sexual and they started cheating on each other…then, I grew tired of it. Or even some family shows again. Maybe, I’m just dreaming and reminiscing about what it was like when I grew up.

    Oh, children are not able to process real for fantasy at certain ages and a constant diet of the stuff that is on television not is not healthy. But, at least there are videos…oops my age…heck, VCR’s were not affordable when I was growing up…DVDs at least give some choice.

    ClinicallyClueless’s last blog post..Tears of anger, grief, comfort, & joy ~ Father’s Day

    • aussiecynic says:

      Hey Clueless
      When I was growing up they didnt have VCRs, Colour TV came in when I a kid…
      Lassie, Skippy etc Gilligans Island, Adventure Island and many others good kids porgrams..
      I refuse to have Home and Away, Neighbours, South Park, Idol anywhere, Big Brother etc on the TV here.. I told the kids they were so bad the TV would break.. it worked…
      I liked Friends for the First Season but that was it..
      I do love Dr Who, Bones, Ghost Whisperer, Heroes The Bill and Top Gear and thats about it unless there is a David Attenborough Doco on…
      Much rather be reading…. and watching the story in my minds eye…

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