GO Smell The Useless Invention

Posted on June 1st, 2008 by taylorblue

Last week my kids and I trekked up to the north end of the city. It usually takes almost two hours with public transit to get there. But, while I was there in the north I saw an article on useless inventions that I had to share.

1. Black coloured highlighters (I can use them on the things I want to forget!)
2. Waterproof tea bags (What??)
3. Glow in the dark sunglasses (if it’s dark why do I need them?)
4. Fake faux pearl jewelry (it better not turn my skin green!)
5. Double-sided playing cards (how will I count cards then?)
6. Inflatable dartboard (it would make the game that more interesting!)
7. Checkered paint (at least you wouldn’t have to measure out the squares!)
8. Silent alarm clock (great excuse for the boss…I didn’t hear my alarm clock…and you wouldn’t be lying!)
9. CD rewinder (uh sure???)
10. Impact-activated parachute (I’m sure it’s too late for a parachute if you already have impacted the ground!)

What are some useless inventions that you know of?

26 Responses to “GO Smell The Useless Invention”

  1. aussiecynic says:

    I love the dart board…. lol…
    Hubby told me he thinks the worlds dummiest invention is an aussie one…
    the LAWM MOWER he has no idea what it for and I keep ask him to go and use it.. . but has forgotten how too….

    • Taylor Blue says:

      I agree! I am allergic to grass and it makes me sneeze! So that’s a dumb one to me too!

      • aussiecynic says:

        dont give an excuse.. please… now I have him sneeze at the very thought… hehehehhehe…

        • Taylor Blue says:

          LOL…that’s funny… :)

          • aussiecynic says:

            Im not joking… he actually pulled the mower apart last summer.. then last the vital part to put it back together … was not impresses when I hired one down the road with a wiper snipper… hehehehhehe

          • Taylor Blue says:

            I will have to remember that the next time…where we live there is someone that does that for us…I haven’t touched a lawnmower in 8 years!!

          • aussiecynic says:

            hubby’s working on it….
            he says he likes the overgrown look…. but when we cant see the dogs or only find them by their tails he has no choice but to mow… lol

          • Taylor Blue says:

            I know that the bylaw people would be after us if it were that bad…one time when I was living in a house they did call us and say our lawn was too long. So with all the guys living with me they made me mow it…I was not impressed!

          • aussiecynic says:

            I would have told them to get knoted …. fortunately its not that bad down here…
            I do the gardens……. so its all good…
            nah the last time anyone came and says its looking like it needs to be done…. I thank them for their offer and toldthem anytime they liked they would be welcome… and that was the last I heard of it…. hubby will do it…. even if I hire the mower again… lol

          • Taylor Blue says:

            I will say that next time…would you like to help me then? LOL… You Oz people are so laid back!! :)

          • aussiecynic says:

            yeh I know….
            Its funny though we are the best to have around in a crisis… you need it done we are there… but just dont hassles us about our own little patch we do when it gets done and if someone doesnt like they always do it for us themselves… but hey if not dont worry…. lol… :)

  2. This is absolutely hilarious!!! This falls into, “What were they thinking.” Thanks for the laugh.

  3. They are useless, and perhaps the inventors are just trying to make big bucks trying to deceive people thinking that those products are so useful that after we all buy the products we are all snapped back to reality realising that we have bought something irrelevant at all..

  4. Purple13 says:

    this reminds me of those birthday cake candles that don’t blow out – I mean that’s the whole point that they do isn’t it?

  5. What about that toilet paper that was smooth and shiny like tracing paper, normally in public loos in the 70′s.
    It didn’t clean, just smeared to a very thin film.
    Totally useless yet it was in most lavatories.

  6. Simple Zack says:

    Hilarious. I love them.

  7. Absolutely absurd TB! All that way up north and that is what you come back with… tee hee!

  8. What brilliant minds some have.

  9. Kassie says:

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