GO! Smell the flowers detox – Our key actions

Posted on May 17th, 2008 by Jim

Hi from Dubai some 36 hours after we returned from our spell at the Koh Chang Spa, Thailand.

We stuck to the ‘getting back into it slowly’ by sticking to light foods since we broke that fast and declined to eat on the flight as everyone else munched around us. Weight wise we’ve both settled at 11 pounds lighter than when we started and time will tell if this is just going without food for 8 days or a weight that we can comfortably maintain. Clothes that were deemed to tight now fight a couple of inches have dropped of our waistline, without breathing in!

Jim’s first cooked meal was a veggie omelet with Em’s being a bowl of pumpkin soup. Taking too much heavy food on too soon can lead to, erm, problems with regularity that even a superhero would struggle to overcome:


So, our key action points now we’re back to reality we will endeavour to:

1) Never eat microwaved food again! We’ve binned our microwave oven. It serves little purpose apart from driving radiation into food and altering the moleuclar structure. We heard a tale at the Spa that a cat used to perch upon it’s owner microwave after food had been cooked – it liked the heat you see. One year later the cat developed a soccer ball sized tumour as a result of kitty soaking up the radiation from the microwave AFTER it had been used. Do you REALLY needs yours? The Microwave, not your cat.

2) Include some raw food in our diet wherever possible or if cooked then lightly, preferably steamed or flash-fried!

3) Eat food slower, chew it thoroughly and graze throughout the day, little and often and upping the amount of water we drink.

4) Erradicate cups of tea with milk and sugar as that was our ticket to open biscuits. Kettle on – biscuits open.

5) Cutting right back on food laced with refined sugars, processed starch, alcohol and wheat.

6) To practice 30 minutes of yoga everyday – got no time? Get up 30 minutes earlier.

7) Eating more nuts, seeds and pulses in between meals.

8. Remembering everything we eat should ideally help regenerate the body and / or be converted into energy to help our body & minds work to their potential.

9) Keep an eye on our bowel activity!


10) Learn to listen to our bodies regarding what food suits us – drains us or revives us. Different strokes for different folks.

We appreciate all the support here at GO! Smell the flowers – all your concerns, thoughts and comments over the last 10 days. On Wednesday we’ll be announcing what we’re giving up for the next 3 weeks and it may come as a bit of a shock to you when we write a post explaining what it is we’re taking time out from next!

So, do tell us your final take on our detox regime, the colonics and our action points. All are welcome.

28 Responses to “GO! Smell the flowers detox – Our key actions”

  1. Purple13 says:

    Well jim and Em – after your detox time out, I think we’ve all learnt something and i’m sure a few of us will be taking slightly less caffiene and more raw food – despite what we may own up to – i’ve found it all deeply moving – (titter ye not!)

    Ok puns over – I think you were both very brave and if i had the time and the money, then i’m sure i’d be nipping off to the local sauna once a week to have a quiet steam & soak.

    Seriously and purely a coincidence, mandy and I are joining a local gym/fitness club near us – the beauty is they have activities and a great pool for the kids so while we’re (not always) pounding the rowing machines etc the kids can swim etc.

    We.ve realised (like you and hopefully a few others these past days) that yes – we work all the hours to be successful – to make lives better for our families and provide for our children (& parents). but if you’re continually pooped and have all the energy of a plastic toilet seat (and thats about as much exercise as you do a day too) then we’re heading for trouble.

    So we’re going to start taking a few hours a week at first – we won’t work every night till midnight after a full day at the workshop/work and we’re going to take at least one night a week to sit and watch a film with the kids or whatever they want to do.

    Yes chasing the ‘dream’ is worth it but it’s got to be tempered with common sense and making a small amount of time for yourself.

    P.S we’ll still get those rush orders out so don’t worry folks – we’ll just be healthier!

    Purple13′s last blog post..More than a Photo Gift company – who says so? you!

  2. aussiecynic says:

    I have to agree with purple…

    Like I said before I dont have a microwave…. havent for years …
    all cooking on the stove or frypan etc or the bbq..
    must admit the BBQ taste better and seems like a much more natural way to do it…

    Just so long as your 3 weeks giving up isnt taking 3 weeks away from here… can you imagine it..
    Gary would take liberties…
    Elton on his return from the Northern Territory will have to run wild
    Angry oh my I hate to think..
    so you see we just wouldnt cope… hehehehehehehe

    Anyways I do hope we left the house nice and tidy and the baby oil on the rug didnt stain.. welcome home..

  3. Congratulations on surviving your adventure into the world of healthy living. It would be interesting to see how many of you stick to your 10 goals in 3, 6, 9 months and a year. Me I could not commit to most of them

    1) Microwaved food…Hmm, that one is easy, but I do use the microwave to heat food, never to cook.

    2) If your are talking raw veggies and fruit okay, but in terms of organic chicken breast and fish. Breast is baked, fish I prefer steamed.

    3) Chewing slowly that is going to take concentration. I would actually need to practice mindfulness when eating. Then I wouldn’t be much company, but I guess mindfulness would be part of what it is about, huh? No problem with water.

    4) I do not like the taste of tea, sorry I am an American. So you know which one would be the problem now!!!

    5) Refined sugar…just can’t do that. I need a little bit of sweet everyday, but I’m not addicted I can stop anytime. No, you can’t touch my chocolate.

    6) To practice 30 minutes of yoga everyday – got no time? Get up 30 minutes earlier. Then, I would be sleeping on the yoga mat…My husband doesn’t even want me walking on the treadmill in the morning. I’m such a non-morning person that he is afraid I will hurt myself.

    7) Eating more nuts, seeds and pulses in between meals. Okay, can do that.

    8) I can remember, but that doesn’t mean I will follow it. So does that count?

    9) Keep an eye on our bowel activity! I always do. My comments on the morning breakfast proves it. What do we just watch ourselves have a bowel movement or keep track of the activity. Sounds kind of funny to me.

    10) Yes, we are all different when it comes to food. But, I need my coffee and sweets and reheated food.

    Sorry, to bore you. But, you made me think about each one, so now I had you read my thoughts…wasn’t that nice. :-) I am really amazed and inspired by what you did. Now, that doesn’t mean I’m going to do it, but I will be more mindful when it comes to what goes in and out!!!

    SomethingJust’s last blog post..Macadamia-Corn Flake Cookies

    • Jim & Em says:

      Thanks for taking each point in turn Something just and you’ve answered with honesty…

      Above all, taking into 1-10 we aim to consume in moderation- each point isn’t set in stone. We’re glad that this exercise has helped people think what’s going in and out!

  4. Jim & Em says:

    Something went ‘PING” with us when we returned and the micro had to go!

  5. Jim & Em says:

    Cheers Arvind…

    These cigars taste fare more potent now (Inhale)


  6. Lib says:

    Big congrats to you both and I hope this lasts!

    I am following a GI diet for the next 28 days starting from tomorrow and I’ve just introduced something called Acidophilus with Pectin to my diet.

    It helps to maintain a healthy digestive system and stops the sluggishness and bloatedness often associated with a bad digestive system. It’s supposed to give you more energy as well.

    I’m also heading back to the gym as from this week a couple of mornings before work.

    Wish me luck!

  7. spindiva says:

    Excellent tips you have here. Great to see others looking trying to live a healthier lifestyle for the sake of living not in search of a complete sixpack in under six weeks.

    spindiva’s last blog post..Know your goals and stay on track

  8. Urban Pagan says:

    My God what absolute nonsense

    being honest thats me done with GSTF- I don’t want to see my brother turn into a mid life crisis new ager. but its happening in front of my eyes. some of the nonsense typed is not the Jim I knew and grew up with. I can do no more for you here. You come from an intelligent rational family and yet believe the f*****g nonsense some idiot spouts at a spa. And despite us having debate about it- or rather despite you being told by people (like my dad) how unscientific this rubbish is you seem centred on continuing down a path of idioticy.

    Good luck.

    Bye all- its been fun but if anyone thinks I am staying to watch my bro make a bigger arse of himself your mistaken.

    Au revoir

    • Gareth In China says:

      So you don’t want to buy some beads then?
      Good price mate, go on they’ll go well with Stone Island gear.

      • Fertile Fish says:

        No, I am not going to stay here either and watch my bro make a bigger arse of himself. Must by default be a bigger arse after all that colonic I reckon?

    • Jim & Em says:

      So our 10 points are not what you expected Urban and you didn’t enjoy us sharing our Spa experience here?

      Thanks for all your contributions here at GO! Smell the flowers and the gate is always open for you.

      • Christ on a colonic says:

        Christ on a colonic!

        You mean, you had to waste $$ on a such trip to know you had to eat slower, exercise etc..? Erm.

        That cute cat story they got you bleeding about, has it been proven without any reasonable doubt that the tumor was a direct cause of the cat sitting on top the microwave?

        Go! Meet gullible lil ol Jim.

  9. Tania says:

    Welcome back! Really enjoyed reading your detox ‘adventure’. Your 10 pointers are a great summary. Keep up the wonderful work on yourselves… you should start noticing other areas of your life change along with your change in diet… looking forward to future updates.

    Tania’s last blog post..You got to know when to hold em, know when to fold em

  10. Lemon Detox says:

    exercise and sweating also helps eliminates toxins out of the body. aside from taking regular detox diets you should also add exercise to your detox routines.

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