GO! Smell our final Detox day!

Posted on May 14th, 2008 by Jim

Hi  GO! Smell the flowers from  the Spa Koh Chang. Our final day here having completed the cleansing program and we’ve both lost eleven pounds each in weight, feel clear headed, healthier inside & out and generally more chilled out.

To ‘keep it real’ we’ll report back on our result in 3-4 months time. Before the cleanse Jim had blood pressure, pulse and  blood work done (his biggest fear – needles  :-) ) to measure pre-cleanse lipid profile, (cholesterol & triglycerides), Biochemistry (Blood glucose) , Endocrinology (testosterone) and thyroid.

The immediate step-on-the-scales-whoop-whooop-high-5 results but that could be down to water loss, clearly a lack of carbs and just giving the body a break so time will tell and getting back amongst ‘reality’.

We ‘broke-fast’ with Papaya, mango and bee pollen:


Back for more general abuse with Thai massage:

Smell the flowers, Em:

We’ll reflect on the key things we learned and share them with you here when we return to Dubai  in the next couple of days. It’s been great learning and laughing at the threads here at GO! Smell the flowers, at times when we barely had the energy or the inclination so thanks for all your interest, support and comments.

NOW! Where did we put that hose pipe?  Do share how you’ve found our detox diaries and this whole experience we’ve shared with GO! Smell the flowers and feel free to add a few captions to the photos above just for fun as we leave ourselves wide open as ever, which, after 8 days of colonics could be interesting – Cheers!

19 Responses to “GO! Smell our final Detox day!”

  1. I admire you both for going through this. It’s all been a bit too much information for me about something I have never attempted myself and I don’t know if I ever will go to this extreme… thanks all the same for sharing and I’m sure your cleansed bodies will thank you… now you have to look after them and treat them like gold ;) Well done and I look forward to you sharing more with us when you get back home! Hugs

    Buzzing with Ange’s last blog post..Smell The Flowers With Me

  2. Lib says:

    Is that 3rd picture legal Em? You may have grounds for a bit of litigation there.

  3. You both rawk! For now I will live vicariously through your experiences since I’m too attached to food and coffee to let it go at the moment!

    Mighty Morgan’s last blog post..Vote for my baby brother!

    • Jim & Em says:

      So are we but it was a great time to put the PAWS button on Mighty….

      Moderation is one thing but gettig over hangovers is another – we had hangovers from hell as detox kicked in.

  4. jafabrit says:

    Well it seems like it was tough, but worth it. I think I will stick with my plan though, so far I have lost 30 lbs and I feel fabu :)

    Very interesting to see your experiences with this though.

    jafabrit’s last blog post..Art Vending Machine and Textile Totems

  5. Urban Pagan says:

    interesting reading

    a quick question

    do the massage girls do ‘extra’s'?

  6. Jim & Em says:

    Yes Urban…

    Clay facials, Aloe Vera body wraps and dental work if required.

    By the way – you’ve a few questons you’ve not gone back to in previous detox diary post here.

    Any advice on the bloodwork re-test? Is 4 months a fair window?

  7. Hmmm – All I can say is that Napoleon Hill – One of the great Self Improvement writers of all times was very much into his… well his monthly cleansing, shall we say. I would be interested to know (with not so many details) how things went!


  8. Finally, it is over..good thing..

    Nur Sarah Lam’s last blog post..The Other Boleyn Girl

  9. aussiecynic says:

    Emma That Paw Paw looks yum… but you dont look to sure about it…
    Jim put some pants… its Photography not Pornography…. those boxers are image I didnt need this late at night…. My eyes …. My eyes…

    Emma Is that legal…. there are certain positions the body is not meant to go and backwards is just one of many…. I know you guys bend over backwards but that is taking it to extremes…
    I have enjoyed reading the diaries .. a little much info from time to time… but it has been an interesting journey and I happy you guys chose to share it with us….
    Am looking forward to seeing how you guys are in a few months, when reality, air pollution and all the normal activities of life in a city can provide..

  10. Purple13 says:

    1st picture – Em’ succumbs and eats the spoon as well.
    2nd picture – Jim’s matching bedding and trunks helped hide the coffee stains from the maid
    3rd picture – After Giant Haystacks – The wrestling trainer though teaching Em a few moves would be easy – easy – easy.

    Purple13′s last blog post..Problems getting your image to upload – try these tips

  11. TheSwedishHunter says:

    Congratulations you guys! New you would come through this experience like a dream! Must have felt great to be so near the end when there were so many new fasters starting their journey….
    Today I have taken my first (small) Singha beer – tasted fantastic! On the 4:th day of breaking the fast… Take care!

  12. jafabrit says:

    My problem wasn’t overeating per se, or eating sweets/snack/fast foods etc, but not eating enough at the right times. Due to age, menopause, and chronic back problems I started to put weight because I wasn’t able to do active exercise anymore and my metabolism slowed to a halt. I had to kickstart my metabolism with lots of walking (which was gentle on my back) and regular healthy snacks, and not skipping meals. I have always hated eating breakfast and so that was really hard for me to do.

    It has taken a year to lose the weight but since I wasn’t wanting to diet but actually readjust my lifestyle to meet the new challenges that come with age and health issues it has been worth it.

    jafabrit’s last blog post..Bloggers Unite for Human Rights

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