GO! Smell the detox diaries – Day 7 – Yoga!

Posted on May 12th, 2008 by Jim

Hi from the Spa Koh Chang with less than 48 hours to GO! before we break the fast with only 4 more colonics remaining.

To help keep things moving we’ve tried our hand at Yoga, first thing, in the morning to help us stay us on track and our bodies active without food. Whatever your capabilities it can aid relaxation, improve flexibility, help with detox and massage the organs of the body – always a bonus, right?


Pictured above with Yoga instructor Cliff on Day 5 of our fast we declined to bring our feet together like that – maybe another time, after a few ice cold Chang beers perhaps (B) :-) A big thanks to our teacher Cliff who taught us a few stretches that’ll keep tension at bay and exercise our eyes whilst we tip-tap away on the laptop.

So anyone ever tried Yoga? How do you help stay / get in physical and mental shape and as the years catch up with you? Do tell, hold that pose and release!

25 Responses to “GO! Smell the detox diaries – Day 7 – Yoga!”

  1. Lib says:

    Is that guy levitating in the 1st photo? Impressive.

    I am looking into lessons at the moment funnily enough.

    The health benifits are supposed to be tip top and it helps with stress levels and posture, I am going to end up a hunchback if I’m not careful.

    Jim, look like Wayne Sleep with those trousers on.

  2. Never officially took any type of yoga lessons, but was always something I have wanted to do. Hope you guys are doing okay with your fast and can’t wait to hear more details of the benefits when your finally done….

    Mighty Morgan’s last blog post..Addicts Anthem

  3. jonathan says:

    you still need help to keep moving???? – i think the brochure seriously extorted the facts when it claimed light snacks were included in the price and that the beach had a burger bar….(he said tucking into his lunch box contents – black cherry jam roll, banana (see i can be healthy!) and cereal musli type bar.

    I’m not at all bendy or supple – too many years of no exercise and sitting at computer (yikes like now!) however it could be worse… i could be fat as well.

    jonathan’s last blog post..Problems getting your image to upload – try these tips

  4. Urban Pagan says:

    yoga is very very good for women to do

    but men who do it tend to be either sexual predators, mid-life crisis nuts or blokes who are too scared to do kick boxing. same as ta chi.

    for women its good.

    for men its double gay.

    clive looks like he’d be into juggling after a failed career as a child entertainer which folded when he had to ‘go to the far east where they understand my style of entertainment (or rather turn a blind eye to it).

    • Jim & Em says:

      How uncanny – I’ve being calling Cliff ‘ Clive ‘ all week…

      That Law of Attraction you see.

    • Jim & Em says:

      Cliff / Clive used to be 300 pound in weight when he left ChicaGO in 2002!

      A change in lifestyle which he loives by ‘ in moderation’ – still likes the occasional western treats.

  5. DAHN YOGA! It’s a combination of Tai-Chi and Yoga with a few other disciplines thrown in for good measure. Before I moved back to Ohio, I took a few classes — it’s a big deal in Orange County, CA.
    It promotes healthy breathing, good for the brain, yanno? On the other hand, I am quite the airhead already.

    That being said, my computer could use some Yoga or maybe you need to reduce those pics up there?
    I have shyte loads of RAM and a kick-arse OS, and I am curious about Em’s nail polish color for her toes — I’m lovin’ that color — but dudes, it took about a minute for those to completely d/l.


  6. Gareth in Malaysia says:

    That’s where Bobby Ball went to. Often wondered, is Tommy Cannon there as the foot massage bloke by any chance?

  7. Looks good and I know will eventually feel good, but “ouch! ouch! ouch!”

  8. Looks good and I know will eventually feel good, but “ouch! ouch! ouch!” ;-)

  9. Yoga is good..still the fees are ridiculous..

    Nur Sarah Lam’s last blog post..The Story of Stuff

  10. AngryfromEllesmerePort says:

    Shove h’apenny combined with weightlifting 586g of liquid

  11. BO says:

    Cycling to work for me,now summers here! Gonna start swinging the clubs again too. Never done yoga,doubt i ever will.My mind’s kept active interacting with my daughter,reading,writing,counting…..basic life skills part 1 for me at the moment.

  12. BO says:

    Eeerrm,what’s going on with your left big toe Jim?

  13. Purple13 says:

    your bodies just not going to know what’s hit it when you return to civilisation (as we know it) jim – and after all those herbal flushes – i doubt i’d be able to sit down for a week!

    Purple13′s last blog post..Problems getting your image to upload – try these tips

  14. | body detox says:

    i am currently enrolled in a Yoga class. the health benefits of Yoga on myself is great. I am more relaxed and i can sleep well at night.

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