Detox Diaries – Day 5

Posted on May 10th, 2008 by Jim

We’ve only just realised it’s Saturday so happy weekend to all from us here mid De-tox at the rainy & chilled out Spa Koh Chang, Thailand.


So, getting straight down to the process of our bi-daily flush out we thought we’d share some of the finer highlights of our stay. DON’T try this at home – not even gardeners who KNOW their hosepipes:

Step 1 – Fill a 16 litre bucket full of coffee solution:


Step 2 – Lie down, insert and RELEASE as the next 20 -30 minutes ‘pass’:


We’ll spare you the detail of sharing with you what ends up in the pink plastic sieve after emptying but it’s far from smelling of flowers :-)

We’re feeling far more ‘human’ today and are getting into the early doors exercises, detox drinks and the general way of the spa here. Time for our Midday broth, carrot juice and detox drink – more on that tomorrow.

The key to success in this procedure is to relax and let it GO! on every level so we ask YOU – how do you relax and ‘let it go’ in your day to day life generally? Do tell!

30 Responses to “Detox Diaries – Day 5”

  1. Purple13 says:

    1st picture – your beautiful holiday destination from the brochure
    2nd picture – you investigate claims that the swimming pool water is unfiltered
    3rd picture – health officials called after food poisoning outbreak in tropical paradise

    I’m feeling your pain!

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  2. BO says:

    Oh my lord,haven’t had my breakfast yet! I did have a chicken balti (madras hot) last night. I tend to relax reading stories to my daughter these days or a good book and i-pod on.

  3. mangolover says:

    Hey Jim & Em:

    At my one and only detox, 8 days at the Health Oasis in Bang Po, Samui – jeeez, 9 years ago now. It was the expected ritual to take your collander with any retained interesting morsels to share with other enthusiasts over ginger and lemongrass tea each afternoon. Most of the others were considerably younger than my fifty years and didn’t have the history of abuse that my innards had been subjected too. I was much admired for expelling a number of curved black composites of 70′s hamburgers (or whatever) that looking for all the world like bits of old car tyre. Being relatively frequent collonic irrigators I feel a little sad that you won’t have much of interest to share. Showing my latest catch became the highlight of my day; my 15 minutes of colonic fame.

    Go well

  4. aussiecynic says:

    Well you certainly look happier than I expected..
    the place looks beautiful
    the coffee looks in bulk
    but we have a saying down here in OZ that fits

    that about all..
    To detox all I need do is eat more that 2 Tablespoons of anything contain chilli
    Sweet Chilli sauce usually does the trick
    but eat it, wait 24-48 hours and bingo instant detox… and I dont want to borrow a collander… oooo ooooo

    • I agree Aussie… too much information for sure!! Not sure what to make of it all having never been through a detox before… and the holiday destination does look beautiful… just makes you wonder… I guess you need the peaceful surroundings to give you a sense of something good in your life after the procedure Jim is displaying here…. glad you kept you’re pants on for the photo Jim!!

      Buzzing with Ange’s last blog post..I Love You

    • Jim & Em says:

      LOL AC and don’t be fooled by Jim’s grimace – it’s trapped wind!

      Chilli / Cayenne are revered here at the spa for cleansing as is Garlic……

      We’ll save a sieve for ya :-)

  5. Arvind says:

    Yes – too much information!

    I detox every few months simply by “fasting” on apples over a weekend. Try it next time – and much cheper too.

    Now if you didn’t eat junk food in the first place, you wouldn;t have to put yourself through all of this torture :-)
    Arvind’s last blog post..How to be Really Cool to be Kind!

  6. Arvind says:

    PS – Not really my cup of tea / coffee

    Arvind’s last blog post..How to be Really Cool to be Kind!

    • Jim & Em says:

      Do tell Arvind – what food do you deem as JUNK?

      Just a question as we’d be interested in your definition…..

      • Jim & Em says:

        Cheers for the clarity Arvind and you’re on the nail with the Spa philosophy…

        Lose the highly processed stuff and the weight will GO! with it.

        We’ll get a delivery pizza from time to time and the odd whopper burger with a carrot juice (duality or what?!)

        Congrats on moderation and we aim to stay in moderation and enjoy the pleasures from time to time – your taste of alcohol in the form of Champagne is to be admired – Verve V we presume or Bollinger sweety!

        So – When we meet in London you can show us the veggie haunts – OK? :-)

  7. Kathleen says:

    I have some medical opinions-I have to agree there are safer ways to keep things clean. As long as you’re safe and your colon is happy, but honestly guys, this stuff doesn’t make your colon happy. I don’t want to rain on your parade, but…we should talk.

  8. Urban Pagan says:


    at last a bit of common sense!

  9. BO says:

    I had a dodgy gut a couple of weeks ago,change in work pattern meas i’m not moving round too much,either at my desk,in the car or on a plane,eating crap and all that,put on a good stone!I felt really blocked up,now do some regular excercise,eat my five a day and plenty of bran…boy did things move for a couple of days!! But now i feel a whole lot healthier,i think the body is self maintaining as long as you put the right stuff in.

    • Purple13 says:

      yeah all that red meat, wine and white bread! i’ve made a start by cuttingback on the white bread.

      As Mr Bond said – Misshhh Moneypennnney – I’ve got to eliminate all free radicals.

      Purple13′s last blog post..Fabulous Photo Gifts new website design goes live

    • Jim & Em says:

      Agreed Bo and whatever works for you to feel good – small and often they reckon is the to go…

      One school of thought from ‘ raw foodies’ (We’ll be featuring a couple in our next post that we met at the Spa and will welcome optinos of the raw foodie movement) is that unless its raw its not pure and we build up a tolerance to poison over time – granted some live to 110 having what the hell they like…some vegans / veggies die young….

      All part of the learning for us…..

      Chicken Chille Masaala anyone?

  10. Gareth in Malaysia says:

    What the feck are you wearing. Don’t tell me you’re one of those cabbage smelling wet nobs who wears the hippy cotton outfit as soon as they get off the plane in Thailand/India/Nepal or wherever, Christ in a wheelbarrow do me a favour – your kecks have got sequins on them for hippies sake!!!! Go and get a pint of Guiness and smack some cockney in a bar will you, you know it’ll do you good.

    • Jim & Em says:

      Glad you like the rags but humidity is high and we wear loose clothing here (Fishermans trousers and Linen) as its so comfy and one less thing to think about – its round the house stuff in Dubai and personally find jeans restrictive….

      Its all the GENES you know…

  11. Lib says:

    Thank God that 1st photo is coffee solution, I thought it was the end product for a mo.

    And Gareth is right about the trousers Jim, give them back to Emma.

    How do I relax? The same as everyone else really, books, Nintendo DS or stick the I-pod on. Or in respect of this post, the I-Pood.

  12. Urban Pagan says:

    sequins on your kecks?

    do these help your chakras?

    can’t wait to see you over the summer squire- take you out for a pint and a punch up!!

    but seriously…………………

    I only hope you look back on this in years and think…………………….. D’OH


    • Jim & Em says:

      They’re not sequins – it’s the open stitching on the Fishermans trousers…

      Don’t worry – no-one at the Butchers or Golden will notice as I hover into the room.



  13. I really appreciate you taking the time to post this info for readers like me to read. :)

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