Detox Diaries – Day 3

Posted on May 8th, 2008 by Jim

Captains log ;-) so Day 2 of our 10 day detox Spa Koh Chang style ended with Em having coloured laughs (being sick) as her toxins were released unable to keep even carrot juice down. Jim suffered with  the hangover from hell headache and both our tongues have turned from yellow to white with breath strong enough to take paint of a well treated door frame.

As detox day 3 broke we had next to no appetites,  generally irritable and struggled to report in for our 7a.m detox drink before a morning meditation,  yoga class and deep issue massage Thai style…… 


Our appetites increased  throughout the day with Emma craving fish & chips, a glass of chilled Chardonnay & a large bar of dairy milk chocolate with Jim craving a Sunday roast dinner, a pint of Sam Smiths ale with apple crumble and custard for dinner.  Then it became a case of craving anything remotely edible…..


On the upside we’re getting into the swing of things colonic wise  (Em – coffee, Jim – garlic) and enjoy the steam room and tomorrow will be posting photos of ourselves  in and around the Spa. So it’s time to head off for our evening broth, shot of wheat grass and a lug of carrot juice.Life in the fast lane huh?  Do share your plans for tonight right here and as always we welcome your comments, knowledge and opinions.

13 Responses to “Detox Diaries – Day 3”

  1. aussiecynic says:

    I do enjoy a good spa and steam room, but it doesnt it make you feel ill, running on empty….
    Honestly I dont know how you can do it… I mean Wheat Grass, Yuk!…
    I look forward to seeing your photos, as for tonight we are all at your place… hehehehehe
    Sahib your neighbour says Hi!… he is a real party animal, and a freak on the twister mat…..
    Ok I coming …..

  2. Purple13 says:

    make mine an australian red please aussie…. i just need to say hi to the absent hosts.

    i don’t think we need to fear anything – they’ll never be able to catch us after a week on carrot juice and wheat grass.

    Hey! Elt’! – better put crocodile rock on…….

    Purple13′s last blog post..Now we’re on fire – Feedburner style

    • aussiecynic says:

      well thats what I am working on… lol…
      their energy levels depleted and after such a long flight :)
      I do trust by the time they are up and running again we will be long gone…
      and Saturday Night Elton please

  3. Carola says:

    Hi Em and Jim,
    After a great dinner a lots of white wine i can not honestly say i envy you, the party at your house sounds more tempting.
    It seems although that they are overconfident that nothing will happen to them, i still remember what you guys did to me when i messed up, i am still upside down.

    • Jim & Em says:

      Hellooooo Amsterdam and great to see you here at GO! Smell the flowers…

      Sometimes the drink flows – right?

      Hope the Salsa dancing is going well – we’d love chips n salsa right now.

  4. Wow, nice picture..I wonder why the man stuck his whole hand into the mouth but I kind of envy the cat. Anyway, enjoy your detox-holidays there..Eeww..I hate wheat grass..but carrot juice is fine with me, though I am more into carrot milk juice..

    Nur Sarah Lam’s last blog post..Dear Readers..

  5. Jim and Emma… you two are very brave indeed!! I couldn’t cope without my chocolates, sweeties, cashew nuts, stews and casserole’s (coz it’s cold here now), lol…. having fun from what I read… only seven days to GO! Enjoy and I’m sure you will be better for it when you are done. HUGS

    Buzzing with Ange’s last blog post..I Love You

  6. Lib says:

    Aaah. I was thinking about you when I was tucking into Chicken Liver Pate with Melba Toast and Roast Belly Pork with a reduced red wine gravy with creamed leak and potato mash in Churtons last night.


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