Detox Diaries – Day 2

Posted on May 7th, 2008 by Jim

We awoke to the tip-tapping of rain here at Spa Koh Chang as the rainy season gets underway. A far cry from the dry heat of Dubai plus the croaking of frogs reminding us of that Bud advert from the mid 90′s.


Beers aren’t on the menu as detailed on our daily Candida cleansing schedule that we’ll be following over the next 7 days as follows:

7.00am – Detox drink (every 3 hours)

8.30am – Supplements 3 x Intestinal Cleanser capsules & 3 x Herbal Nutrient Capsules

10.00am – Detox drink

10.15am – 11.30a.m Coffee Colema*

11.30am – Supplements

13.00pm – Detox drink

14.30pm – Supplements

16:00pm – Detox drink

16:10pm – 17.30pm – Garlic Colema*

17.30pm – Supplements

18:00pm – Herbal steam room

19:00pm – Detox drink

20:30pm – Supplements

*20-40 minutes of self administered colonic irrigation with 16 litres of purified water and clinically clean equipment. A pink sieve catches all solids that can be inspected with chop sticks as required.

In addition to the above ‘treats’ we can enjoy / squirm during Thai foot, back, shoulder and stomach massages plus access to the pool and stream room with liquid top ups of broth, coconut and carrot juice. Cravings so far include a spicy Thai green curry, fish and chips and a pint of Guinness (Jim) with Em dreaming over a piece of chocolate cake and a cheese board. Yum.

We are curious to know what you’ll be eating / have eaten today. Do tell – what delights are we missing out on here? Comments and questions welcomed right here and save a piece for us!

30 Responses to “Detox Diaries – Day 2”

  1. Purple13 says:

    lol Lib – cracking reply!

    I was tempted to say cracking cheese Grommit in me best yorkshire accent.

    Well so far (it is only 8.30) i’ve had a bowl of cherrios cereal (chocolate hoops Em!) in lashings of semi-skimmed milk and a glass of semi-skimed milk to accompany followed by a machine brewed cup of hot chocolate at work prior to starting the day.

    I can look forward to ham rolls, crisps, chocolate bars, a banana and several trips to the water cooler as theday progresses.

    Hey Jim – the best things com to those that wait!!!! (i refer to the lithy water)

    Purple13′s last blog post..The Great Bank Holiday Tip Visit

    • Jim & Em says:

      Em here J…

      CRAVING CHOCOLATE like you wouldn’t believe & WENSLEYDALE CHEESE.

      A bowl of rice krispies would be good as well.

      • Lib says:

        Rice Krispies?

        I’d rather have a bowl of Coco pops.

        • Lib says:

          Addicted AC, although sadly it will be coming to an end soon.

          At least I’ll be able to go out again I suppose.

          • aussiecynic says:

            Watch out for the daylight shock….
            It takes a few trips out into the light before your body can handle the brightness…
            A good pair of sunnies is a must…

  2. Urban Pagan says:

    this is going to be interesting

    I still think that 7-10 days of complete relaxation will reap some benefits

    the rest I believe is hype

    and as for sieving your own sh’ ite – erm get a hobby?

    I’ll never share chopsticks with you

  3. wow..I guess I will not be able to go on that detox spa..I am an eater..I eat a lot yet I am so thin..hahaha..anyway, I prefer a cup of tea every once in a while and now I have a craving for cheese..especially imported cheese but it cost so much here in malaysia like there is a brand of cheese I can’t recall the brand and the country origin, but it cost me RM18 for 24 small cubes of cheese..but the taste, excellent..yummy..

    Nur Sarah Lam’s last blog post..Dear Readers..

  4. Urban Pagan says:

    I believe the cheese to which you refer is Dairylea

  5. AngryfromEllesmerePort says:

    How much are you paying for this privilage, or have you negotiated a deal whereby you offer the Spa free publicity in the 7′Days newpaper and 50,000 hits on your website

    What’s the relevance with a photo showing a group of eco warrior dwarfs? – just look at the size of the plastic cups they’re drinking from

    • Jim & Em says:

      We’re paying 85,000 Thai baht – full whack for 9 nights / 10 days – equating to approx UAE AED 8,500 equating to $1,100 U.S each – ALL IN / OUT if you will…..maybe we could be sponsored in he future?

      $10 per flush?

      Plus flights on Etihad from Abu Dhabi at AED 4,500 ($1,200 for both of us).

      Flowers on line (ironically soon to be chocolates as well) is our only passive revenue stream right now.

  6. For a moment — and this is going to display in vast proportions my true blonde-ness — I believed that you had posted an actual picture of your lovely retreat.
    For a moment — and just a moment — I was astonished and dismayed that they were distributing containers with which to … erm … dispose of your most recent colonic export.
    FOR JUST A MOMENT I thought, “looks like a cruddy place for a vacation, where’s the lovely garden pics?”

    • Jim & Em says:

      LOL Rufus and rather than hit this garden full of shots of us we’d rather adopt a light hearted approach to illustrate our points although the camera is coming out later…..


  7. aussiecynic says:

    Today has been abit of a novelty here…
    Moppet had the day off school..
    the School was closed because one of the cleaners Hung himself on Friday… yep niceone..
    but his funeral was today..
    so Moppet slept in… till about 9.30am
    So did we till about 12.30pm this afternoon…. that never happens… but Moppet played computer all morning.. yes I feel very naughty… but it never happens so thinking must have really needed it…
    anyways today went like this…
    12.30 get up
    make coffee…
    check email
    coffee and a smoke,….
    yep same old same old..
    1.00pm coffee… smoke…
    2.00pm go to shop our of milk…. hehehehe
    2.30 feed dogs, cats, coffee smoke… internet yes I have no life its busketing down for 4 days now
    3.30 wash up…. tidy up..
    4.00 coffee, smoke… computer…
    5.00 cook dinner…. 5.20 turn dinner off go to shop…. BOUGHT CHOCOLATE>>> YUM YUM
    5.40 finish cooking dinner
    6.00pm ate dinner Spaghetti Boll…. with Parmessan cheese.. lots of cheese…. yum yum
    8.30 pm… BBQ Chips (crisps) watching Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom with moppet on the box…

    10.30 two biscuits…
    In between this was more coffee and smokes but thought best not bore with those as I am cutting back….
    tomorrow night will be Sticky date pudding and Chocolate Ice Cream…. after a nice thick Steak and baked spuds and veges… yum ….

    Glad to hear you guys are getting ok so far….
    I cant look at my coffee until I add the milk it just doesnt seem right…. lol…
    thinking of you both ..

    • Jim & Em says:

      Cheers AC and your typical day is great to read…

      That buscuit does sound good! Are the smokes herbal by any chance? 8-)

      • aussiecynic says:

        nah sorry the smokes are the standard tobacco…
        cant abide the herbal… ;)
        Today will be a bit more exciting…
        have loads of washing and puppies to are being moved… as soon as their eyes are open there will be more photos… they have almost out grown the wardrobe…. :)

  8. WOW :)
    I’m so excited for you guys that you’re choosing this detox experience for yourselves.
    Few people EVER give their bodies a break from digesting, or take the steps to help the body release old built-up waste. I’m a raw foodist and actually lost around 12 stone (70kg/160lbs) by going raw, detoxing, juice fasting, colon cleansing and so on. My life has completely changed on every level from this experience, as I’m sure yours’ will too during this mini-cleanse you’re currently undertaking.
    All best wishes and blessings to you both on this journey,
    One love,
    Angela. xxx

    • Jim & Em says:

      WELCOME to GO! Smell the flowers Ange and thanks for sharing your amazing achievement with us!

      A a ‘raw foody’ what does that mean in your diet in basic terms? Could you list a few of your typical stable raw foody sustenance with a couple of website links?

  9. Urban Pagan says:

    12 stone?

    you must have been a right old unit?

    but do you think it was the actual diet or the simple fact of calorie deficit that made you lose the weight?

    congratulations either way- some achievement

  10. BO says:

    Above is a cheaper,alternative way,just place your cheeks either side of the jet and hey presto.

    I’ve been in Czech Republic all week and the North Bohemian food has gone through me like a ‘Porsche’ today,a self cleansing business trip.

  11. Bo Snr says:

    Hello Lib
    I thought you did all ypur healthy eating on holiday !!!!!

  12. Garlic bread is expensive here..

    Nur Sarah Lam’s last blog post..Dear Readers..

  13. Jim & Em says:

    LOL Lib and you’ve no idea how seeing garlic bread sticks on your list makes us want to eat a spicy chilly washed down with a glass of Pinot Grigot.


  14. aussiecynic says:

    oh I used to love Zelda…

  15. Lib says:

    Where do you live Nur Sarah Lam?

  16. er hum… what’s Zelda?

    Buzzing with Ange’s last blog post..I Love You

  17. Lib says:

    Zelda is a computer game for Nintendo, I love it!

    I also need to grow up.

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