Detox Diaries Day 1 – Pre colonic irrigation

Posted on May 6th, 2008 by Jim

Sawadee Krup (Jim) Sawaddee Ka (Emma) as GO! Smell the flowers start our detox diaries from the Spa Koh Chang Resort, Thailand. We’ve decided to stick our necks out and share the ups, downs and insides of our Thai ‘ clean-me-out’ Spa experience designed to rejuvenate and lead us on the path towards a healthier and happier life.

Good eh – or is it? Some would argue this is totally unnecessary.


We’ve decided yet again to give our bodies a chance to heal as it is believed they work at their full potential after 24-36 hours without the intake of food as our healing mechanisms works best when we stop eating, ingesting, digesting and metabolising food. Hmmmmm, F-O-O-D – Homer Simpson drool – GO! Homer:

On the flight from Dubai to Bangkok we chose to pass on the ‘we’re entitled to it so we’ll have some’ alcohol, bread, coffee, meat and peanuts. Same for the hop over to Trat, the skip on a boat to Koh Chang and all that remains is the jump but will we have the energy as we start our Pre-cleanse diet.

A bonus start to our trips as we’ve a letter featured today in the Dubai ‘paper of the people’ (lift right clenched fist above your hand) 7 days. We addressed an article on ‘ How has the internet changed your life?’ and this community blog is a case in point. Read it here!

So, welcome to the garden to all new readers and feel free to post a comment in any of the articles below and get amongst it and share your knowledge, experiences and opinions with other as we literally dig deep and share our detox diaries with the world before, during and after our 9 night / 10 day stay.

Group hug anyone? Now where did we put that hose?

39 Responses to “Detox Diaries Day 1 – Pre colonic irrigation”

  1. Hm..I have a sudden crave of going to Thailand.. Anyway, I shall be coming here often to check on the latest..

    Nur Sarah Lam’s last blog post..Dear Readers..

  2. Urban Pagan says:

    ‘ our healing mechanisms works best when we stop eating, ingesting, digesting and metabolising food. ‘

    says who?

    thats nonsense

    your body requires nutrients to heal. starvation does not help ‘healing mechanisms’ it does however make the body more open to fatigue, infection and injury.

    • Bo Snr says:

      Hello UP,
      I obtain my nutriants fron an Irish folk medicine known as Guinness.
      Some people got it from Stella until it was changed to some foreign brew that Bo goes tp Prague for

      • Urban Pagan says:

        Very good Bo Snr!!!!

        The budvar drinker ended up in Liverpool saturday night after all!!


    • Dubai Guy says:

      I fully agree with the statement, “our healing mechanisms works best when we stop eating, ingesting, digesting and metabolising food”

      Just ask any muslim person about their opinion regarding the fasting month of Ramadan & they would tell you how it not only helps them become better spiritually but it also does help them improve their physical side.

      Dubai Guy’s last blog post..What is Beauty?

      • Urban Pagan says:

        so if its that beneficial why not do it all the time?

      • AngryfromEllesmerePort says:

        How can not eating and drinking during hot days then stuffing your face at sundown and just before sunrise be beneficial?

        It’s obscene wandering round the supermarkets in the UAE seeing the laden shopping trolleys hardly better spiritually. Notice all the new shopping malls being built – the opening dates are always rushed so that they coincide with Ramadan – why? because the malls do more business during that month than any other.

        And as for improving the physical side – tell that to the labourers dropping off scaffolding or to the people that cause accidents running across roads driving their cars like maniacs just before Iftar

  3. brian and sami says:

    Emma, if that’s a picture of the pre-colonic you (after the first para of diaries day one), it obviously is time for the next detox! Seriously guys, hope everything comes out all right…………………….Good luck and enjoy yourselves. We were on Koh Chang in January – lovely island. Brian and Sami

  4. Yanno, I didn’t expect to say this straight out of the gate — but I gotta agree with Angry, and in some ways, even our luv Urban.
    I’m a wee bit worried ’bout y’all.
    I went to the website, read about your upcoming (no pun intended) adventure and *winced*.
    To each his own, I say — but, yeah. If you needed a vacation for your mind, heart and spirit, I would have brought my own moist towelettes (anti biotic), several outstanding trashy novels and one literary great, lot’s of bottled water and plenty of tip money for the cabana staff while getting a daily massage, dancing till dawn, and sleeping on a bed fit for a king until noon.

    Lather. Rinse. Repeat.


    But hey, it’s your bum on the line. ;) Good luck with that!

  5. aussiecynic says:

    I must say I do admire your conviction in this.. and if you feel better for it go for it…
    just so long as you know what the pros and cons are…
    Personnally I am interesting in what goes on… but am also rather concerned..
    My detox program consists of the following:
    get up at 11am
    Cuppa Coffee
    more blog coffee and smokes…
    lunch I dont eat lunch or Breakfast… very rare for me
    then house work (exercise for an hour or so)
    more coffee
    coffee smokes
    then dinner I eat dinner but not much either..
    I have stopped eating white bread and have a wholemeal instead….
    My detox consists of cutting back on coffee and smokes.. a dietician once told me I eat in fortnight what most eat in 3 days …. so no hassles with extra food build up there…
    So there youhave it…… Aussies Detox program…

    Must admit I havent looked at black coffee quite the same since you guys left…. shudder ;)

    • … and the idea of garlic; which was once a darling favorite scent of mine has forever been abandoned.

      I looked at my coffee this morning whilst reading the detox diary and went to boil water for tea. Good Earth spicy yummy stuff. Then I promptly smoked half a pack and tried to think of all my friends who are health freaks and decided “freak” was a good word. And THAT is too much like calling the kettle black. ::grins::
      Yes. I are a bit freaky.

      Why is it that all my vegan and veggieholic friends are always ill? They seem to moan and groan more than the average person.
      Is it because they are simply more aware of what is going on with their bodies or …???

      I want to go to Tasmania now — simply because I have a smoking buddy. No one I know smokes anymore! GAH!

      • Urban Pagan says:

        I smoke

        am thinking about quitting though

        but only thinking about it!!

        • aussiecynic says:

          I have been thinking about Quitting loads to UP…
          I must say I do feel much better my health has improved the more I think about quitting…
          Mind over matter…

      • aussiecynic says:

        GArlic and Ginger in most things …. and my kids never get sick….
        If we get crook we get very crook…. we seem to miss all the coughs.colds and normal sort of stuff peole pick up…..
        but a healthy immune system is what we have.. and thats from the good healthy diet we have….
        I only eat when I am hungry… and thats at dinner time…

        Come on Down to Tassie… we can smoke all day while sipping Brandy, Lime and Sodas…. hehehehe… in front of the heaters….

    • Dubai Guy says:

      wow, an impressive detox program :-D
      Dubai Guy’s last blog post..What is Beauty?

  6. aussiecynic says:

    Lets wait and see how things go UP…
    I am interested in seeing how these programs work matey…
    and a blow by blow diary might be interesting to watch…
    we as observers will get to witness first hand through their written word just how things are moving along (no pun inteneded)
    These programs do worry me… but if Jim and Emma find some forn of benefit then let us see how it goes….
    I would prefer the motel mentioned above.. but am curious…

  7. Urban Pagan says:

    the way to have done it would have been to have had full bloodwork done before, directly after and say 8 weeks after and see how much of a difference it had

    as it is while worthwhile it may be for us to read if you’d paid to do this you’d hardly write- its a load of rot would you? its emperors new clothes and placebo coupled with starvation and relaxation


    intital weight loss
    euphoria due to dehydration and temperature

    better skin due to the sun etc etc

    • Jim & Em says:

      Hi Urban,

      BLOODWORK you say…

      Jim here with the results of my pre-cleanse blood test I had in Dubai (I’m not the best with needles but hey-ho) with a couple of testtubes worth…shhht…shhhtt :-)

      Heres my pre cleanse blood:


      Random blood glucose – 5.12 mnol/L


      Testosterone – 8.88 ng/ml (typical male range 3.0-10.6)


      Cholesterol – 6.01 mnol / L ( Reference Range = 3.6 – 5.2)
      HDL Cholesterol – 1.75 mnol / L (Reference Range = 0.90 – 1.80)
      LDL Cholesterol – 3.48 mnol / L (Reference Range = 1.5-3.8)
      Triglycerides – 0.79 mnol / L (Reference Range = 0.46 – 7.0


      Free T4 – 11.40 (Reference Range = 9.0 – 20.0)
      T3 – 11.38 pmol/L (Reference Range = 0.95 – 2.50)
      T4 – 70.13 nmol / L (Reference Range = 60.0 – 120)
      TSH – 1.279 Ulu / ml Hyper <0.27 Hypo >4.7

      I’m no doctor either but happy to give the same tests a go on my return – anything I should be looking for?

      This is all new to me!

      • Urban Pagan says:

        fair play

        I’m made up you’ve done tests prior. do them if you can upon return then say 6 weeks after.

        well in.

        at least now there is a bit of science involved which makes it far more interesting.

        • Emma F says:

          Here is a site for you Dr Pagan

          You can select other tests there too.

          Not sure it’s an exact science though – for example – the glucose test is affected by the last time Jim ate.

          • Urban Pagan says:

            I am aware of the relevance of bloodwork emma

            bottom line it can give a good indication albeit on a minute sample size of real health benefits.

          • Emma F says:

            You could do a comparison – you get your bloods done – then eat phall (or an alternative of your choice) for a week – as a control.

        • Urban Pagan says:

          Our bp is exactly the same!!

          and my weight is 2 lbs below you

          how bizarre!

          I will be undertaking a ‘sports nutrition’ course for the summer- may even post up my stuff on here

          • Jim & Em says:

            That would be welcomed – we’ll be starting guest founder post soon and as long as its related to health, fun, inspiration travel – the more we can learn here the better….oh and the final category – food (Pizza please – thin crust sloppy gu’seppy from that pizza place with the blue n white boxes – seriously can’t remember as short term memory takes a hit here – that was HIT by the way – no chance of that tonight having just returned from my first 16 litre enema)

            Too much info, I know!

          • Urban Pagan says:

            Pizza Express

            always start with the dough balls

          • Lib says:

            Slightly ruined it for me when they started selling it in sainsburys

        • aussiecynic says:

          You guys are so unfit it is not good….
          heres a little something for you both…

          I weigh 81 kg….
          Blood pressure 120/70
          and my cholestoral is hugely hugh at 8.3 last test… and I dont eat anything with cholesterol.. go figure…
          The Dr reckons I am as a strong as horse… if only the legs would work properly….
          Its all those smokes and Coffee…..
          blood screening always good..

          • Jim & Em says:

            Cool blood pressure AC…

            They reckon 120 / 80 is about the right reading, right?

          • aussiecynic says:

            yep absolutely perfect…
            Which they find a bit curious considering how high my cholesterol is…
            had a whole heaps of test done, went to a dietician…
            I dont enough for her wo I had to go on a special diet of low cholesterol food…
            eating all this stuff I was told eat..
            In 2 weeks I gained 4 kg my Cholesteral went up to 8.7 and my blood pressure went up to 140/90
            so the Dr was not happy… I said I try it my way…. went back to my way of doing things eating when hungry etc…
            and my BP went back to normal, cholesterol dropped back to 8.2 and weigt went back to 81kg… its funny though I weighed 82kg when in High school.. hehehehehe…
            so I dont worry anymore…. must be a family trait…

  8. Urban Pagan says:

    even better it works out at a bargain 5 times the average thai monthly wage for 10 days per person.

    for virtually no food.

    no wonder they smile sweetly eh!!

    top scam- if anything hats off to them for fabricating this nonsense and fleecing people with it.

  9. Jim & Em says:

    You can buy kits and self administer at home anyway – once you’ve got it ‘ cracked’ :-)

  10. Garlic and ginger is my best friend, can’t live without them..simply loving it..

    Nur Sarah Lam’s last blog post..Dear Readers..

  11. Urban Pagan says:

    Has anyone tried a chilli enema

    I believe it is called a phall?

    • Jim & Em says:

      Thats so unfair Urban,

      I could murder a chicken chilly extra hot with Prawn Puri starter, oinion bhajis on the side mopped up with Garlic / Chilly / Peshwari Naan bread.

  12. Jim & Em says:

    Well we’ll see after the fast…

    Jim here and in addition to my blood test pre detox I weighed 90kg (198 pounds) with resting pulse 63 with blood pressure 135 over 88.

    Time’ll tell.

  13. Urban Pagan says:

    apologies squire

    at least you won’t be tempted out there with a green curry with bird eye chillies

    or tom yum soup……….

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