Detox Diaries – Day 4!

Posted on May 9th, 2008 by Jim

Well gang despite having BIG plans to post photos of our progress there’s a photo uploading techy hitch this end plus we’re totally washed out – all part of the process we’re told as we stick with it. With even the local Mosquitoes taking quite a shine to us we feel popular.

‘I find it hard to be compassionate towards Mosquitoes’ – The Dali Lama

Our tongues are turning from white to yellow (metallic toxins coming out apparently) with lighter headaches and dizzy spells (real dizzy spells – not blond moments) and we’re sleeping very deeply amongst the pit-patter of the rain pink sieves are being filled with digested matter of yesteryear as our coffee & garlic buckets are emptied.

On the way over to Bangkok we watched a film called ‘The Bucket List‘. Two terminally ill men make a wish list of the things they’d like to do before they die and then set about doing it.

So we ask you to share with the garden some of the things that would feature on your bucket list! Do tell……

10 Responses to “Detox Diaries – Day 4!”

  1. Purple13 says:

    hi jim – those mossies keep nibling you – there won’t be anything left!

    as for that bucket, i’d like to space walk.

    Purple13′s last blog post..Do you check your e-mail junk folder?

  2. Well..what I would like to do before I die: travel around the world and blog until I die

    Nur Sarah Lam’s last blog post..Dear Readers..

  3. aussiecynic says:

    I actually do have a bucket list of everything I would llike to do…
    the hassle is how to acheive it…
    So I am working it… for starters and we will see where that takes us…

  4. Jim & Em says:

    If you have the full intnetion of doing what is on the list, the ‘how’ part will become clear sooner or later.

    What is on the bucket list by the way?

    • aussiecynic says:

      If you really want to know I dont mind sharing….
      are you ready..

      I wish to travel to the UK, europe, Denmark.. we also want to go to Lapland and stay in an Ice Motel.
      to see all the ancient ruins I can.
      TO pay my mortgage out before I am 45….
      Get my book written….
      Make enough cash to not have worry anymore (dont need millions just enough)
      Get Aussie known properly out in the world….
      And basically turn our lifes totally around from what we are doing now to what we could be doing, with our IQ’s we should be doing something more..
      but thats the short list….
      what do think..?

      • Jim & Em says:

        Sounds great AC and the list can blossom over time!

        We’re working on EQ as well as IQ and have to as a race of humans if war is to stop.

        Group hug?

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