Prepare for the Thai detox diaries!

Posted on May 5th, 2008 by Jim

Colonic irrigation anyone?

Some 21 months after our first Thai Spa experience in Koh Samui we’re preparing our luggage, so to speak, as we leave the bling of Dubai for the rains of Thailand this time at the Spa in Ko Chang.


We’ll be posting regular (it’s important to be regular) updates right here on how we get on, off and a bit of both as we embark on a 7 day fast to detoxify, cleanse, purify, spit, polish and whatever else is on offer. So, the majority of Jim & Em content here at GO! Smell the flowers will be detox based for the next 10 days, best read either on an empty stomach.

Comments and support welcome here – get ready for the detox diaries :-)

45 Responses to “Prepare for the Thai detox diaries!”

  1. Hey..good job..

    I love detox..

  2. Oh, by the way, it is good to have regular updates here..

    Nur Sarah Lam’s last blog post..An Analogue to My Life – Part 2

  3. aussiecynic says:

    IT is best to be regular but to much information can be debtrimental to my health… bugger..
    please keep us informed but you can light on the details… lol…
    colonic irrigation is not my fav subject… shudder down the spine….
    but the rest will be fine…
    enjoy have fun and stay close to the ammenities….

  4. aussiecynic says:

    love the puss btw…. thats me at 2 in the morning

  5. fab says:

    Good luck!

  6. hahaha..yup..the cat is cute..and reminds me when I get not enough sleep..

    Nur Sarah Lam’s last blog post..An Analogue to My Life – Part 2

  7. yeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaaaa! Thai Spa love it! Can’t wait for the detox diary (yeah go ahead and make us all envious of the wonderful experience!) I love spa!

    Have safe trip! Good luck! (((hugs)))

    earthlingorgeous’s last blog post..Meme Mondays and Social Climbing

  8. never been to a spa before so do not know how it feels like..arghh..suddenly I want a spa..

    Nur Sarah Lam’s last blog post..An Analogue to My Life – Part 2

  9. Derek says:

    Good luck on this trip, I will be interested in the effects it has. :-)
    Derek’s last blog post..When There is Anger or Conflict

  10. AngryfromEllesmerePort says:

    Day one – shoved tube up arse / ‘drank’ coffee
    Day two – shoved tube up arse / ‘drank’ coffee
    Day three – shoved tube up arse / ‘drank’ coffee
    Day four – shoved tube up arse / ‘drank’ coffee
    Day five – shoved tube up arse / ‘drank’ coffee
    Day six – shoved tube up arse / ‘drank’ coffee
    Day seven – shoved tube up arse / ‘drank’ coffee
    Day eight – shoved tube up arse / ‘drank’ coffee
    Day nine – shoved tube up arse / ‘drank’ coffee
    Day ten – ate a lettuce leaf and sipped a glass of water – lost 10kg of undigested meat
    Day eleven – curled up in my padded cell

    • aussiecynic says:

      I seriously hope that Jim coffee effect doesnt work both ways……. :p

      • Jim & Em says:

        It DOES our Aussie friend!

        I’ve just found out the enemas I take can either be COFFEE or GARLIC with 25 litres of water taking 25 minutes to ‘do the rounds’

        So coffee in the morning for me.

        Garlic at night.

        Whoever said romance was dead?

  11. Lib says:

    Lol Angry!

    Seriously, is it not cheaper to just have a phal?

    I am interested though, especially about the weight loss, if you both lose more than 10lbs (each) I’m taking 11 days off work and doing exactly the same.

    Good luck!

  12. Great picture!! Although I am never caffine wired…take that back there was this one morning at work when I had two special espresso drinks without thinking about it and my normal half pot. Yes, I was wired and my secretary had a time with me trying to keep me in my cube without talking…that picture is how I felt.

    SomethingJust’s last blog post..Grace Gunning and her unique reliquary boxes made of copper run through hand-run 18th & 19th century machines!!!

  13. Simple Zack says:

    Starvation…. seems interesting and I’m looking forward to seeing how this goes… good luck!

  14. Simple Zack says:

    BTW… anyone seen Empress around here lately?

  15. rashers says:

    Interesting form of torture :(
    rashers’s last blog post..A ramble around my town.

  16. ebele says:

    Oh boy, what can I say?

    Go Smell The……….. Flowers. ;-)

  17. Urban Pagan says:

    I’ll do it for you


    eat a massively calorie reduced diet for 11 days

    combine this with losing water due to dehydration

    and lo and behold emerge 15 pound lighter

    then as you start to eat normally put it all back on

    not healthy

    not scientifically proven

    not worth a look

    the only people who benefit from your de-tox are the cowboys who are taking your money

    your liver and kidneys detox your bodies as it is- and don’t believe that they are being ‘rested’ they continue to function as normal

  18. aussiecynic says:

    This is one that i leave firmly alone….
    Coffee is my friend and I shall leave it alone as it is… in my cup..
    I agree my internals do their job rather well… and have never thought of such practises…. shuddering …
    the relaxation and other things such as massage etc would be of great benefit… though is nothing more than to relax you..

  19. AngryfromEllesmerePort says:

    ”Proponents may also suggest that fecal material collects on the lining of the intestine and causes trouble unless removed by laxatives, colonic irrigation, special diets, and/or various herbs or food supplements that “cleanse” the body.

    The falsity of this notion is obvious to doctors who perform intestinal surgery or peer within the large intestine with a diagnostic instrument. Fecal material does not adhere to the intestinal lining. Colonic irrigation is not only therapeutically worthless but can cause fatal electrolyte imbalance. Cases of death due to intestinal perforation and infection (from contaminated equipment) have also been reported”

  20. Urban Pagan says:

    also the 10kg of rotting meat is a complete nonsense

    its an ‘impressive’ figure plucked out of the air

    after all IF it was true (it isn’t) then I could go along and lose 10kg straight away. however this NEVER happens. not ever. to anyone. basically its starve yourself in tropical climes and pay for the privelege. great business. bad science. sorry non-existent science.

    the ‘bottom’ line is CI is unproven and potentially very dangerous. its also largely unregulated as a practice.

  21. AngryfromEllesmerePort says:

    ”Coffee enemas, as discussed earlier, have been associated with fatal electrolyte imbalances. Transmission of enteric pathogens, fatal bowel perforation and necrosis, and toxic colitis have been associated with various other types of enema (soapsuds, water, barium, herbal, etc.). Colonic irrigation has been linked with fatal amebiasis resulting from contaminated equipment.”

    • aussiecynic says:

      I have heard this… and seen the figures..
      My thoughts on things like this is Nature built us and our bodies do whgat they are designed to do.. I prefer to let nature work and do what I can with a healthy diet to help… few preservatives etc…

  22. Marvin says:

    Irrespective of glowing endorsements one should be very cautious with Colonic Irrigation. Angry from EllesmerePort and Urban Pagan have both pointed to some of the real and potentially dangerous side effects from this practice. I might also add that the intestinal tract contains valuable bacteria which are necessary for the proper function of the bowel. After any such “cleansing” these must be restored.

    I’d also like to point out that if you eat a diet which is high in fiber and contains lots of fruits and vegetables proper bowel function is pretty much guaranteed. The famous juice fast which is advocated by many natural health regimes has been shown to be highly beneficial and restorative without the need to flush from the other end.

    All that being said I’ll look forward to hearing more about your experience, good bad or otherwise :-)
    Marvin’s last blog post..Hard Core Blogging with ScribeFire

    • aussiecynic says:

      nicely said and welcome matey..
      I to am looking forward to hear about what goes on.. never having been in one… should be interesting

    • Jim & Em says:

      Welcome to flowers Marvin and thanks for your input!

      We’re also tried the fruit n veg regimen and live by ‘everything in moderation’ with occasional slips you understand.

      This spa stay should help us get back on track and it’s the ‘ back to reality’ where the fun starts.

  23. CUTE picture!!??!!

    Prayers are with you as you start this journey! I was told recently to try a Macrobiotic Diet, because of my food and environmental allergies. I have over 200 of them.

    Have a wonderful time.

    Christine Bean

    Christine Bean’s last blog post..Just added another website to the family at Blogs4others

    • Jim & Em says:

      Cheers Christine,

      The specific fast we’re on is the CANDIDA ALBICANS (a yeast cleansing fast to restore balance before it gets into an aggressive fungus leading to systematic Candisis) which sounds like a Canadian based soccer team!

      So we’ll see how we GO!

  24. I’m hoping that all goes well — and knowing that neither of you are “slouches” in the research or mental realm, I can only surmise that you’ve done your homework regarding these types of procedures and that you’re both informed of the all the pros and cons.
    I am laughing as I envision the Hallmark Card for this event:
    “Congrats on your Colonic!”
    Or … “Happy Pooping!” or … “What goes up must come down & What goes in must come out!”


  25. Urban Pagan says:

    if neither were slouches in the research realm they wouldn’t be doing this

    no research has been done

    as if it had it wouldn’t be going ahead

    • Jim & Em says:

      Well we’ll see how we feel afterwards and if it’s a fad with no results we’ll hold our hands up …

      Either way we intend to share our experience and love learning from the threads for and against here.

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