Go! Run out of excuses to give Mom flowers

Posted on May 4th, 2008 by RYK

With Mom’s appreciation day coming up 11th May in the U.S.A, here is a post from Flora2000′s blog that I thought was appropriate here

Mother’s Day is an occasion that is celebrated all over the world. Every man has a mother, grandmother, wife, or other nurturing woman in his life who deserves recognition, love, and appreciation on this special day. There’s still no better way to show how much you care than by showering the special ladies in your life with flowers.


In fact, according to Ipsos-Insights 2005 Floral Trends Consumer Tracking Study, one-fifth of all floral purchases are made for Mother’s Day. However, when it comes to Mother’s Day floral purchases by gender, 64 percent are made by women, while only 36 percent are made by men.

Following are several common excuses why most men don’t buy flowers for Mother’s Day, along with some flower-buying advice from the experts at Flora2000.com, the leading online floral delivery specialists for overseas deliveries.

Excuse #1: I just don’t know what to get

When it comes to giving fresh flowers, mixed bouquets, roses, and carnations are the most popular choices for the Mother’s Day holiday. When buying, make certain the petals are firm and the buds have color, which are good signs that the flowers will eventually bloom. Outdoor garden plants and indoor houseplants such as geraniums, impatiens and azaleas are also great options for gift giving, because they are easy to care for while still providing wonderful color.

Excuse #2: I don’t know where to go to get flowers

Flowers are available everywhere, especially when a holiday is approaching. Bouquets can be bought at local florists, nurseries, grocery stores, farmers’ markets, roadside stands, online, and even in some convenience stores.

Excuse #3: My mother lives out of state or out of the country

Online floral delivery services were made just for this reason. Not only is it convenient to go online and click what is appealing to you, but most sites also offer searches by price, flower, occasion, etc. We at Flora2000.com not only deliver the United States but over 150 countries worldwide with premium floral arrangement deliveries.

Excuse #4: Flowers are too “cliché” to give at Mother’s Day, I want to give a unique gift

Throughout history, women have loved to receive flowers…and they still do! Flowers not only symbolize life, beauty, and love, but they also make the recipient feel special. Isn’t that the whole point of Mother’s Day?

Still confused? Well don’t worry visit Flora2000.com and chat with our flower experts online and they would be glad to assist anytime.


So, what’s your excuse not to send the woman in your life flowers?

20 Responses to “Go! Run out of excuses to give Mom flowers”

  1. Fertile Fish says:

    Mothers’ Day has been and gone in the UK. 2nd March in 2008

  2. rashers says:

    Been ‘n’ gone…. same as UK here.

    rashers’s last blog post..A ramble around my town.

  3. RYK says:

    send flowers one more time, she deserves 2 a year for bring up you lot !

  4. I was just gonna say, EVERY day should be mothers day. Mom’s love, LOVE — L O V E to be told, just out of the blue, that they are loved.
    Can ya feel the love? Can ya?

    Gianormous thanks to J&M for the caption contest and the chance to send me own mum a hug. I’m sending it out now! ~muah!~

    Rufus aka: Blue Collar Goddess’s last blog post..Here’s the shizzy ?

  5. There are no more excuses..

    Nur Sarah Lam’s last blog post..An Analogue to My Life – Part 2

  6. aussiecynic says:

    MAY 11….
    My flowers already sorted to my Grandmother…. she is a Great Gran…. Carnation are the way to go…. she just loves them…
    Me I will sit here at the computer, Hubby will do the coffee run, Moppet will drive me nuts with the things she makes as the day goes on, and generally it will be a day of doing not much, just what I like…. a lazy day… hehehehe

  7. Hey, shameless plug for Flora2000(dot)com — amazing.
    I’ve ordered flowers online, and fully expected to shell out some more dough in addition to the gift certificate I won — NOT!
    Mother Dearest will get an extraordinary bundle of flowers for under $60! I’m not kidding.
    Furthermore, the ordering process was quick, efficient and all around painless.
    Another bonus.

    Well done, folks. I’m going to blab now … spread the news, so to speak.

  8. fab says:

    Thanks for the reminder but can I send chocolates instead?

    • Sanat says:

      Yup, There are some great chocolate gifts with the likes of Neuhaus & Godiva on Flora2000.com. Just check out their Gourmet Gifts section.

      • AngryfromEllesmerePort says:

        C/O Flora2000
        Sales and Marketing Dept

        • RYK says:

          here’s the deal folks: send bouquets or chocs on Mom’s day via Flora2000 and if we hit 10 from GSTF lot, one goes free to Angry.
          Comeon Angry, get ‘em pom poms out

          • AngryfromEllesmerePort says:

            I can’t recommend Flora2000 highly enough to GSTF readers

            Gaurenteed top quality bouquets or arrangements delivered from local florists next day

            Make this mothers day a special one

          • Jim & Em says:

            Angry – the future ambassador of Flora2000?

            ‘Keeping it real?’

      • Jim & Em says:

        Just check out GO! Smell the flowers when the full Flora2000 shop complete with chocs and flowers makes its debut here and migrates over in full…

        Whenever you’re ready team Flora2000!

  9. ASF says:

    While everyone is tal;king about Mom — let us not forget our wives, who certainly deserve the recognition. My wife always mentions that while I do get her a lovely Mother’s Day gioft, she’s never gotten flowers from me on MOther’s Day. She won’t be able to say that this year!

    • Sol says:

      Margaritas are my moms favorite and I just knew I had to make a pie for her to enjoy ona0Mother’s Day. Combining the flaovr of a frozen strawberry Margarita into a pie only left me with

  10. [...] If you have left it too late to send some flowers to your mother, you still can in the coming week using the Flora2000 button on the right! And also how can you ever possibly run out of excuses to send flowers to your mother?! [...]

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