GO! Enjoy the digital rest BJ!

Posted on April 19th, 2008 by Jim

Well flowers our beloved founder Bridget Jones has decided to GO! offline and leave us here at GO! Smell the flowers and cyberspace as we know it :( We wish her all the very best in all her future endeavours and who knows, she maybe back oneday under another persona! Thanks for all your contributions Bridget :-)


We’ll remove BJ’s badge and we have decided to leave the number of founders open here at the garden – some will stay – some may move on and others may come aboard but we believe flexibility is the key!

Today in our local Dubai rag, Gulf news, front page news is how a new grass roots movement is underway where bloggers & crackberry users have agreed to GO! offline, even if only for a day. By cutting off from technology it is believed people can re engage in ‘reality’.

We recommend breaks from the garden and online to all flower smellers and reckon it is a balance.

So, comments welcomed here folks – let’s wish BJ all the best and what will you do to ensure your online activity is in moderation. Do tell – what is the balance for YOU?

56 Responses to “GO! Enjoy the digital rest BJ!”

  1. aussiecynic says:

    Oh Crap!…
    Cant comment to sad….

    • Bridget Jones says:


      Come on now my Chook, what’s this about sadness and speechlessnes? Give us a smile now, you more than anyone else know how hectic things are getting for me at the mo! I simply don’t have the time to carry on in the garden, as much as I would like to.

      Here, just for you (no one else is allowed to watch lol!):

      I hope this embed thing (finally) works!

      BTW, does speechlessness exist?? If not, you guys know the drill, it’s just been copyrighted Bridget Jones ha! You can use at leisure against royalty fees! 8)

  2. The Pilgrims says:

    hey Bridget, really sorry to see you go but as one of the poorest flower smellers I do understand the constraints. Hope you can come back sometime in the future, we loved your sassy comments

  3. RYK says:

    tata BJ…what happened?

    • Bridget Jones says:

      Life happened Rehan!! :p

      Going to get very busy with work, family and traveling mate. Thought it best to leave the Founder slot to someone who has more time to devote to the garden :)

  4. Taylor Blue says:

    I’ll miss you my dear Bridge!!! Thanks for everything you’ve taught me… :)
    Taylor Blue’s last blog post..TV Guide’s New Interview With Alex O?Loughlin About Moonlight

    • aussiecynic says:

      you and me both Taylor

    • Bridget Jones says:

      I’ll miss you too Sweety, so make sure you comment here regularly, you never know when I may happen to be reading and your comments will make me smile :)

      Glad if I was able to help. Remember, Flowers like you here just the way you are and like your posts just the way they come! So more owls owwwww! :p

  5. Rufus says:

    Rufus’s last blog post..Brave New World

    • Bridget Jones says:

      Hey, nice of you to drop by with that emoticon Rufus :)

      Great post on modesty btw girl! I was starting to despair that I was the only one who thought there’s sometimes way too much flesh-baring by chicks! Great minds think alike ha! 8)

      Now, any idea where I can get the kind of shorts your daughter hoped to get away with? 8) Will come in handy for a very select audience ha! ;)

  6. Sorry to see you go Bridget. Though we got off to a slow start, I enjoyed reading your witty remarks.

    Funkygirl012003′s last blog post..Informercials and Advertising yourself

    • Bridget Jones says:

      Nice to hear that Funkygirl :)

      You hang in there now girl, you’ve got yourself a bright future with Flowers :D

  7. Gareth In China says:

    We recommend breaks from the garden and online to all flower smellers and reckon it is a balance – re engage in reality

    Eh, WTF, who is taking on line time so seriously? Get a grip.

    I think founders will come and go in order to keep the site fresh and allow people to pursue personal projects. I said my good byes to Bridget in an e-mail, but I did ask her to pop in now and again if only for Elton’s sake.

    • aussiecynic says:

      Thats nice of you GIC…. and Eltonis going to be hit pretty hard…
      If i hear anything I will let you know…

    • Bridget Jones says:

      Hum!! Am I the only one to have figured out here that Elton does not exist and only ‘misses’ Bridget for Flowers cyber-entertainment?! :p Seeeee, he didn’t even turn up to wish me well ha! 8) Bad boy EJ bad boy! :p

      Correct Confucius, there are personal projects lined up that demand my immediate attention.

      BTW, now that I’ve seen Wawa, I’ll be very much looking forward to the wedding pics mate!

  8. Emma F says:

    Au revoir Bridget.

    although I’m not sure if you are going to read this if you have gone offline.

  9. I totally respect her decision, but I’m saddened, as well. I was really looking foward to getting to know Bridget Jones. :(
    Empress Nightshade’s last blog post..People That Perturb – Part 1

    • Bridget Jones says:

      That’s sweet Emp :)

      Shhh… Here’s a tip.. if you check out previous posts, you’ll know Bridget as well as the old-timers do.. shhhh that’s a secret! 8)

  10. i*maginate says:

    Our blogs
    Are deliciously funtime

    I’ve many-a-time thought why on earth I keep a blog, but at the end of the day, it’s fun, and I’m glad I decided to enter blogworld. Blogworld is mostly underground but for me, it’s an ‘accessory’ to my real life – and that is: ‘expression’.

    Bridget Jones was a nice addition to the local UAE blogworld and she may have her reasons for going offline. No personal offence, but female bloggers can get emotional…I hope BJ returns.

  11. arvind says:

    Take care, Bridget and do come by again soon.

    Thanks so much for your support and tlc earlier this year when I really needed it :-)
    arvind’s last blog post..Time to De-clutter your Life and make Space for more FUN!

    • Bridget Jones says:

      Now now tlc, what are people gonna think mate? ;) Do we care? Ha! ;)

      Glad if I was able to help Arv, and happy to see you back on your feet.

      That pic about lion and cats mate, I just gotta tell!! You had it there too when I just stumbled upon Flowers ha! You had asked whether we saw ourselves as lions or cats. Bridget said she both RRROAARSS and purrrrsss.. depends on the mood and the company! 8) And that’s how the love story with Flowers started! Well, that and some initiation to British sarcasm ha! :p

  12. Jim & Em says:

    Group hugs all round to BJ…

    She may not get these messages but we’ll email her the link all the same…..

    Thanks for the messages of support people.

    • Bridget Jones says:

      Jeez guys, the way you say ‘support’, you make it sound like I have a terminal cancer on something lol!!! :p

  13. Dubai Guy says:

    Not fair BJ, you invited me over here & encouraged me to apply for the blog idol & now you have quit it. Not fair.

    Dubai Guy’s last blog post..What is Happiness?

    • Gareth In China says:

      I guess she just passed you the baton DG, you still have the rest of the founders here.

    • Bridget Jones says:

      I’m truly sorry that you feel that way DG. It makes me feel bad to read your words. Really.

      I invited you along because Flowers needed a muslim perspective on things and you provide it very well. More than the information you share with us, the way you handle the thorns and the attacks on your faith – never reciprocating with an insult, never ‘raising your voice’, never being disrespectful – is the most beautiful example you give us of what Islam teaches.

      You don’t need Bridget to blossom here mate, you already have the respect and support of many. Don’t feel alone without her, your faith will give you the strength :) Who knows, maybe in the bigger scheme of life, Bridget’s role was to bring you here?

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  14. mike says:

    Ho Hum

    La de Dar

    What can you say? I guess I should have spelt her name properly more often! See ya Bridget – will miss you mate.

    mike’s last blog post..In praise of appraisals

    • Bridget Jones says:

      LOL Mike, I found Brigid and Brojitte very kewl :D

      You take care now and go on delighting Flowers with those awesome videos!

      Er… You of course know I left just to give you more work editing that video ha! :p

  15. Jim & Em says:

    Maybe BJ will be a regular in the garden – like our very own Urban Pagan?

    Either way – the gate is ALWAYS open!

    :) (B) :)

    • Bridget Jones says:

      Guys, I can’t be in the garden at the mo, I am biziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii !! I’ve been trying to tell you this for the last two months ha! Pay some attention will ya! :p

      Talking of UP, where’s Gary when you need him?! Gary, what kind of manners are that?! You don’t stop by to wish Bridget well?!! Where’s all the British PC-ness gone?! Come now, come cyber-kiss Bridget goodbye, you know you want to ha! :p

      Remember what you told me when you left btw? Granted, our reasons for leaving are totally different, but the same words apply: it’s been ACE cyber-knowing you! (b)

      And here’s a secret as I leave: Chook and I have ended up considering you as our-lil-boy-who-sometimes-must-be-cuddled-sometimes-spanked-ha! 8) Did you enjoy Bridget’s last spanking? :p

      OK! Enough fluff Lightweight EX-Founder Bridget! Time to leave the floor to Heavyweight Founders .. you know, the type who’ll entertain the garden with tales of their exotic Thai vacations and other such heavyweight matters ha..! :p

  16. Jonathan says:

    I’ll be looking out for your new range of trendy ‘blue soups’ in the local Sainsbury’s as this is obviously the project you’re leaving us to work on…. what else could drag you away?

    You’re in luck – Elt (but mostly David) shops at Sainsbury’s too so they’ll see you’re smiling face gleaming at them from the shelves every time they walk down the aisle!!!

    Glad you were able to google ttfn – sorry – sometimes forget in whose presence i speak.

    Jonathan’s last blog post..Father’s Day – What my Dad has asked for on Father’s Day

  17. Lib says:

    Well thats the last time I go on holiday.

    I am really sad to see you go Bridget, you have become an integral part of flowers and I will really miss you.

    Let me know what it’s like in the real world eh?

    Take care

  18. Dolores says:

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