Go! Smell the Escargo

Posted on April 16th, 2008 by Funkygirl012003

There is a man in Dongwan City, China who probably owns one of the oldest living pet snails around.  It’s the size of his hand and is at least 11 years old.   He takes it for walks!

Giant snail

That’s pretty weird, but I could see how a snail would make a good pet.  You don’t have to put a lot of effort into keeping it up and once it gets big enough you can actually pet it.

I once owned a pet rat, and a hermit crab when I was a kid.  Those are the most unusual pets I’ve had.  What’s the most unique pet you’ve ever owned?

13 Responses to “Go! Smell the Escargo”

  1. Elton John - Drama Queen says:


    David Bowie keeps salamanders in is pockets

    Eric Clapton as chihuahua called, Dearest Darlingest Most Cutest And Sweetest Ever Baby Fur Ball (proper soppy wiv it he is, in a right creepy sort of sloppy way)

    George Michael races whippets

    Sting as a pet carburrettor

    Slapper McCacker as them goldfish, see. Easy to look after normal like, but that Mucca Mills McCacker over feeds em she does when she as custody, an they get constipated an die. ugh.

    an Madge, she as african babies as pets

    Does rent boys count as pets?

  2. I don’t get to keep pets as I tend to move evry few years and also I have a lot of trips thorugh work so it wouldn’t be fair.
    A friend of mine in the UK had a python, 2 metres in length. He came home one day to find a burglar had locked himself in his bathroom and refused to come out until he was assured the ‘Huge Anaconda’ as he called it, was locked up.
    We were both well known to the loal pet shop and the owner refused to sell us rabbits as he knew we were feeding them to his pet python. We had to pay kids to go in there and buy them for us, usually in exchange for 20 Benson & Hedges.

    GarethinChina’s last blog post..Go! Smell the Escargo

  3. Yikes! I don’t like escargo and I feel goosebumps already with the mention of rats. Creepy crawlers. I never had an unusual pet in my entire life, only unusual people who act like pets hahahahaha! Joke!

    earthlingorgeous’s last blog post..Faith and Fear

    • AngryfromEllesmerePort says:

      A snail went to a Ferrari dealership and bought the most expensive quickest model money could buy. He told the salesman that he wanted a large S painted on each of the doors. Ah said the salesman, your initials. No said the snail. When i get it home and drive it down my street i want everyone to say ‘look at that S Car Go’

  4. Lib says:

    Cats, cats and more cats.

    A dog (died) rabbit (died) a few goldfish (all died)

    Haven’t had much success outside of cats really.

    Lib’s last blog post..Bang mang – Help

  5. Jim & Em says:

    That is one HUGE snail….

    How much garlic n butter would that need?

    Any mention of snails reminds us of the UK cult cartoon called the magic roundabout:

  6. Urban Pagan says:

    I’ve got thrush and crabs if that counts?

  7. aussiecynic says:

    Pets i have had a few…..
    dogs, cats, mice, chickens, goldfish,
    loreket, rosellas, cockatoo,
    strangest my turtle got run over by my school bus yep i was 7, and a magpie… great birds to have for a pet….
    the kids wanted rats but settled for mice…
    moppet wants a python
    thinking about it

    aussiecynic’s last blog post..Voted Best Jokes:

  8. Jonathan says:

    he takes it for walks???? the mind boggles. Is that the worlds longest walk or the worlds stupidest keep fit regime? Doctor – “what do you do to keep fit?” Patient – “I walk my pet twice a day!” – Doctor “that sounds healthy, what is you pet?” – Patient – “just my 11 year old snail reggie. We have to take it slower these days as he’s getting on a bit” – Doctor – “Hmmmm, I’d recommend either olive oil or garlic butter. If the oil doesn’t grease the pavements enough for you to pull him faster, then you can always serve him with the garlic butter”.

    Jonathan’s last blog post..What would you like to see?

  9. Rufus says:

    A cockroach. Yes. An honest to bog cockroach. A very large HISSING cockroach. Madagascarian in origin!

    Bwhahahahah … ha.

    It was cool. And creepy. And neato! I’m diggin’ the snail. But … I still want my yellow lab.

    Here’s some info. for those of you interested in The Giant Hissing Cockroach:

    Rufus’s last blog post..Adultery! And, oh ? it’s that time of the month ?

  10. revells says:

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