Go! Smell the Freaky Day

Posted on April 11th, 2008 by taylorblue

Today should have been renamed Freaky Friday for me. I had a meeting I had to go to this morning with my daughter’s doctor and I decided to cancel…Why? Take a look!

You Tube Movie Here
(Why can’t I post it like everyone else?)

(And this was only like an hour and a half ago.) I was not walking through all the snow to go to that appointment. Then I go to update my site…And I was HACKED again! I wonder why someone thinks it’s important to do that to someone else. My friend got hacked yesterday too. So I will probably be starting over again for the third time. At least I have a great helper to help my site…without him I would be lost. He knows who he is…and he reads this blog!!!

So how was your day?

21 Responses to “Go! Smell the Freaky Day”

  1. aussiecynic says:

    Thats huge.. Taylor… is that normal for this time of year up there…. Im guessing not….

    How much snow did you guys get…..
    The weirdest we get in 15 feet of rain in a year and it snows around christmas sometimes… the middle of summer.. go figure..
    oh and the weather has been extremely weird.. got down to 3 oC overnight for a few days, now its back to 20oC in the day and 12 overnight… not wonder the flu is going around…

    aussiecynic’s last blog post..This is just Weird!

  2. aussiecynic says:

    if you need help with your blog let me Hubby has offered is services as well… he fixed mine… when I lost it… and 3 of our others got hacked…. but all good know touch wood…

    aussiecynic’s last blog post..This is just Weird!

  3. Dang, TB! Looks like bad days are circling all around the globe. Sorry about that, Sweetie. :(
    Empress Nightshade’s last blog post..Facing Death Today

    • O'DB says:

      crikey, this is national exclamation stereotype gold right here.

      another ‘Napolen Dynamite’ style ‘dang’, and only a few posts above a ‘strooth’ from AussieCynic.

      Just need a frenchman exclaiming ‘zut alors’ & I’m on my hat-trick.

      • Wowzers, zoiks, blimey, aye-ya (China) – I’m feeling cosmopolitan this morning.

        GarethinChina’s last blog post..GO! Clean the house?

        • Mamma mia!

          GarethinChina’s last blog post..GO! Clean the house?

          • O'DB says:

            Thanks for your efforts, but afraid I’m not allowed to accept any of your national stereotype exclamations.

            Rules state that the national exclamation must be uttered/written by a member* of the nation from which the stereotype exclamation arises.

            *However, much like the somewhat hazy rules used by the Irish Football Association in determining whether a player can play for Ireland, association with a nation can be achieved by, for instance, having a family member with a pet with links to aforesaid nation. Please tell me you have a gran with a dog named ‘Mario’; or an uncle with an hamster called ‘Hank’ to accept your previous Americanisations.

            Come on people, there must be someone who can use ‘zut alors’ and have a cousin owning a Pierre the parrot, or an ‘aye carrumba’ with a sister owning an iguana called Gonzales.

          • Jim & Em says:

            LOL O’DB….

  4. Gareth In China says:

    Maybe one day the spotty little runts will get laid and stop with this cyber vandalism.

    We had snow about 2 weeks ago for 4 days yet the week before we had two days at +10C. Now 2 weeks on its really sunny and +20.
    Changchun means the ‘City of eternal spring’ yet the spring here lasts about 4 weeks. End of March we are at -10 and snow, end of April +25 and sunny.
    Right now I don’t care becuse in 16 days time I’ll be in Bali sitting in the pool at the pool bar of the Grand Mirage Hotel and Spa.

  5. Jim & Em says:

    WOW TB – global warming or cooling?

    Sorry about your cyber nerd – havent these people got better things to do?

    **Our techy guy Deep is looking at upgrading our wordpress soon that should allow founders to post and embed youtube clips in comments and at posts – so far its only us and RYK who can due to ‘user rights’ which is a joke! RYK is in touch with the WordPress wizards in San fran at the moment so sorry for any tech frustrations ;(

  6. its getting hot here today (by here i mean Portugal) . the weather is just sooo strange we had some days that was hot like an august day and then we went back to pouring rain… there was a small tornado too… excuse me but we dont get that in Portugal!! Now its sunny and it promises a day at the beach.. :D
    We dont have snow in Lisbon so i really love snow… its something so unusual for me… i find it relaxing watching it snow! love it!

    I got hacked for the second time too!! but as i said Taylor, we hv to start again and make a comeback and im sure that will really “bother” our hacker!! besides not having a life, that must bother “him” too!! lolol!!

    confessing7girl’s last blog post..Ashlee Simpson Engagement Ring & Pregnancy!?!?

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