GO! Smell the gangster rap?

Posted on March 30th, 2008 by Jim

When rap meets pop – does it work?

Elton john & 2-PAC for example:

We say it works – how about you?

And what of Gangster rap? How does it sit with you?

Any other pop meets rap combos are welcomed over in the Flowers jukebox over in the fun section of Forums – all you have to do is paste the youtube link and we’d appreciate you making Forums rock.

23 Responses to “GO! Smell the gangster rap?”

  1. aussiecynic says:

    the name of the style Gangsta Rap is aptly named considering most of them are…..
    My eldest loved 2-Pacs stuff and is of the opinion he is alive …. 2-pac seems to have the same rumours the surround Elvis… the pointthat so many get killed in Gangland style murders says loads I think….

    Rap and Hip hop on the Whole I do like… and even some of the above including this song I do like…
    Admirable if they use their music to chance and help those in the community they llive in to get out of the gangs but it appears to so more ingrained in the social stucture of these kids it is frightening… In Sydney the Gangland style of crime is jsut starting to take hold and in other cities kids are really taking over… I have stories from my old town that make me glad I left….

    aussiecynic’s last blog post..from the funny to the Weird!

  2. Bridget Jones says:

    I don’t like rap in general, but because it’s Elton, I’ll make an exception in this case (I listened for 15 seconds).

    But never mind all that really. I want to talk of more important things here.

    Can someone tell me where our Elton is? It’s been ages since he’s been around it’s been, didn’t even acknowledge his birthday celebrations he didn’t :(

    While you’re at it, could you also let me know where Angie and Mike and David S are?

    Many thanks in advance.

    • aussiecynic says:

      there are a few missing in action, and has been for a while… I know Angie has been busy with something not sure what… but I cant help with the others…. I reckon Mikes out in that shed again….
      hehehehehehehe… although he did the Grand Prix post…. my Wacky races wins……. :p

      aussiecynic’s last blog post..from the funny to the Weird!

      • Jim & Em says:

        A fair question and one that I’ll expand on for you…..

        Well pretty often life gets in the way and the beauty is that fellow founders can drop in as and when. Its worked out well as amazingly everyone peaks and dips at different times…..granted there will be different levels of committment from the various founders and a core is developing, within founders – all healthy stuff! As we write up a comms document in April n May we’ll look at a type of pledge that founders and commit to at a very minimum – for example. Problem is start throwing a rule book around and it can become a chore for people, rather than fun – so it’s a balance.

        RYK is busy in New york with flora 2000 (He’s CEO and founder – hence deeps involvement) right now, Gareth in China can’t access the garden from china anymore and The Pilgrims are busy working on their book – Expat inspirer busy doing workshops – it’s all good!

        It’s essential that to really appreciate the garden we all take time out from time to time so we practice what we preach – honestly, it’s been hard for me (Jim here) to let go and not have the community drip fed into my arm daily – something had to give…..

        Times when I’ve ignored Em and barely listened to what she’s said as I was starting to pay more attention to the community that my beloved wife. I’ve learnt to manage my time here and it’s the way I start and end each day…with, time premitting bits in between, like now ;-)

        Do too much and it’ll burn out – lose the spark and become a bind so it’s that ‘ tune in tomorrow’ feeling that the community leaves me with everyday and I love it….

        We’re comfortable that people pop in and out – people with families, jobs, kids and lives offline….

        So, its a balance – your message reasonates with me BJ and one that will become clearer as we all bed in with 3 new additions to the garden!

        I hope this helps and welcome questions like this……

        It is the only way we’ll blossom!

    • Emma F says:

      Mike is looking after 3 children who are on holiday from school, coping with being ill (bad enough that I had to take a day off work), looking into what to do re job, and visiting his shed. He looks around occasionally, but posts intemittently.

  3. Lib says:

    Anything with Elton John in is an instant turn off, rap or not.

    I see him as this fat old has been who sychophantically chases after the most successful act at the time, collaborates with them in order to prevent his own stalling career and then ditches them after the week or so he has spent literally musically bumming the coolness out of said act.

    He has written some blinding songs but take away the collaborations of recent times and he really is a has been.

    As for rap itself? When it’s done right, I love it.

    Kanye West, a huge fan.

    Emminem, oh dear.

    Lib’s last blog post..GO! Smell the gangster rap?

    • Jim & Em says:

      You are kidding Lib…

      Please give this a listen all the way through…..

      Would you reconsider now?

    • Elton John - Drama Queen says:

      Well Lib, “like rap when it’s done right” do ya? You are SOOOOO white Beeeeaaaatcchhh!!

      “Kanye West, a huge fan”………doh……… just call me Julie Andrews With Attitude. ie (Lib perhaps speaking here) “The Clash was like real punks (didn’t sound like the Wombles at all, an NO that’s not why I liked em cos the Wombles were also cuddly an sh!te and them Sex Pistols was just poseurs see?”) Derrrr…….?

      I got the drift of YOU Lib, now why don’t you give me one of your best sixth form responses?”

      What was that blog you lot was ravin over? Stuff white people like, or somethink? Summed you up to a “T” m’dear.

      I might be an MOR ageing poof, but if you want a fight you will get one.

      Sir Elton John

  4. The Pilgrims says:

    Not missed because we haven’t been around enough to be noticed, but I agree with Jim’s ehtic that Founders drop in and out when they can and want – the sure way to have quality posts as opposed to pressured posts. Once we are travelling again, the posts will come in from us, in the meantime Lucy our daughter promises to get posting as soon as her exams are out of the way

  5. Bridget Jones says:

    Seems that the impression may have been created that I was being critical when I enquired about the whereabouts of some folks here. Humph.

    If you’ll pay close attention, you’ll note that I did not ask about every single person who’s not been around for a while, and there’s a few. I asked only about a handful. Elton, Mike, Angie, David. Just the people I miss. (Arvind, I missed your name from the list, sorry). It was out of friendship, not of criticism. And believe me, I DON’T CARE A HOOT about the whereabouts of people I did not mention.

    I’m starting to get fed up how some people seem to misinterpret what I say here. Maybe because I get by pretty well usually with writing English, you’ve all forgotten that I’m not a native English-speaker. But I am not, so sometimes the subtleries of your language escape me. And clearly the French humour behind my English escapes you. As my English does not get any better than this, and I am a born French speaker, how about you use French when you speak to me? Let’s see how you fare then.

    If every time I say something, there’s a risk of misinterpretations, getting on high horses or insults thrown at me, I think I won’t bother anymore. Just like you all, I have better things to do in real life.

    • Jim & Em says:


      BJ you’re reading far too much into this – it was a great question and you’re not the first to ask it…..

      We appreciate you raising issues here!

    • Elton John - Drama Queen says:

      See Aunty Bridget, not everyone can like everyone an some people think I’m nothing more than a spoilt, bald, self indulgent, fattwat! It’s true it is! (Wot theys thinks that is).

      Proper put out I was when theys says nasty things bout others, like my David right he reckons that if all the world was made of ice-cream see, it would not all be raspberry ripple flavour on account of the fact that them Baskin & Robbins blokes keeps on makin different flavours an all. An David’s favourite is Vanilla see, he just won’t eat chocolate flavour.

      Same when he’s avin is other favourite puddin, Bird’s Angel Delight, won’t even look at chocolate stuff he won’t.

      But’s that’s alright cos I loves me chocolate flavoured Angel Delight I does! That means there’s like lots more fer me, which is why I am fattwat see!

      • Elton John - Drama Queen says:

        Hello Rufus!

        Dead sorry I am! Told my David off too see! Sulkin again he is! Thought he was bein original I did like wiv is analogy of ice-cream, only likes when l was lookin at one of them other comments in the other posts, you ad got there first you ad!

        I have slapped is legs an made im sit down to write out 100 lines (an no copyin an pastin on the laptop):

        “I must not copy other peoples’ ideas an claim them as my own like wot I av done wiv Rufus an er proper clever analogy wiv ice-cream flavours an all see, which as made my glorious, young, sexy, snappy dressin, ansome an very very clever Elt look daft in front of the other Flowers like, at a difficult time like this when that Sdfemp keeps tryin to bitch slap im (but misses)”

        That should learn im, only he’s rubbish at writin right see, can’t even spell is own name proper sometimes he can’t. Gonna take im ages this is.

        Still, all that lovely Angel Delight……… that was all mine that was! Bloomin ungry I am now too.

        See ya!


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