GOod Vs. Great

Posted on March 26th, 2008 by Empress Nightshade

*Applause and crowd mayhem*

Right here, we are going to witness the most anticipated contest in blogsphere history.  For the Blog Idol Finalist of the world……                                                          

LLLLLet’s Get Ready to Ruuumble!

Fighting out of the green corner with 33 entries in the Merriam Webster Online Dictionary. Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce to you the word….GOod!

Good Fighter

And out of the yellow, with 1, 860,000,000 entries in the Google search engine.  Put your hands together for the often used adjective of the wooords……Great!

Great Fighter

*Ding, ding ding!*

Not too long ago, I took a mini vacation to Vegas.  I hadn’t been there in over three decades — my last visit being at the age of 12 for a church meeting.  Yeah, I know.  A church meeting in Vegas…what a waste!  Anyway, it was great to see Caesars Palace still standing (I cried), but I wasn’t thrilled to see the strain this vacation was putting on my pocketbook (I panicked!).  $13.00 for a half of glass of cheap wine?!  Oh, heck no!  Where is a flask when you need one?

My dwindling funds forced me to visit the restaurant close to my ‘off the Strip’ hotel.  It’s a name most of us are familiar with — Applebee’s.  While waiting for the hostess to unlock the door for business, I noticed a clingy in their window.  It read, “Great Food.  Good Friends.”  Hm.  That slogan struck me and brought on a barrage of thoughts and feelings.  Great food and Good friends — is that what I’m looking for?  What are the words ‘Good’ and ‘Great’, anyway and do they really make a difference in what I’m getting?

In reference to friendship, Good is defined by as ‘close, intimate and warm.’  For me, all of these are acceptable attributes when seeking a friend.  They are even acceptable in a mate of which I’m an expert at looking for. 8)’s definition of Great is of being ‘wonderful, first-rate and very good.  Wait.  Great is very good?  That means it’s of higher quality — it’s closer, more intimate and warmer than just a goodfriend.  So, is eating at Applebee’s with their Great food, but only Good friends doing myself an injustice? 

All of this, of course, is taking it to the extreme.  To get good friends at any restaurant is a god-send.  Combine that with great food and you’ve got a recipe for a memorable experience.  But, I wrote this to bring up a valuable point…

We often settle for what is brought before us.  Hold on a minute and let me turn that around — I often settle without seeking and reaching for greatness.   It is evident in the men I’ve chosen through my life and in the hoop-tie I call my car.  ‘Settling’ screams at me in the wine I drink (remember the cheap wine in Vegas?) and accepting the half-baked job my teenage son does with the dishes.  Accepting good over great when there was clearly a choice had become habit for me until I saw that clingy in the window.  It changed me.  I will no longer accept good over great.  I will demand first-rate when possible and know that I am worth every effort it took to make it that way.

How about you?  Are you accepting whatever is being handed to you even though you know you deserve better?  If so, then join me in creating a new slogan that reads ‘Great Friends. Great People.’  No longer will we be satisfied with the crumbs of the day…Bring On The Prime Rib!

Sitting there in Applebee’s pondering their slogan, I soon found them to be just as they had stated.  Their food was great and those who worked there would make good friends.  I went back a second time to find their slogan still held true. 

Now that I’m back home, I’m anxious to visit one here to try it out.  I wonder if the same clingy will be in their window.  If not, I’m leaving.

Told ya I’ve changed…..

49 Responses to “GOod Vs. Great”

  1. aussiecynic says:

    G’Day nightingale

    Cool post… long but a great topic…. :)

    I am a bit like you in that I used to settle for, these days as I get older (which has more to do with everything) I am least toerant of slackness, the difference between good and great can sometimes only be a matter of a little more effort….

    I will except good if thats the best the best I can get, sometimes great is simply not possible…. food is something which needs to be just above good if its not great….
    Friends range from good to great and even best…. however if it is not a working relationship then it will quickly slide into the aquantance catergory… it just does…..

    As i get older I am less tolerant of things not up to scratch… but am prepared to accept the best available or not worry….

    aussiecynic’s last blog post..Go speed Go!

    • YES! Like you, my age has a lot to do with so many changes (not counting pre-menopause) I am going through now. If I knew now what I knew when I was 20 — hindsight!

      Empress Nightshade’s last blog post..Once Upon a Time…..

      • aussiecynic says:

        Hindsight is a horrble thing….. I hate it truly and the more of it I gather the more I grow to loath it…..
        It brings to me all the if only this and if only that…. and leaves me regrets more than pleasure…..
        example had the opportunity to buy this old building…. my landlord had offered it to me…. I was 18, pay it off to him as rent to buy…. only several thousand, it would have been hard but was just doable…. I said I couldnt afford it… that same building sold a few years ago.. for 4.5 million I was offered for around 10 thousand….. bugger heh…!

        Menopause not a problem yet… but i keep an eye out…. it isnt far away…..

        aussiecynic’s last blog post..Go speed Go!

  2. Purple13 says:

    Hi Express and good luck.

    Two quite heavyweight contenders so far – this is going to be good (sorry Great!)

    Jonathan (aka purple13)

    Purple13′s last blog post..New Photo Gifts Debut

  3. Fertile Fish says:

    Sorry, you lost me. What was that all about?

  4. O'DB says:

    might be missing the point but think you might be facing a lot of disappointment if you’re always expecting great.

    from your own actions you may want to endeavour to great, which would be commendable, but expecting all around you to hit those high criteria might just be a series of let downs; placing those high standards on others may just lead you to frustration. Hope that doesn’t come over as pessimistic but that’s my (realistic?) take on the issue.

    • Yeah, O’DB…
      You did kind of miss the point. I wrote, “I will demand first-rate when possible….” Only when there is a choice. See, I’s an ole’ gal. I pretty much know when it’s not possible to have the very best. ;) For example, I have Metro PCS for a cellphone service. They can REALLY suck! However, they are all I can afford right now with having two phones to pay for. In this situation, I can’t have great, so I settle for almost, coming close to, just about mediocre good. LOL!

      Empress Nightshade’s last blog post..Once Upon a Time…..

  5. Emma F says:

    Hi Empress and good luck

    I have, and still do sometimes, settle for good. However, it is usually because it’s a reflection of how I see myself that makes me settle for good.

    Working on the ‘I’m worth it’ bit. Just wondering if I will get to the point where I can stop the Jennifer Aniston impression.

    • Emma,

      as long as we work on it, it will all sink in and become a part of us. I’ve never ever had problems with beginning things and beginning them strong. It is seeing them through that has gotten me into trouble. So, if you see me with a guy who sports a gold grill (grill as in teeth for those who don’t know), pants hanging down to his kneecaps and has to ‘hustle’ to get by…SLAP ME, okay?

      Empress Nightshade’s last blog post..Once Upon a Time…..

  6. Jim & Em says:

    Hi Empress…

    A fine entry- it’s got us licking our lips!

    Did you find time in Vegas to have a crack at the Big Shot or the rollercoaster around the Hotel or was it a hop-skipp-jump over to hoover dam?

    A book worth a read – Jim Coolin ‘GOOD to GREAT’ – Why some companies fail to make the leap.

    Is worth a read…

    Settle for nothing less than the finest wine, even Blue nun is worth a GO!

    Your rambling buds,


    • Wow, wow, wow, J&E!
      Thanks so much for the tip on the book! So, there IS someone else out there who thinks like me. (Disturbing thought) I’m getting this book since not only can I use it for my haunted house business, but I think it can be transferred over to life, period.

      I’ve had Blue Nun before and it’s a decent wine. The wine I ordered in Vegas was a Pinot. It was decent, but nothing out of the ordinary — except for the price.

      Did I get on the rollercoaster? Honeychild, I am not insane! I try to keep these here size 10′s on the ground as much as possible. However, I DID take several pictures of it wrapped near Lady Liberty. You’ll find one here:

      Thanks for allowing me to post!

      Empress Nightshade’s last blog post..Once Upon a Time…..

  7. Simple Zack says:

    Hey Empress,

    Good….. Er… Great……Er…… Wonderful post I must say. A tad long but very insightful. Well done.

  8. Rufus says:

    Oh! I love epiphanies like this.
    Although, any time my teenagers do the dishes, it’s always “GREAT!” … even when it’s only good. ;)
    Rufus’s last blog post..There’s No Place Like Home

    • aussiecynic says:

      anytime teenagers do the dishes.. has got to be great…. we didnt have to do them… :)
      aussiecynic’s last blog post..Go speed Go!

      • You didn’t have to do the dishes?? We certainly did and then some! My mom didn’t believe in mops — felt they wouldn’t get a floor properly cleaned. So, here me and my sisters were on our knees like Cinderella cleaning the floor with a bucket full of water and a rag. The difference was, princes did not come for us.

        Empress Nightshade’s last blog post..Once Upon a Time…..

  9. Mike says:

    Empress: I like! Now you could be an interesting addition to the team.

    Way to long though – occassionally long posts are okay here at Flowers, but this as your BLOG idol entry is a tad unwise. But heh that can be fixed. ( and where was the coaching JimnEm?! Knock your entrants into shape before you put them on the stage! )

    And what then are we left with after editing down? Someone I think may well make it through the voting. I hope so, I want to read more about what you have to say on life.

    Mike’s last blog post..Behind the Scenes: Part 1 of 3

    • Thanks so much for your compliments, Mike! Very appreciated. :)

      I DO apologize for the length of the post. You are not the only one to complain. But, please do not blame J&E. We were well prepared to make our debut. This is all on me. I have a tendacy to write what is on my mind and sometimes what’s there is enough to script a movie. Once, I was asked to write an article for a magazine about my experience at one of the Haunter’s conventions I attend annually. I sent him over 9,000 words! He was shocked and told J.K. Rowling of Harry Potter fame to move over.

      On my blogs, I will sometimes cut the post into two parts. If I’m ever asked to post here again, I’ll keep long post such as this one for myself.

      Again, my apologies.

      Empress Nightshade’s last blog post..Once Upon a Time…..

  10. Lib says:

    Hi Empress,

    Really good post, it’s the first to get me thinking in a long time.

    Everyday I settle for just good, whether it be from the people I meet, or the service I receive in shops, or the service I receive from so-called ‘service providers’.

    I think inevitabley this rubs off on you and you start to perform or operate at a mediocre level. It’s hard to excel when others around you aren’t. Or is that just me being exceptionally lazy?

    A lot of it is self belief as well, as Emma F pointed out, I want to get back to greatness and everyday I wake up and start at a greatness level of 10 but by the end of the day, it’s often back down to a 4.

    What shall I do to get it back then and install it in those around me?

    Lib’s last blog post..Go! have some common sense?!?

    • Lib,

      We know how the English Proverb goes: “Birds of a feather will flock together.” But, did you know it goes on to say, “To be too intimate with sinners, is to intimate that you are sinners.”

      Again, I’m turning the finger on me when it comes to this and let me BRIEFLY explain why. ;) I have a few family members who are very, very close to me. We drink together and hurt together. We also complain together and therein lies the problem — for me, at least. I don’t want to be only a woman of words, but of actions, as well. However, when you’re in the bed with complainers, how do you break free? You…wait. I’m getting long-winded again. I think I’ll adress this on my own blog. Lib, when I write about it, I’ll look you up, okay? :)
      Empress Nightshade’s last blog post..Once Upon a Time…..

  11. Bridget Jones says:

    Er… er… huh?

  12. Dubai Guy says:

    I believe Good is a more realistic choice. It is this strive for having or being great in everything which leads to most problems. I think one of the main reasons for the high rate of depression among the people is the high expectations they set for themselves. We have forgotten how to live a simpler life like our ancestors did. So definitely, my vote goes to the “Good” :-)
    Dubai Guy’s last blog post..Domestic Help Needs Help

    • Dubai G,

      First let me say that depression — TRUE depression also called Major Depressive Disorder, is a result of the chemicals serotonin and norepinephrine being out of balance. It’s not about whether a person strives for greatness or not. I know because I’ve suffered from depression most of my life. (OH, that’s at least two posts within itself) However, if you are referring to the ups and downs that others have in life on a daily basis, I guess it could come from trying to achieve something they are not capable of.
      One thing you are missing though…. I wrote about ACCEPTING mediocrity over greatness and not trying to achieve it.

      Empress Nightshade’s last blog post..Once Upon a Time…..

      • Dubai Guy says:

        I am sorry if you felt offended by anything I said, I was just expressing my opinion, I got your point now :-)
        Dubai Guy’s last blog post..Domestic Help Needs Help

        • Oh, no, no, no, Dubai Guy! I’m not offended at all. Please let me apologize for making you feel that I was.

          Now, I feel all warm and fuzzy….YUCK!! :)
          Empress Nightshade’s last blog post..Once Upon a Time…..

          • O'DB says:

            off thread, & getting pedantic, but whilst right in stating a neurochemical imbalance is often the major cause of (some forms of) depression this is only one of several facets along with a myriad of complex other factors, including environmental factors (most obvious of which is sunlight and seasonal affects). Included in this complex web of pathways could be personal perception of the vagaries of life, the dice that you’re thrown, so combined with a pre-disposition to a neurochemical imbalance a perception that all around you wasn’t going as great as you’d anticipated (as Dubai Guy suggests) could be a trigger to enter a depressive phase.

            & like you, I now need to apologise for verbosity …

          • Hey, O’DB….

            did you know that one of the main reasons why those with depression due to “environmental factors” is due to the lack of the chemical serotonin — one of the chemicals I mentioned earlier that’s emitted from the sun. That particular depression is called, “Seasonal Affective Disorder.” What I wrote in the reply was about Major Depressive Disorder.

            The truth is, there’s quite a few disorders all lumped under the general word “depression.” Just as I have found, being the mother of an Autistic child, there are many disorders lumped under the heading of “Autism.”

            I tell ya, O’DB…
            Hanging around you is good for increasing my vocabulary. LOL! ;)
            Empress Nightshade’s last blog post..Once Upon a Time…..

          • fab says:

            Gotta watch tha ODB Empress – he loves his rap songs as well!

          • Get outta here…really? Hmmmmm….this O’DB has peaked my interest. It’s usually the very cerebral or the thuggish that do. If what you say about rap music is true, looks like he’s got both. :D ;)
            Empress Nightshade’s last blog post..I’m a Finalist!

  13. Jim & Em says:

    Group hugs already…..thorns n flowers….this is better than TV….

  14. Jonathan says:

    … the answers very clear – its having someone dear to share…. oops a song moment coming on there i think…(think Dick Van Dyke and a flying car)

    Jonathan’s last blog post..New Photo Gifts Debut

  15. Welcome Empress and long or short, I like :) It’s all a matter of perception afterall!! Just like you perceive good and great. One persons good may be different to another and the same goes for great so as for settling (I don’t like that word, btw) in my opinion, if something isn’t working for you, ask “HOW” can I make it work so that it is great or even awesome. That Appelbees sounds like a “great” place… let us know if their standards are the same elsewhere. All the best with your entry :)
    Buzzing with Ange’s last blog post..Joe Vitale and His 15 Minute Miracle

  16. Heidi says:

    I really loved this! Made me sit back and think. Sometimes I don’t even settle for good. Very enlightening!


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