BLOG idol – The final comes to a close!

Posted on March 29th, 2008 by Jim

Well what a week! As BLOG idol draws to a close this weekend we encourage all the finalists, regulars and founders here to review and keep the posts alive here and at the forum before we GO! to the polls on Monday.


On Monday all Founders will email us the 3 they feel should be founders here at GO! Smell the flowers and we’ll announce the winners in a special post on Wednesday 2nd April. BLOG idol has been a great success with the variety of posts, the courage shown by all the finalists¬† and the threads that followed in the spirit of GO! Smell the flowers.

To the finalists, readers and regulars here – how was it for you?

25 Responses to “BLOG idol – The final comes to a close!”

  1. fab says:

    Very entertaining guys-awesome!

  2. aussiecynic says:

    i agree Fab…. it has been one hell of a ride…. but i dont want to do it again for awhile… The suspense is killing me :)
    aussiecynic’s last blog post..from the funny to the Weird!

  3. Jim & Em – “To the finalists, readers and regulars here – how was it for you?”

    Empress – *Smoking a cigarette* “Will you respect me in the morning?” 8)
    Empress Nightshade’s last blog post..AFRAID of the DARK??

  4. Dubai Guy says:

    It seems all of my comments are automatically going into moderation !

    Dubai Guy’s last blog post..Blog Idol

  5. Lib says:

    I loved it! Can we do more?

  6. Mike says:

    Has been good, I can feel a founder video edit coming on. New founders are a coming!

    Mike’s last blog post..Bridge to Certain Death

  7. Simple Zack says:

    This contest was fabulous and the suspense is seriously killing me. I cannot wait until Wednesday!

  8. Bugger I missed it all so didn’t get to vote. Kind of fitting though given where I am.

    GarethinChina’s last blog post..BLOG idol – The Winners Show!

  9. Jim & Em says:

    LOL GIC….

    A timely return!

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