BLOG idol – The final 5!

Posted on March 21st, 2008 by Jim

Well folks 10 days, 201 comments and 16 entries later we are pleased to announce the five finalists of BLOG idol as cyberspace buzzed with our youtube video that was faved and high fived beyond our expectations.


So, The five selected to GO! into the final of BLOG idol are:

1) Rufus 2) Mooooog35 3) Dubai Guy 4) Simple Zack 5) Empress Nightshade


What next?

On Tuesday 25th March these final five will be issued their username to access flowers to post a one off article of their choice here at GO! Smell the flowers by Friday 28th March 2008. These posts will be part of the garden with the usual comments, debate and discussion.

All existing founders then vote for the 3 they feel would like to see as the final founders which will be announced in early April.

We’d encourage the 5 finalists to really get amongst it here at GO! Smell the flowers at the blog and over at Forums to really make your mark and get to know the gang. You can also post comments on the other finalists entries!

We would also like to award this Flower Smeller badge to the other brave souls who entered and survived who can show this badge off with pride at their blogs:


Here they GO!

Staggo Lee the Gay Bipolar guy, Jennifer Mannion of Heal Pain Naturally,  and Kevin of Kdawg68

Moppet over at kids corner- A blog by kids for kids! Tom Hayes of platinum pearls & Jacqueline Stone of Journey to Happiness

Reasonable Robinson & Dede.I of Avatech

Geology Joe of slingshot thought & James Lee Stanley of data music.

Last but not least Elton John, Drama Queen!

Thanks for entering BLOG idol and you can now post this award at your blog and tag 5 others – the rules are posted here and it’s a great way to acknowledge other flower smellers! We’d love to see you around the garden all contributing and connecting in your unique way.

All BLOG idol comments, high 5′s and commiserations are welcomed here! Do tell – Here comes the final!

32 Responses to “BLOG idol – The final 5!”

  1. Congratulations to the top 5! Look forward to your posts. Amazed to see that the “idol” model for this project works.

    Janette Toral’s last blog post..Immigration to Australia by Skilled Workers

  2. aussiecynic says:

    Congratulations to all the finalists and well done…..

    to all those who entered… way to go…. you are all brillant…. what hard choice….
    well done

    aussiecynic’s last blog post..dynamite!

  3. fab says:

    Congrats guys & gals! Not been online of late but looking forward to dropping in to check out your posts and comments!

  4. Rufus says:

    Now I shall schmooze and snoop.

    Rufus’s last blog post..There’s No Place Like Home

  5. angesbiz says:

    Congratulations to the finalists! Yay! I look forward to reading your posts… it sure makes for some interesting reading ;)

    Congrats too to all the entrants on having a GO and putting your entries in… well done everyone.

    angesbiz’s last blog post..Joe Vitale and His 15 Minute Miracle

  6. Well done Finalists! and thanks for a great idea guys!

  7. rashers says:

    Congratulations to the finalists…. and well done to the runners-up. :)
    rashers’s last blog post..Dublin. My Fair City

  8. Taylor Blue says:

    Congrats to the finalists…can’t wait to see your posts!

    Taylor Blue’s last blog post..Special Footage Of Britney Spears on ?How I Met Your Mother?

  9. Urban Pagan says:

    can we be told why some made the cut and why some didn’t?

    otherwise it makes it all a bit pointless as on american idol people vote for who they want in don’t they? whereas here we are being told who is making it in without voting as such.

    • Jim & Em says:

      Urban we hear ya!

      The voting was always to choose the final 3 from the 5 that we, Jim & Em selected based on the ‘feel’ for fitting into GO! Smell the flowers. You played a part as you posted comments in the original blog idol post which was the idea.

      Choosing 5 from 16 on purely what was entered taken to a community vote would have been difficult to manage and for all to post.

      We chose the founders to date – now we’ve filtered 16 down to 5 and need the regulars here ot post comments on the 5 finalists posts from next Tuesday.

      There we have it….who said democracy was dead?

  10. mooooog35 says:

    I’m honored.

    I’ll be looking forward to p*ssing off people WORLDWIDE if I make the final cut.

    I can see the titles now:

    “GO! Smell my finger!”

    “GO! Smell the elderly!”

    “GO! Smell the smelly smell of something smelly!” (homage to Spongebob here)


    mooooog35′s last blog post..Moog’s Mortal Sins – Just in Time for Easter!!

  11. oh…My….Gawd….I MADE IT!

    I thought for sure my flatulence ran everyone away. But, when you think about it, what is smell without flatulence? Or is it, what is flatulence without smell….?

    At any rate, thanks a heap!

    Also, congrats to ALL the finalists!

    Empress Nightshade’s last blog post..Once Upon a Time…..

  12. PetMono says:

    works for me!

    btw – let’s focus on smelling the roses, the tulips, daffodils

    though here is something i stumbledupon earlier this week…

    woof! phew!

    PetMono’s last blog post..Caw to art! #13

  13. Zack says:

    Jim and Em,

    I am very proud to be chosen for the final 5. Thank you so much! You guys are terrific.

    Simple Zack.

  14. Congratulations you guys. I look forward to snarking on your posts. :) Not really. Let the best blog posts win!

    Funkygirl012003′s last blog post..Informercials and Advertising yourself

  15. Dubai Guy says:

    Happy to have been chosen, lets see how the things go on from here. Thank you Jim & Em & good luck to the other four finalists too :-)
    Dubai Guy’s last blog post..Domestic Help Needs Help

  16. Jim & Em says:


    All 5 finalists have returned to the garden…

    We’ll contact you all via email on Monday with you username and access so GO! get preparing for your entry.


    1) Your article has to be posted on either Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday next week Dubai time which is Pacific +12 hours.

    i.e 8am in LA is 8pm in Dubai. So if you’re in LA and you post 10pm Monday night that works for 10am Tuesday night in Dubai.

    Still with it? ;)

    2) Post comments on each others articles in the spirit of GO! Smell the flowers.
    3) Become part of the community in all posts and at forums – anyone can start threads there.
    4) Tell your network of friends to head over and get involved. Send them posts you like via email.
    5) Voting will be by Founders next weekend.
    6) Final 3 flowers founders announced all over cyberspace in early April.
    7) Badges awarded, group hugs all round.
    8) Enjoy it and have fun.

    • Fertile Fish says:

      “5) Voting will be by Founders next weekend.”

      Aaaah, the sacred founders club. There’s no point in mere blog commentors being involved or following it now. Could have been good this, but it just got extremely sterile.

      • Jim & Em says:

        Why so FF?

        All are invited to post comments and forums here but founders have to vote to bring on other founders…..

        That’s all – otherwise all the contestants could get their buddies to jump on and vote for them – all gets a bit ‘big brother’

        Right?? Come on…support it fish.

      • Sterile???

        FF, if it’s any consolation, I’m the ‘founder’ of a nonprofit and hell away and gone from being squeaky clean. I trust the GO! founders are the same.

        So, take a chance and bring your bones back here. It should be fun! 8)
        Empress Nightshade’s last blog post..Once Upon a Time…..

  17. Jim & Em says:

    How cool was that – I typed in 8 and ) and although it wasn’t the number that appeared it was a cool have fun, 8)

    How the simple things in life amuse us.

  18. Purple13 says:

    welcome to the garden – i’ll definately try and find a minute between adding new products to Fabulous Photo Gifts to stop by and have a read – leave a comment – do a little dance – make… hey that sounds like a cue for a song.

    Jonathan (aka Purple 13)

    Purple13′s last blog post..National Business Information website brings local opportunities

  19. Congratulations to all the finalists…looking forward to you all smelling the flowers here with us!
    Welcome aboard all!!!!

    Mighty Morgan’s last blog post..What if?

  20. Mike says:

    Heh just got back from my easter hols, so sorry for the late comment guys ….

    Dubai Guy
    Simple Zack
    Empress Nightshade

    Well done – prepare for battle – have fun – dazzle us – be yourselves!

    Tis going to be good.

    Mike’s last blog post..Behind the Scenes: Part 1 of 3

  21. [...] founder of their blog. Three bloggers will be picked out of the top five. Confused? I figured. Go here to find out more (and put in a good word for me). “If you want something in life… You [...]

  22. [...] I had applied for the blog idol contest at Go Smell The Flowers Blog earlier this month & was chosen as one of the 5 finalists. [...]

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