GO! Smell this site – stuff white people like!

Posted on March 19th, 2008 by Jim

Blogger Manictastic drew our attention to a popular blog with a difference. It is devoted to stuff that white people like, called, wait for it – stuff white people like.

It is, and we quote, ‘ a scientific approach to highlight and explain stuff white people like. They are pretty predictable.’

A simple enough concept but once taking the blogosphere by storm and has enjoyed 13 MILLION views in 2008 alone, more than a popular UK soap opera enjoys on prime time TV when an all round good egg is written out in a freak accident.


Any thoughts on the concept, the humor, the cultural implications and why ‘stuff white people like’ is so popular? Maybe it’s time to laugh at ourselves far more than we do? Life a serious business afterall, right? Frown. Do tell!

19 Responses to “GO! Smell this site – stuff white people like!”

  1. Jonathan says:

    apparently they can’t jump either!

    I haven’t read the blog so can’t comment but the title is off-putting enough. Sorry – I know we can all laugh at this and site PC gone mad etc but in the cold light of day such titles can’t promote racial harmony can they?

    I’m sure i’ll enjoy the blog and the title no doubt played a big part in its success.

    Jonathan’s last blog post..do ladies know thier lipstick from their dipstick

  2. Manictastic says:

    The title implies some “race” but it’s more of a humouristic social analysis of “white” middle class live. Some posts are more about race than others. Here’s an excerpt from the latest post about dinner parties:

    It is imperative that white people know how to host a good dinner party as they will be expected to do it well into retirement.

    At the most basic level, these simple gatherings involve 3-6 couples getting together at a single house or apartment and having dinner and talking for 5-6 hours. Though it might seem basic, these events are some of the most stressful situations in all of white culture.

    Manictastic’s last blog post..Deserted: Part 6

    • Jim & Em says:

      Hey Manictastic!

      Thanks for dropping by and bringing this site to our flower smelling attention.

      More excerpts welcome and feel free to have a good sniff around here….

  3. David S says:

    That is a seriously impressive blog. Love it.

  4. BoSnr says:

    So this is where Simon Cowell buys his trousers

  5. aussiecynic says:

    This a seriously cool blog…. interesting content… and is taking the mickey out us … I love…. dam wish I had of thought of it…

    The name is off putting, but unlike Jonathon I just had to look… to either spit the dummy at racial tones or cack myself silly its been a long day…. I knew with the title I would do one or the other … you decide which I did…..


    The thing is that regardless of what colour you are and where you live there does appear to be a white culture just the same as black yellow, red, green or purple…. it is the way it is… acceptance of that is half the battle to understanding others… and this site goes a long way to doing that…
    aussiecynic’s last blog post..They found the HMAS Sydney!

  6. arvind says:

    Very interesting and amusing!

    Reminds me of the many things that my family and I found “funny” abuot white people when we first moved to England from Kenya 30 years ago.

    Such as guys shaving their heads, wearings pins in their noses and calling us “pakies” and other such names :-)
    arvind’s last blog post..Food, glorious Food for Spring Time!

  7. arvind says:

    I used to wear my trousers like that when I was younger and inherited the hand me downs from my 2 older brothers ;-)
    arvind’s last blog post..Food, glorious Food for Spring Time!

  8. Zack says:

    its interesting, yesterday there was a post on people liking white stuff; now today there’s a post on stuff white people like.

    I have to say. I fit pretty good to most of those assumptions of what white people like on that blog.

    Zack’s last blog post..6 important blogging tips

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