Go! Look Around You

Posted on March 16th, 2008 by taylorblue

My owl’s claws!

Yup, this is another picture from my camera!! I hope everyone is ready and prepared to see every last one of my pictures! But it got me thinking…did you hear about the lady that sat on the toilet for 2 years? Finally, after two years her boyfriend called for help. Now, wouldn’t you call someone after one week?

Everyone should make sure they look around them…you may never know when you’ll be stuck on the toilet and never want to leave!

25 Responses to “Go! Look Around You”

  1. Jim & Em says:

    A cool sharp image Taylor Blue and TWO YEARS on the toilet, on the perch? Seriously….

    Jim here and my legs GO! numb after 45 seconds so let’s not GO! there.

    I added a few tagwords to your post – you’ll see them if you go back to edit your post and also linked the owl pic back to the toilet story! Hope this helps….

  2. Bridget Jones says:

    Is this for real?!!

    The bf is sick. How could he have let that go on for two years? The B@st@rd!

    You into birds now Tay? 8)

  3. Taylor Blue says:

    LOL…you crack me up Elton!

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  4. Jack Payne says:

    Well, well, good people at GSF, you finally published a “downer”–the toilet seat story. (My wait would have been about 3 hours, after which I would have thrown my arms in the air and ran screaming out the door, crying out for help.)

    Ya know, your stuff is so uplifting, so inspirational (ordinarily) that I would be almost embarrassed to have you read my upcoming blog piece this week: Yada, Yada, Yada–Blah, Blah, Blah. Compared to your incessant injections of the bright, the cheerful, the rewarding, this coming piece seems almost hypicritical. (If, perchance you do read it, I hope you will forgive me for my sins, errant ways, and all other manner of contrariness.)

    Jack Payne’s last blog post..Con Artists’ Newest Trick: Make Victims Part of the Scam–Are You Included?

  5. Hey Tay, awesome picture you got there!! Great shot… and about that woman on the toilet for so long… sad story really. Makes you wonder what was going through her head.

    Buzzing with Ange’s last blog post..Blogger Idol Contest Now Open at Flowers

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