GO! Give them Five!

Posted on March 16th, 2008 by I am insecure -do not read what I say

Yo Flowers founders and regulars! Let’s help BLOG IDOL contestants get to know us better.. How about a fun word game? Describe one (or more) of the regulars/ founders in 5 POSITIVE words! You can’t use a word that has been used three times already! Go! Get creative ha! ;) Feel free to add a one-line anecdote to explain your choice (that’s ONE line Chook! 8) )


That’s it! Bridget took feedback on board. I KISS now! Hey, don’t get excited boys! That’s KISS as in Keep It Short and Sweet! Ha! ;)

Elton, come play more word games with Bridget! I’ll start you off..

108 Responses to “GO! Give them Five!”

  1. Elton John Drama Queen:

    1. Entertaining
    2. Witty
    3. Observant (remember the character sketch of the boys on the Valentine’s post?!)
    4. …DramaQueen! 8)
    5. .. er.. er.. help me out EJ, I know you well, but not well enough ha! ;)

  2. Gareth In China says:

    Taylor Blue;
    Faced tough times, moving forward.

    Mighty Morgan,
    Clean now, showing others how.

  3. Jim & Em says:

    YOU Bridget Jones to us:

    4) Naughty
    5) Fun

    Straight back at ya! More to follow!

    • Bridget Jones says:

      The ‘Chook’ is reciprocal Jem :))

      Oh Jim little Chook! 8)

      • Bridget Jones says:

        Just re-read this and realised how it may have come across.. Like I’m saying you are just chooks, and not honest/innocent/fun/naughty!! Aargh, that’s not what I meant, you know that folks, right?!!

        • Bridget Jones says:

          Time Bridget told you guys what she really really thinks of ya!

          There goes, Jem to Bridget:

          - Negative!
          - Unbalanced!
          - Discouraging!
          - Uptight!
          - Not-chooks!

          DECODE! ;)

          Yeah Jim too chook! Chooky Chooky Chook Chook Jim! :lol:

          And one just for Jim: naughty naked cook! ;)
          So then one just for Em: kinky gender swapper! 8)

  4. aussiecynic says:

    Hmmm Gotcha Chook

    Jim and Emma
    (1) Inspiring
    (2) Creative
    (3) Caring
    (4) Open
    (5) Gardeners

    Got us together! didnt they…..

    One line Chook….lolololololol

    aussiecynic’s last blog post..7 reasons not to mess with children.

  5. aussiecynic says:


    (1) Surprising
    (2) Spirited
    (3) Provocative
    (4) Intelligent
    (5) Inspirational

    Just had too….

    aussiecynic’s last blog post..7 reasons not to mess with children.

  6. aussiecynic says:

    my Chooky friend

    (1) caring
    (2) fun
    (3) thoughtfully
    (4) trustworthy
    (5) friend

    Chooks of the world Unite

    aussiecynic’s last blog post..7 reasons not to mess with children.

  7. JJ Loch says:

    Bridget Jones…heroine, capable, leader, multitasker, beautiful

    Hugs, JJ

    JJ Loch’s last blog post..The Snow Swing LOL

    • Bridget Jones says:

      Hey JJ, yours is an unexpected one!

      *blushing* ohlala so many compliments in a day oh my! oh my! *blushing*

      Ta :))

  8. Gareth In China says:


    Helped me through uni, cheers.

  9. Mike says:

    Great post Bridget. Nice one.

    Jonathan (Purple 13)

    1) Secret-Agent
    2) Fabulous
    3) Photo
    4) Gifts
    5) Superpowered (Sud power)


    Mike’s last blog post..Men in Space: WINNER

  10. Jim & Em says:

    Aussie Cynic…

    1) Courageous
    2) Honest
    3) Grounded
    4) Refreshing
    5) BONZA

    A dedicated and integral part of flowers

  11. Mike says:


    1) Intelligent
    2) Crazy (in a good way!)
    3) Enigma
    4) Funster (okay but AC has already used fun for her)
    5) HA!

    Mike’s last blog post..Men in Space: WINNER

  12. Taylor Blue says:


    1. Awesome
    2. Caring
    3. Intelligent
    4. Good Listener
    5. Always answers my emails!!!


    Taylor Blue’s last blog post..Kenny From Kenny Vs Spenny Explains Makeup

  13. Jim & Em says:

    Mike French…

    1) Driven
    2) Creative
    3) Focused
    4) Talented
    5) Unique

    Helping take flowers to new ground where others never GO!

  14. Bridget Jones says:

    Since I doubt the half-fish-half-man-half-beer-mat has a fan-club at Flowers, looks like it’s for Bridget as the post author to take on the colossal task of doing Nemo ha!

    Here goes then, Fertile Fish:

    - Funny
    - Learned
    - Modest
    - Trustworthy
    - Daring

    Hmmm.. why do I have a feeling there’ll be lotsa explaining to do on that one? 8)

    Or am I wrong and does Flowers whole-heartedly agree with Bridget? Ha! ;)

  15. BO says:

    ALL Flowers Founders……..


  16. Jim & Em says:


    1) Determined
    2) Focused
    3) Author
    4) Coach
    5) Results

    GO! Arvind!

  17. Arvind



    nice (sorry crap word)


    decaffeinated (sometimes)


    nice (also)

    • Bridget Jones says:

      Expat Inspirer:

      - Globe-trotter
      - Suitcase
      - Airport
      - Airplanes
      - Airmiles


      This goes to say Bridget does not know E.I well enough to describe her intelligently! Sorry EI. And thanks for your words for Bridget.

  18. Jim & Em says:

    Anges Biz:

    1) Attraction
    2) Focused
    3) Warmth
    4) Genuine
    5) Compassion

    An Aussie connector!

  19. This is what I get for coming in late HA! I’m here now though :)

    So these are the founders/flowers/thorns which I have had the most to do with on and some off the site and so can comment on them…

    Aussie: Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, oi, oi, oi…….. that’s 6 words… lol !! I think it’s all been said above.

    Bridget: gorgeous, delightful, fantastic, (can be) serious, schmoozy!!

    Mike: bionic, genius, witty, interactive, spock ;)

    Arvind: I think Elton said it ;)

    Jim: stirrer, generous, supportive, funny, naughty!!

    Emma flower: wise, generous, supportive, huggable, inspring!!

    Urban Pagan: opinionated, strong, stirrer (like the one above ;) ), colorful, wouldntbewithouthim, does that count as one word??

    Gareth: planner, multi-lingual, insightful, straight-forward, comedic (that’s for when you were posting the comments from Mongolia I think it was, and you had been drinking… you’re comments that night were absolutely hilarious on various posts… remember?)

    Jonathan: Bond, James Bond, stirred not shaken ;)

    Taylor B: innocent, caring, girly, hip, (celebrity) gossiper :)

    …just off the top of my head….

    Buzzing with Ange’s last blog post..Blogger Idol Contest Now Open at Flowers

  20. Jim & Em says:

    Expat Inspirer

    1) Professional
    2) Connector
    3) Inspiring
    4) Outtathebox
    5) Tolerant

    Glad you’re in the garden JO!

  21. Taylor Blue says:


    1. funny
    2. creative
    3. goofy
    4. awesome
    5. witty

    Taylor Blue’s last blog post..Milo Ventimiglia Is Pimping Pathology

  22. Jim & Em says:

    Gareth in China….

    1) Wise
    2) Travel
    3) Energy
    4) Drive
    5) Sharing

    Cheers GIC! – J&E

  23. The Pilgrims says:



  24. Purple13 says:

    thanks Mike…..

    video – in – hand – super – star


    Purple13′s last blog post..do ladies know thier lipstick from their dipstick

  25. Jim & Em says:


    1) Passionate
    2) Authentic
    3) Fabulous
    4) Photo
    5) Gifts

    Thanks for your support Purple13!!

  26. Jim & Em says:


    1) Gritty
    2) Journey
    3) Battle
    4) Inspiration
    5) NEW YORK

    GO! Mighty…..flowers miss ya! Hope you’re smelling again sooooon.

    • Bridget Jones says:

      Mighty Morgan

      1) Survivor
      2) Strength
      3) Courage
      4) Inspiration
      5) Belief-in-self (yeah that’s one word!)

  27. Fertile Fish says:

    The majority of people on this blog:

    1) Buncha
    2) backslappers
    3) practising
    4) their
    5) craft

  28. Bridget Jones says:


    1) Grounded
    2) Rational
    3) Witty
    4) Wholesome
    5) Daughter!


    1) Independent
    2) Pragmatic
    3) Sharp
    4) Loyal (to his mates)
    5) BASF!

    Kewl dude, takes things easy.

    1) Wisdom
    2) Multi-cultural
    3) Courtesy
    4) Pacifier
    5) Quiet Strength

    • Elton John - Drama Queen says:

      That’s really nice of you to describe my David like that it is, he’s right chuffed up to little mint balls now he is!

      But see, I thought it soundid more like me I did………….

      • David Furnish - Precious Little Prince says:

        It does not sounds like you Elt!

        Aunty Bridget could never say somethink like that about you, cos its just not true see. But I am dead chuffed at bein recognised an all I am, so I reckons that I should returns the compliment me!

        Aunty Bridget:

        1) She’s proper lovely she is
        2) She’s dead good at workin out wot people are like an all
        3) That makes her right clever it does
        4) All of the above times 10
        5) I reckon if I were a girl I would fancy her I would cos she’s that good lookin she is

        • Elton John - Drama Queen says:


        • Bridget Jones says:

          Thank you for your kind words David, Bridget is kinda dead chuffed to be recognised for her observation skills. I’ll tell you a secret Precious Little Prince (er..what happened to “Drama Princess” btw? 8) ), she learnt to do that in literature classes, character study it’s called.. Shhh.. don’t tell EJ, it’s our very own naughty lil secret ha!)

          Er.. I really don’t know how to break the news Mon Petit Prince, but Bridget was referring to another David with those words. You know, that David S. bloke who’s always so prim and proper? That’s him proper Bridget referred to. And to think he hasn’t even bothered to acknowledge the compliment ha! Right ungrateful some people are my little David. Not like you see, who takes ownership for others. People should learn from you they should.

          Hey, don’t be distressed about the news Princess, oops! I mean Prince. Bridget has come up for 5 words just for you:

          - Precious
          - Dramatic
          - Effusive
          - ArmCandy
          - PrettyBoy

          Enjoy David-Prince(ss). As you can see, it’s almost the same as David S’s.. 8)

  29. Urban Pagan says:






    Not going to do people I know as I will no doubt be having a pint with them in the not too distant future and we’d spend the entire time cringing.

    • aussiecynic says:

      Awhhhh Pagan you sweety you… thanks mate…

      If I ever get over there will buy you a pint….
      and Crisps
      aussiecynic’s last blog post..They found the HMAS Sydney!

    • Bridget Jones says:



      Is this how you reciprocate friendship Gary? Thank you :(

      Plus, I thought we had agreed last year you wouldn’t use this kind of language with Bridget?

      Thought Bridget could trust Gary and that Gary respected Bridget.

      Looks like I’ve been a poor judge on character on this one.

  30. Jim & Em says:


    1) Savvy
    2) Questioning
    3) Resilient
    4) Reframe
    5) Lateral

    Work that one out! 8-)

  31. Wow…I’m a bit late on this one….YIKES..but I’ll give it a GO! Anyways

    All the the Founders are………

    My hero’s
    Strong People
    Willing to find their own truth (admirable)
    Awe Inspiring

    (btw…I’m a bit reluctant to formats of any kind…sorry Jim and Em so I’m making my own rules on words)

    Mighty Morgan’s last blog post..What if?

    • Jim & Em says:

      Good for you Mighty – it’s all good :-)

    • Bridget Jones says:

      Hey Mighty, Bridget loves the sense of humour! :D

      This post follows the format-trend set by yourself and Expat Ins re: X no. of words to describe your life/ self etc! ;)

      Reckon you are good to join Bridget’s Contradiction Club ha! ;)

      Sorry for more digression on your post er.. Jem. 8)

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