GO! Smell the kevin James magic!

Posted on March 14th, 2008 by Jim

GO! Smell the flowers has talent and is finding more with BLOG idol!

America DOES have talent ya know – check out this magic from Kevin James who even has the panel wide eyed & open mouthed:

Impressed? Comments please.

10 Responses to “GO! Smell the kevin James magic!”

  1. Egads! It seems like we are on an idol kick here! My confession, I don’t even watch American Idol. ; )

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  2. Gareth In China says:

    I saw this clip a while ago and it’s very well done. Most of the times with magic these days its the actual act that differentiates it rather thanthe magic and I prefer the style these guys use, not quite Penn and Teller but certainly more along those lines than the Copperfield and Blaine style (which aren’t my cup of tea as I find them a bit dull).

    On Tuesday I took a few clients to a nightclub here in Changchun that features novelty acts, singers and the resident band up until 12.00 (after that it becomes a disco/rave type of thing). One of the acts was a Shaolin Monk who took three sabres and lay across them, blade side into his back. He then had people stand on him, a few refused as they had inspected the blades and chopped fruit with them first. I was up there and stood on him as well as inspecting the blades, no trickery there but God only knows how he wasn’t sliced through – I also checked his back before and after, no leather understraps or anything else, quite astounding. He did a lot of other tricks and feast of strength and acrobatic acts, all very impressive. aAl in all if you ever get the chance to see a Shaolin Monk performing then Go! watch the Monk.

    • Emma F says:

      We saw Shaolin Monks when the Chinese State Circus came here. You are right Gareth, they are impressive. At one point one of them leant on two spears – the two spears were angled into his throat, and he became the third ‘side’ so that there was a sort of pyramid outline (I’m sure there is a mthematical term for this!). If that wasn’t enough, he then leant more onto the spears so that the shafts bent with his weight. Again – no trickery.

    • aussiecynic says:

      I saw the shaolin monks on the telly a while ago ..not quite the same as the real thing but as close as I have ever been.. the things these guys can do is amazing and lord nows how they arent injured…. just amazing …..

      I love magic, the real stuff of illusion… its all about the showman ship and love penn and teller style… David coperfield is to much but good old fashion trickery is something which is a real art form… and this one was terrific…

      aussiecynic’s last blog post..7 reasons not to mess with children.

    • Jim & Em says:

      Will do and ta for the recommendation GIC!

  3. Emma F says:

    Well – I don’t know how it’s done. And I’m impressed.

    Solomon – do tell – how was it done!

  4. Lib says:

    Yep, perleeeaassse tell us how its done Solomon!

  5. Duke says:

    Oh man!

    At first I thought it was a robot, but when he jumped up and down and started walking away.


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  6. Poop says:

    Hi !
    im training to be a cage fighter :)?

  7. Jim & Em says:

    Really? Do tell – it had us STUMPED so to speak….

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