GO! Smile the flowers!

Posted on March 12th, 2008 by Jim

Well gang we are back with our fully functioning GO! Smell the flowers with Mike’s blog idol video (feel free to FAVE on youtube) working it’s way around the world as more potential founders pitch up.

So after all the technical madness we’d like to take a second to reflect:


That’s better – big deep breaths and counting to 10!

How do you stay calm during a crisis within your world? Do tell. Valium optional.

23 Responses to “GO! Smile the flowers!”

  1. That’s a smile in the sky!

    Glad to see the GoSmell site back up and running!

  2. aussiecynic says:

    What a brill photo….

    In a crisis I just do it, deal with what ever the crisis is, sort through it, jump through the hoops, crawl through the crap get to the other side and then stop, take a deep breathe and generally fall apart yell scream and shout generally comes in there some time after… recharge pick myself and do it all over again…..
    You cope because you have to, you deal with it because you must…. you just do!

    aussiecynic’s last blog post..Blog Idol get your Entries in quick!

  3. Bridget Jones says:

    Sorry to hear what you guys went thru last night Jem.

    Is that a photoshop pic you put up in this post??

  4. Purple13 says:

    hi hi hi – (don;t you just hate ‘happy morning people’ like me?)….. what was the question – oh yes.

    This is gonna sound weird i know but if i’m having a panic attack/stress headache, i find sitting quietly and recounting in my head the final scene from Star Trek 2 movie resets my happy systems back to optimism mode.

    Purple13′s last blog post..If you’re not getting any satisfaction…

  5. Rufus says:

    this just a test …
    (if it were a real emergency, I’d tell you where to go and how to get there)

    Rufus’s last blog post..Lake Erie, and other sinister thoughts.

  6. Rufus says:

    THIS is showing up … why isn’t my blog idol app? HUMN?
    It’s a conspiracy. I’m just sayin’ .. something fishy (no pun intended) is goin’ on heyah …

    Rufus’s last blog post..Lake Erie, and other sinister thoughts.

  7. marc says:

    wow this is soooooooooooooooooo AWESOME! nuf said

    marc’s last blog post..Lacoste Short Sleeve Polo Dress

  8. Arvind says:

    In a “crisis” moment, I usually go into overdrive mode and do abuot 10 things in an hour.

    And soon crisis? What crisis?!

    Arvind’s last blog post..Get my Book – and only Pay What YOU Like!

  9. Urban Pagan says:

    I get drunk and look for a punch up

  10. Urban Pagan says:

    its amazing ac the amount of people who seem to just take a few deep breaths and get through it.

    I don’t at all.

    Or are you and I the only ones answering with honesty as our responses ilustrate somewhat flawed human behaviour as opposed to behaviour we would like to think we have?

    come on kids let us know?

    • Mike says:

      Answer with honesty?

      Specifics with the Flowers crash yesterday:

      From a distance: Amused at the timing of it.

      Up Close: Frustrated as hell! It just shows you can plan these things to the nth degree and it can still go wrong!

      Generally I try to stay calm by shoving my head into a cushion and screaming. Is this normal?!

      Mike’s last blog post..BLOG idol

      • Jim & Em says:

        We were with you there Mike – our biggest launch so far at flowers and it all went pear shaped with minutes of posting!

        Funny though we woke up today with far higher hopes for blog idol than we originally had….it took a while to simmer down after 7 hours of second by second frustration as our blog was re-built.

        • BO says:

          Hey,it’s all good now,out of the garden for a cpl of days and….wow!! I tend to isolate in a crisis and think things out before any response to the crisis in question,the deeper the crisis the deeper the thought.

    • aussiecynic says:

      I dont know mate, but I tell you it gets get harder everytime… a pint or two does tend to help and a got old fashioned barney puts the keel level again…….
      Come on truthful answers…. Pagan and I cant be only ones ….

      aussiecynic’s last blog post..Blog Idol get your Entries in quick!

  11. Gareth In China says:

    Go for a swim or simply remove myself from the crisis in order to formulate a plan to deal with it.
    If neither is possible then it generally helps to calm down and focus on isolating the cause then dealing effectively with it. Depends on the type of crisis/crisis level – hanging from a cliff face or your web server’s gone down – your response will always be governed by the nature of the event in hand.

  12. Emma F says:

    Hmm – I have a scale of responses, and depends on how long the crisis lasts:

    If it’s the only crisis going on, and can do something about it, I then I tend to analyse ‘it’ to death and come up with a solution.

    If I am having to work through a number of things that are not fixed quick, and generally involve other people being part of the solution, then I tend to go round in circles with lots of ‘what if’s’ and can get impatient that it’s not fixed as quick as I would like. If it gets really bad, then I go into a spiral of negative thinking – and generally start being horrible to Mike (it’s hardly ever his fault, he is just the nearest thing to me).

    I also sometimes try to exert some ‘control’ in other situations (in the vain hope of feeling better – which never works – I just end up feeling pants about that too).

    The good thing is – I know I do this – and can recognise it in myself. So, when I’m feeling rubbish it’s a timing thing – how long am I going to sulk until I start fighting again.

    When I was younger I used to go and play loud music – Queen’s ‘Don’t stop me now’ used to help.

  13. I do something that I know will relax me and bring me joy. Have a “dance party” with my kids in the living room, read, watch or listen to something lively or funny…. something to calm me and put me in the right mood so I CAN deal with a crisis.

    Jennifer Mannion’s last blog post..Law of Attraction Question: What do I do when someone important in my life does not BELIEVE in the Law of Attraction and I do?

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