GO! Smell the coffee?

Posted on March 11th, 2008 by Jim

So, picture the scene.

We press the GO! button on BLOG idol and shout it all over the world and within minutes our beloved host 1&1 crashed on us! As the emails came in we couldn’t access this site or work out why. Then it got worse – our entire content over the blog (1,380 posts, 28,000 ish comments)vanished as our admin showed 0 comments and 0 posts.

Our heart sank, our inbox buzzed from fellow flowers pointing out that the site was down as our garden suddenly became a secret one.

“It’s OK – assured RYK in Bombay – we’ve backed everything up”

So, as RYK and the gang GO! drink the coffee and rebuild flowers we apologise for any disruption and if you’ve lost comments on recent posts just as it was getting exciting. We’re hoping to recapture everything and we’ll know in the next few hours as BLOG idol continues!


So, when was the last heart sinking moment you had? Do tell, coffee optional.

18 Responses to “GO! Smell the coffee?”

  1. Taylor Blue says:

    My heart sunk a couple of weeks ago when my .com was hacked into…I haven’t been quite the same because I lost EVERYTHING…and I didn’t backup. So I am trying to plug on like nothing happened…but it’s not easy. So whoever hacked my site and ruined me got what they wanted.

    Taylor Blue’s last blog post..Natalie Portman on the April 2008 Elle Cover

  2. Jim & Em says:

    WE well remember that Taylorblue and now can relate to what you went through….

    We’ve sat staring at the screen here for hours (no change there then) trying to put things into perspective….

    Have you any chance of recovery?

  3. RYK says:

    There are some serious issues with 1 & 1 today. There has been no response from them to their downtime and data corruption. We are currently working off a back-up taken nearly 10 hrs back. We are simultaneously trying to manually restore the corrupted database and that is tough.

    In the past few weeks we had has other issues with 1 & 1, mostly with their database set-up with the server dropping and giving a Sever 500 error which you may have come across.

    We are making plans to move from 1 & 1 to Flora2000/Orios cluster which is highly redundant and is internally administered to very high standards for the best possible quality.

    Ofcourse given that Blog Idol launched today this is bad news. We will try and shift with minimum disruption by Saturday.

  4. RYK says:

    since it’s been a tough day I’m going to give those of you using Firefox a present:


    Click that and install it. If you get a yellow strip on top asking for permission before install then give the permission

    After install restart. Then open up 5 tabs (Ctrl + T opens a tab)and load pages into each of them, keep switching between tabs and watch the fun.

  5. Oops, that was me, sorry… I was typing a comment on the missing test post and it wouldn’t save, I musta said something the server didn’t like. I do know I was disagreeing with RYK but lost interest after the crash. Once again, my sincere apologies ;)
    Carl in Spain’s last blog post..Google Feed Reader not Working?

  6. aussiecynic says:

    I had jsut reloaded the page last night when it went… and I had been getting the error 500 message, had just put that one down to a bug as you guys where working so hard to get flowers right just put it down to maintenance….

    Have had happen to me but was a hacker not a server crash….. All will be good….

    aussiecynic’s last blog post..Thanks Paul I Got Tagged

  7. Jim & Em says:

    Good for you Solomon, a wise move!

  8. Russ Henderson says:


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