Go smell the missing Tour

Posted on March 11th, 2008 by A/C

Heres a quicky for all you cricket fans…

Cricket has just Announce We Will NOT be touring Pakistan. After the Latest violence and strong held Safety concerns…

Full Details at Aussie Cynic.


Can you Blame them.

What do you think Should we go or should we stay

51 Responses to “Go smell the missing Tour”

  1. RYK says:

    I guess they should have taken their chances as they aren’t likely to get invited anywhere else after their shocking behaviour against India !

    • aussiecynic says:

      There was nothing shocking about their behavour no more than indias Behavour towards our players, The crap they put up with they play in India… is ridiculous, and we do not treat Indias players badly at all, a small amount of sledging yes, but no more than is dished out to our guys… so that doesnt cut it with any of us… bad behaviour is bad no matter what country yuou come from and if you dish it out you should be prepared to take it… the Indian team did not seem to know that.. but I guess they do now…

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  2. RYK says:

    every team that visits OZ has the same complaint; and the only team that complained in India was Oz.

    Oz should behave better when it’s inviting people home

    • aussiecynic says:

      In India every tour they have been harrassed, sledge even given bad food and one point… The teams go to play the same as do here… the difference is although this has gone on for many years and with various aussie teams.. the players did not complain, they just get on with it an then go and generally bet you lot on the field… they leave the officials out of the it and deal with in house… but there is nothing that they have said to the Indian players that hasnt been said and done already by many others teams to us… so dont think your poor Indian players are getting hard done by far from it…. It has always been a case of what is said on field stays on the field. The only difference these days is the microphones all over the grounds… the Respect the players have for one another in general as players should show every fan that that is the case…. and it is ridiculous for fans to get more upset about it than the players… however if it continues to be the case that everytime one team says something someone doesnt like that it goes to a tribunal then there will not be anymore cricket being played and it will be a case of whinging, sooks sitting in court room saying he said this he said that and my feeling got hurt… either play or dont but get over it….

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      • RYK says:

        1. If India is so bad, then why has the entire ozzie team signed up to play in our domestic twenty twenty league ?

        2. Every allegation made against the Indian players was rejected by the ICC and not even one stuck

        3. The ICC ruled that Hayden & Gilchrist h had lied/misrepresented facts in the allegation against Harbajan in the “Monkey” issue

        4. “they leave the officials out of the it and deal with in house” er, sorry, it was the ozzies that filed a complaint against India for calling Symonds a “monkey” and this was later turned down by ICC due to no. 3 above

        5. Hayden unnecessarily called Indian players names in the media for which he was fined by CA

        6. Again I repeat, every single team that has toured Australia last 4 years has been complaining of harrasement and bad sportsmanship

        7. Many senior Oz crickets and writers came out against Ponting “In the past few days Ponting has presided over a performance that dragged the game into the pits,” Roebuck wrote. “He turned a group of professional cricketers into a pack of wild dogs.”"

        • aussiecynic says:

          Are you referring to the incedents on the recent tour … if so here is what Harhajan said in an interview today… please note he was suspended for racial slurs, Gilchrist and hayden where repremanded……

          Published on March 8 in the Sydney Morning Herald…

          “I firmly believe that deep down inside Australians love me … they always like a fighter,” he said.
          The channel provided an English transcript of the interview conducted in Hindi.
          Harbhajan was at the centre of several disputes with Australian players during the tour, where India lost the Test series 2-1 but ended on a high after taking the tri-series finals 2-0.

          CRICKET Australia has finally abandoned diplomacy and demanded that India discipline Harbhajan Singh for his latest outburst in an increasingly tiresome feud, after the spinner questioned the credibility of Matthew Hayden and the ethics of Adam Gilchrist.
          CA chief executive James Sutherland yesterday wrote to Indian board secretary Niranjan Shah expressing exasperation with the controversial spinner.
          “Enough is enough,” Sutherland wrote. “Despite assurances that you have instructed him not to fuel this issue any more, Harbhajan continues to say whatever he wants. When will it ever end? Could you please deal with your player in regard to these comments.”
          Cricket Australia was quick to deal with Hayden when he called Harbhajan “a little obnoxious weed” in an early morning radio interview, and believes the Indian spinner has not been held to the same standards.
          CA previously had refrained from publicly expressing its frustrations about Harbhajan but had held private discussions with the Indian board, and received assurances that its problem child would be counselled about the difference between provocative remarks and personal abuse.

          India twice threatened to take their bat and ball and go home if Harbhajan was not cleared of racially abusing Andrew Symonds, a decision that would have cost Cricket Australia millions of dollars. With the tour finished, and the spinner delivering his latest insults after India’s triumphant homecoming, Sutherland took a more direct approach.

          “We’ve tried over the summer to get the balance right in the way controversial comment has been managed and we certainly, through our actions with Matthew Hayden, been firm with our own players in terms of where the tipping point is,” a CA spokesman said.
          “We believe it is possible to make intelligent, thoughtful and even provocative public comment without descending to personal abuse.”
          Upon stepping off the plane in India, Harbhajan told the Delhi-based tabloid Mail Today he was upset that Hayden and the now-retired Gilchrist supported Symonds in the race row.
          “Don’t talk about Hayden’s credibility, he is a big liar,” the spinner said. “He [Gilchrist] is also not a saint. He, of course, pretends to be a saint – someone who doesn’t say an offensive word on the field.
          “But this is completely wrong. There are times when he doesn’t let an opportunity go to waste.
          “The whole world knows how the Australians target individual players to break their confidence. This was not new for us either, but calling me a racist was something we never expected. When we had enough of it, we also gave them back and they started complaining to the umpires about me. It was stunning how low they can stoop to break a player’s confidence.”

          The Australian players dislike Harbhajan intensely, and believe he has escaped meaningful punishment for a succession of transgressions, including his alleged “monkey” taunt, with the protection of his financially powerful board.

          He was banned for three Tests for making an alleged racial remark against Andrew Symonds during the second Test in Sydney but the suspension was overturned on appeal and reduced to a fine after the charge was downgraded.

          The Australian board then reprimanded opener Matthew Hayden after he called Harbhajan an “obnoxious weed” during a radio interview.
          The Indian board directed the bowler on Sunday against making controversial media comments after Cricket Australia (CA) demanded action against Harbhajan for attacking Hayden and Adam Gilchrist in an interview on his return home.

          The Fine in which you are speaking must be from 2003……
          Heres the information about what happened:

          Australian vice-captain and wicket-keeper Adam Gilchrist was also reprimanded for swearing as the pressure mounted on the home side to bring a 5-0 clean sweep of the Ashes series.
          International Cricket Council (ICC) match referee Wasim Raja fined Hayden 20 per cent of his match fee, estimated to be about 2,200 dollars after the Australian opener was found guilty of breaching the ICC’s code of conduct.
          He was charged for breaking the glass as he returned to the dressing room following his lbw dismissal for just two in the third over of the home side’s tense fifth Test run chase at the Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG).
          Raja said the penalty was assessed based on Hayden’s previously clean record.
          “At the hearing Matthew Hayden admitted the offence and apologised for his action,” Raja said in a statement.

          Hayden faced a maximum penalty of a fine of half his match fee.

          Australian coach John Buchanan called the incident “unfortunate”.

          “The doors were closed and he just tried to get through the door, which he did, but the glass broke in the ensuing entree,” Buchanan told reporters. “But there was no bat throwing or anything like that.”
          Gilchrist was charged with showing dissent at an umpire’s decision by action or verbal abuse after he swore when his appeal for caught behind off batsman Steve Harmison from Brett Lee’s bowling was turned down in England’s second innings.
          Raja said he warned Gilchrist about future conduct.

          If you are referring to the recent Monkey business then here are the findings fromthe ICC:

          Controversial Indian spinner Harbhajan Singh has no case to answer after the International Cricket Council cleared him of making monkey gestures towards the SCG crowd on Sunday night.
          ICC match referee Jeff Crowe said there was no need to take action following newspaper reports the impulsive bowler motioned to scratch his armpits and spat towards taunting spectators.
          “I have investigated the alleged incident with Cricket Australia’s ground security officials after reading newspaper reports and viewing related photographs that have been published,” Crowe said in a statement.
          “After reviewing all available information, I conclude that there is no need to take any action against Harbhajan Singh.”
          The Indians touched down at Brisbane airport on Monday with Harbhajan shielded from the waiting media by management.
          The controversial tweaker was banned for three Tests for calling allrounder Andrew Symonds a monkey during the second Test at the same venue in January before having his charge reduced on appeal to abusive language.

          That came after Indian fans in October directed monkey gestures at Symonds and four supporters were ejected from Mumbai’s Wankhede Stadium for the offensive behaviour.

          The Indian team management reacted angrily to the claims that Harbhajan had made the monkey gestures and accused the Australian media of launching an orchestrated campaign to derail the spinner.

          “This is the imagination of the Australian press, which has been trying to add pressure on Harbhajan at every moment,” team manager Bimal Soni said on cricinfo.com.

          Former Australian captain Allan Border praised Harbhajan for his behaviour as he was heavily baited by sections of the SCG crowd.
          “I was over that side of the ground and Harbhajan was copping a fair bit of stick from the crowd,” Border said.
          “I didn’t notice any gestures at all and I thought he handled himself pretty well.”

          Cricket Australia said security had been beefed up when Harbhajan fielded near the boundary rope in Sydney after a spectator was ejected from the SCG for abusing the spinner on February 24.

          “We have not seen anything that we think warrants further action and have not received any complaints,” said CA spokesman Peter Young.
          Soni condemned the reports on the fiery Sikh.
          “I think it is wrong,” Soni said.
          “Nothing has been done like that. They are making a mountain out of a mole hill. He did nothing.
          “These stories I do not believe them and I strongly condemn them.”
          Soni said the latest controversy wasn’t distracting the side as it aims to wrap up the best of three finals series at the Gabba on Tuesday.
          “We do not talk about it, we only talk about the cricket on the field and we do not want to talk anything about these things,” he said.

          Australia’s Mike Hussey believed too much was being made of such incidents.

          “I think the Australian and Indian public have had enough of all the controversy,” he said.
          “We just want to concentrate on the cricket.”

          As For the players signing to play 20-20 cricket…
          Most of the players are nearing retirement age it is purely a case of money as they will earn high six figure incomes for playing. The players have been made huge offers and since they will be retiring in a few years time are using it as their retirement fund… I would have thought that was pretty smart…

          * The England and Wales Cricket Board has said players who take part in the next edition of a rebel Twenty20 league will not be allowed to play in English cricket.

          I find it funny that the only time any team actually complains about the Aussie Teams is when we are beating them… dont hear any complaint on the rare occassion that the other team wins… hmmm funny that….

          aussiecynic’s last blog post..Thanks Paul I Got Tagged

  3. David S says:

    Ha! (sorry BJ – not plagiarism) but HA!

    What a bunch of poofters!

    I remember a few years back when the Ozzies didn’t take part in the Dubai Rugby 7s (during the last Gulf war). You have to consider that Dubai was no where near the conflict area (about as close as the UK was to the recent Balkans war) and those poor little boys, bless them, didn’t want to come for fear their safety, yet every other rugby nation managed to…….

    But the icing on the cake was that, whilst those big rufty tufty poofs stayed home, the official girly cheer leader troop of the tournament was from where?

    Yep Australia!

    So those sports’men’ daren’t go eh?


  4. What goes on in the field should stay in the field. Forget about name calling and lets get on with the game. Obviously it’s not safe to tour so I can’t blame them for not wanting to go. As for the recent player behavour it has been going on since Eve bowled a googley at Adam. If the media and the players kept their mouths shut we would be far better off and so would they.

    Peter McCartney’s last blog post..Second Life Gamble

  5. kellie says:

    Reading all the discussions that have taken place here has made me come to this decision – I love my cricket, but as for the slandering and name calling and the meaness to the umpires – well isn’t that part of the game???? If you get caught expect the consequences! isn’t that something we teach our children from an early age?? i know that is what I’ve taught my lot!!

    Do you truly beleive that ANY government in ANY country would willingly send their players into a country that is fueled with war?? i certainly hope that our government would’nt do that!

    Ok if every team as you put it RYK has complained then why on earth have they come back????? If they know that they will cop a mouthful off anyone including the team that they are playing – well more fool them! Maybe their government should put a ban on them for coming over! For what reason?? Not expecting to have players called names.!!

    Did you realise that it only seemed to be one Indian player complaing? I did in several games the same one. I know maybe they should just put a ban on him???

    Now yes our big “nancy pancy poofy”aussie blokes won’t be going but at least we can guarantee that they will still be alive! Who cares whether thay went over for Rugby 7′s tour I don’t like rugby anyway. Ah but look they lived!!

    Too the Aussie cricketers that will be playing in India for the Twenty/20 game good luck to you and good luck to you in trying to teach them manners and how to treat others!!!

    • RYK says:

      “Ok if every team as you put it RYK has complained then why on earth have they come back?????”

      trust me Kellie, if Ponting’s behaviour continues Oz is going to have a tough time attracting leading teams to play in Oz. I wouldn’t be surprised if CA changed him as captain this year.

      • aussiecynic says:

        I wont mind at all if they dont play cricket here… I really dont care if I never have to sit through an evening, a day and then a week of cricket on the Telly…. however when it comes down to it.. lets call a spade a spade.. what the Indian Players did was wrong, it was racist given the fact the Symonds is of colour which has nothing to do with his playing ability….. and if racial slurs where against one of the Indian team members or it was religious based then there would have been a whole different out come…. as far as ponting goes he is considered by many teams outside of Austalia as one the best captains ever, so he couldnt be doing to bad at all. they can give a guys a hard time in the game along game related issues…. you cant catch for quids, Ive seen donkeys throw better than that.. etc… but when one player starts using Racial and religious slurs on another then they should be struck off the team perminently….
        Calling Symonds a Monkey was akin to call an Indian a Curry Muncher… not very nice and something we do not do…. its all about manners and good sportsmanship…. the fact that sportsmen need to stoop to the this level shows a complete lack social skill, and dignity by the player and team for not taking it more seriously….
        And I would seriously take a long hard look at how much our players had to be paid before they even considered playing in the 20/20 matches…
        I think you’ll find its a lot more than any others

        aussiecynic’s last blog post..Blog Idol get your Entries in quick!

        • kellie says:

          I care i like my cricket!!! Hell if I only earnt a small percentage of what they will be getting i will be happy. India can’t have too many bad feelings over the whole ordeal or they wouldn’t have signed some of our players on.

        • RYK says:

          you are missing the point. Harbajjan was accused of racism on the witness of Hayden & Gilcrist. The match umpire Crowe awarded him a 3 match ban. Subsequently Harbajjan appealed to the ICC and a more robust enquiry was conducted, where stump mics, etc were taken into account. Based on that ICC declared that Hayden & Gilchrist has lied in their witness and the Harbajjan was released with all his dignity intact.

          Hayden & Gilchrist were then fined for MISREPRESENTING FACTS.

          Subsequently when Harbajjan went and quoted to the media that the ICC verdict was that Hayden & Gilchrist had lied, OZ media & CA was in an uproar again.

          • aussiecynic says:

            No they werent…..
            There actually was more of it made over their than here….
            Most fans said if they did then cope it sweet but the whole thing taken to a racial level, by the media and the teams…. however it was reported the findings and there was not that much a deal made over it…..

            People where upset with what was said….. and the stance the indian team took on the matter rather than coming out and saying their side… they simple threaten to go back to India…. and not finish the tour… there was no explanation from the team manager as one would have expected…. and thats what got people angry…….

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          • RYK says:

            my dear my dear, put yourself in their shoes. They were a bunch of 11 in a different country. They had a test snatched out of the jaws of victory by some very poor umpiring by Bucknor (who was subsequently PERMANENTLY retired). One of their players had been falsely implicated in a racism slur and based on the witness of 2 opposition players the match refree hands out a 3 match ban.

            And what did they do wrong, they just delayed their departure to the next venue by 1 day inorder to file and appeal against the ban, which Oz interpreted as “taking your bat and ball and going home” (whatever the hell that means and why is the expression such a childish one). They subsequently went on to play and win the next test, play the 20 20 and play the world series which they won.

            The ban was reversed, Hayden & Gilchrist fined and every senior cricketer including Border, Boon, Warne, etc were calling for Ponting to step down. Only the Ozzie tabloids persisted with playing to the stalls… don’t tell me you fell for that !

          • aussiecynic says:

            I dont like cricket but you can not go and say what you did without expecting some form of argement back… however the newspapers didnt play to the stalls… and I am in Tassie were Ponting was born and bred…. the act of waiting as you see it was in fact told to us that they were awaiting the tribunal discission if it not go their way then they where going home… taking your bat and ball and going home is supposed to be a childish expression it refers to adults acting the way a spoilt child does when he does not get his own way… the discussion however as is the tribunal under more and pressure and the ICC was not happy if India went home they would have lost millions…. this regardless of guilt or innocences had more to do with the discussion than anything else….
            Oh and I am no one Dear…
            The ICC doesnt recognise the 20/20 so that doesnt count anyway… and the win well hey you guys had to win eventually it was dead set boring… with us beating you’s ……

            Warne cann ot be held up as a shining light of honesty.. ask Simone… and fail for what I read the UK reports on line… say the news reports and read the articles that everyone else did….
            And here is what we saw:

            aussiecynic’s last blog post..Blog Idol get your Entries in quick!

          • aussiecynic says:

            Afteryou watch this interview you might learn how things are done … and how money talks…. this is the report after it including the results…

            aussiecynic’s last blog post..Blog Idol get your Entries in quick!

      • kellie says:

        Truthfully I don’t like Ponting so go ahead and change him.

  6. David S says:

    Cricket…….. groan…….. never was there such a boring, dull, brain numbing sport as cricket.

    Invented by a bunch of English Imperialists with years of nothing to do, except boss their colonial peasant servants (slaves) around. Posted out in colonies that offered little in the way of social interaction, bored to tears and at the pits of their creativity, they invent a game they could induge in for days on end, that they played at a snail’s pace so as not to exhaust themselves therefore enabling them to play on indefinately.

    What a marvellous invention, they could play it for days, weeks, months (in fact for as long as it took to get their papers summoning their return to England) without anyone winning….

    Then the masterstroke: bestow upon this rite of ultimate dullness an air of English upper class nobility, teach it to your subservient colonial native peoples, then sit back and enjoy the joke (but not for long, after all that was one practical joke that should never have been allowed, the reality of boreom set in far too quickly after the initial laugh).

    • RYK says:

      what da ya mean dull… did you just watch Indai – Oz… trust me my friend, that was NOT dull by any standards !

      • David S says:

        As an Englishman, I rejoice every time the national team loses at this poor excuse of a game. The better we get at losing, the less likely people of England will want to watch it, and the faster it will disappear into the history books where it belongs.

        Leave it to the rest of the brain dead world to feed upon.

        What a quaint, but really rather dull game cricket was RIP………… Perlease…………………………….!

  7. Bridget Jones says:

    I don’t know anything about Cricket… but I want to comment too! I want to comment too!

    So, from where I am standing watching the proceedings with unseasoned-but-wise eyes, I’d say that the girls are ahead 8)

    Now, RYK, David, ya both be gentlemen and let Bridget be right ha! ;)

  8. kellie says:

    But I’m not!! HA HA I don’t agree with you RYK but that is my opinion and I always thought we could express our opinions? Have fun be back tomorrow!

  9. LOL… it looks like another very heated discussion going on here!

    I haven’t watched cricket since Viv Richards stopped captaining the West Indian team. I lost interest after that. Aussie… I don’t think you are going to like what I have to say, but the Aussie cricket team today are pussies… they dish it out but can’t take it. They think they are better than every other team and that’s not what sportmanship is all about…. and I believe what is said on the field should stay on the field… who cares is you get called a monkey… there are much worse things to be called… I just scoffed at the Aussie team when I heard what was going on… they are not real men… pussies is a better term. If you are going to play the game, then play the game… none of this fighting over words… worse than kids they are… stick and stones can break my bones but names will never hurt me… didn’t they learn that one at school?

    Buzzing with Ange’s last blog post..My Greatest Personal Challenge To Date

    • aussiecynic says:

      Nicely said Ange…. and she can say that shes Aussie……. lol….
      How bad is that….. lol…
      any further… dummy spits come one come all…..

      but anyway does anyone in the context of the post think that a sporting team should be placed in danger to play the game….

      aussiecynic’s last blog post..Blog Idol get your Entries in quick!

      • If there is a real guaranteed danger then absolutely not! But we can’t live in fear of what might happen, if that was the case, then people would never travel. The Aussie team are clearly going with the purpose of playing cricket, so they should go. When the Bali bombings happened, Australians were told not to travel there and it didn’t stop ALL Aussies from going. The discounts on fares and accommodation were fantastic and now it is cheaper than ever to travel to Bali. I think they should go and play the competition like it was planned. Why ruin it for everybody else!

        Buzzing with Ange’s last blog post..My Greatest Personal Challenge To Date

  10. kellie says:

    But it is the government stopping them not the players themselves!

  11. AngryfromEllesmerePort says:

    Who’d want to go to Pakistan in the first place?

    • Fertile Fish says:

      Take it you have never been? It’s a fascinating place.

      • AngryfromEllesmerePort says:

        Have been – never want to go back – i’ll leave it to religious head-cases who want to go to school to learn how to become terrorists

      • Nemo! You are not only a learned little fish but also a well-traveled one! They do swim far and wide in your school! Bridget is impressed!

        What makes Pakistan fascinating to you Nemo?

        Personally I’d tend to agree with Angry when he says who’d want to go to Pakistan in the first place. I’ve never been there, and though I’ve heard that some places are quite beautiful, my interactions with its Dubai-based people may have put me off anything Paki for good I’m afraid.

        Maybe you’ll make me change my mind lil Nemo..?

        Bridget Jones’s last blog post..This is how it all started..

    • aussiecynic says:

      If you survive the taxi ride at the moment….
      Its pretty bad.. or so we are hearing..

      aussiecynic’s last blog post..7 reasons not to mess with children.

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