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Posted on February 26th, 2008 by angesbiz

Jamie McIntyre

So… if you are wondering where I have been lately, here is the latest Buzz with Ange

I have spent the last four days and nights with 700 like minded people at Jamie McIntyre’s Education for Life seminar here in my home town of Melbourne, and I am still buzzing. I would like to share with you one of the pearls of wisdom that I learned over the weekend which I believe is relevant for everyone of us. But first, a little background information about Jamie.

Jamie McIntyre found himself broke, sleeping on a friends couch, $150,000 in personal debt with no future prospects when he was only 21 years of age. Four years later, this young Australian turned his life around and became a self-made millionaire.

That was 10 years ago and now he teaches ordinary people some simple, low risk stock market strategies together with property investing and business strategies in order for them to build wealth for themselves. These seminars are held in Australia and New Zealand, and they are branching out to Las Vegas next year for the first time and there is also some talk about theses seminars heading over to the UK and Europe in the not too distant future.

The 20/80 Rule

One of the most important things to point out is that the strategies are only 20% of what will make you wealthy. The other 80% is your mindset. Anybody can follow these strategies but unless your head space has no limitations, then the strategies alone will not make you rich!

The biggest distinction I got out of the weekend is that there are three things which will determine your success at wealth building and they are:

  1. Physiology
  2. Focus
  3. Language Patterns/Beliefs

Physiology relates to the way you hold yourself. Have you ever noticed that when you are feeling great, you stand tall, shoulders back, your breathing is deeper and generally, you have a happy disposition rather than if you were hunching over with a frown on your face? What kind of decisions do you make when you stand tall compared to when you feel like crap!

Focus is exactly that. We have talked about the Secret and we all get the gist of what you focus on is what you get. If you are aware of this, you know it is true. If we get upset when a bill comes in the mail and our focus is drawn to that, you are likely to get more bills and get more upset. If when we get paid and the bulk of it goes in living expenses before it even hits our bank accounts and we focus on “there’s not much left over,” then there won’t be much left over.

Turn it around and be grateful for the bills you receive as you have already had the opportunity to use that service. Example, your Internet connection. If you are reading this, you get billed for your connection so without it, you would not be able to join in with the discussions here at flowers :)

Language patterns and beliefs are a huge part of how we live our lives. I know there are some of you here who are completely happy with the way you live your life and that’s absolutely awesome! If you are seeking to find a way to smell the flowers on a more permanent basis, then you must become aware of the words you use and the beliefs you have. They can hold you back or propel you forward.

Over the last couple of weeks, although my time here has been limited by technical issues and being away from my laptop (at this seminar), I have been reading some of the comments and the limitations that I come across just make me shake my head and think “why would you say that!” And then I remember. Only 4% of people will ultimately live the life of their dreams because the other 96% are happy to follow the masses. DO THE OPPOSITE OF WHAT EVERYONE ELSE IS DOING AND THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX.

If you are interested in more of what Jamie has to say, his picture above leads to where you can download his ebook for free and you can read it for yourselves and then you will be able to make up your own minds on what he teaches. I know there are some of you here who already have it and if you feel comfortable sharing your thoughts, that would be great!

So tell me, have you noticed how you have been sitting while reading this? Are you aware of your posture when making important decisions? Does your language empower or dis-empower you? Hmmmmm…. something to think about  ;)

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  1. Urban Pagan says:

    so in short

    present yourself with confidence
    set yourself goals
    communicate with clarity


    I feel like this is the holy grail of knowledge


    ‘If you sit on your arse all day you won’t get a lot done’

    500 quid a person

  2. Jim & Em says:

    Greetings Buzzing & welcome back!

    Get ready for both empowering and disempowering comments through this post, thats what makes the garden work though!

    We finished that Jamie McIntyre book and fair play to him he seems bang on track and seems to be popping up like the next Antony Robins, his mentor, right? Well tell him to get Dubai on his list for a tour as well – folks lap it up here…..

    *Urban Pagan – how are you fixed?*

    The 80:20 rule – good old Pareto – can be applied not only to tasks and finance but to social life, clothes in the wardrobe – all about that focus…

    Even at a nudist colony – it is all about 80:20 :idea:

  3. Urban Pagan says:

    the 80:20 rule is nonsense as well

    easily disproved

    its more a case of the model fitting the rule- ie being shoe-horned to see somthing that isn’t there

    no shock he’s like robbins either- its a similar concept all based around stating the obvious to gullible directionless people and earning a fortune doing it

  4. AngryfromEllesmerePort says:

    Roll up roll loose you cash here!

  5. Urban Pagan says:

    Just a question

    seriously here

    how does he arrive at his figures

    through scientific provable study?

    or through an appealing set of figures which will get you to part with your money

    same with 96% of people compared to 4% who live the life they dream of.
    Lets say we have 6.5 billion people on this planet
    4% is about 300 million people correct.

    Now allowing for the fact that say for statistics sake 20% of the population are aged between 0-20- ARBITRARY FIGURE. Aged 0-20 it is highly unlikely ANYONE understands what they truly want in life or are in a position to achieve it.

    Lets say 10% are 70 plus. They ar eunlikely to be in a position physically or mentally to change enough. So in reality 300million people between 20 and 70 are living the life of their dreams.

    Which throws his figures out a bit.

    I would say globally he is miles miles miles out. Seriously.

    I think the true figure in terms of people who live financially, socially, relationship wise, health wise the life they dream of is a few thousand globally. The idea that 300 million people live in complete happiness is rubbish.

    He’s plucked the figures out of thin air to get you to pay.

    His 20/80 figure is nonsense too. And I can prove it.

    If I get an inside tip on say a share price and KNOW it is going to rise or I have nobbled a horse that will win then ‘strategy is 100% here. After all if I bet against what I know to be a winner even with the greatest mental attitude in the world I will lose.

    Also- lets say I am crippled. I cannot walk. I have a strategy to walk. I am also mentally prepared to but I cannot due to neuro messaging problems.

    Additionally saying go against what everyone else is doing. Its so open ended and upto interpretation. For example lets say I do this

    I pack in work
    smoke crack
    stop recognising money as a form of trade

    I will end up in prison

    regardless of my stance, my goals or my communication

    As for physiology meaning your stance he’s using scientific terms to attempt to give scientific credence to a non-scientific system

    physiology is defined as

    1. the branch of biology dealing with the functions and activities of living organisms and their parts, including all physical and chemical processes.
    2. the organic processes or functions in an organism or in any of its parts.

    what he refers to is to do with how you appear.

    he’s a new age positive speaking evangelist type attempting to make out there is a science behind it all. there isn’t.



    • Urban Pagan, it’s not Jamie’s statistic and when my reply to Jim is released from spam, there is a link to clarify the 80/20 – Pareto which Jim talks about.

      Our physiology has a lot to do with the decisions we make and the impact we have on others. If you go and sit a job interview, for example, and you are slouched over in your seat talking with a frown on your face, you wouldn’t be making a great impression. If you were sitting up straight, looking the interviewer in the eye, that would make a much greater impression. It’s not rocket science! Physiology also relates to stance. Google it. If I put a link in here, it will end up in spam like my other comment.

      btw… who is he conning?

      Buzzing with Ange’s last blog post..Buzzing with Ange

      • Urban Paga says:

        By that definition I could say physiology is also all about hopping

        whosever statistic it is its nonsense

        and someone using an unproven statistic to gain money is peddling falsehoods

  6. Elton John - Drama Queen says:

    This is the real Elt here, not that imposternator wot as been on the blog of late makin them right lame comments wot I would never do wouldn’t.

    Oooh, d’you know what? He’s lovely he is that Jamie McIntyre he is! an I reckon he’s right too with that 80/20 business see.

    Right, examples:

    80% of all actors are gay and the other 20% are just butt ugly they are.

    20% of all yoghurt breeders control 80% of the hashish market. Its a cover it is! Yoghurt breedin like.

    20% of all Manchester Untied fans live in Manchester whilst the other 80% don’t.

    95% of all nails in my shed are bent, whilst 5% are straight they are. (I know that one one doesn’t fit the rule proper like, but you knows wot I mean)

    See, I reckon that Jamie, 20% he likes women but 80% he fancies men, an I don’t mind if wants to go out wiv a bird every now an again like, did so meself I have! Married that Renata I did. Really drunk I was.

    Love to all! Elt.

    • Luv the bit about just 20% of United fans are from Manchester. Quite possibly a reality ha!

    • jonathan says:

      Hey Elt – has David had that sprog yet????

      80% of actors are gay – I don’t believe it – lovies maybe…..

      • Elton John - Drama Queen says:

        Gay they is Jonathan, GAY!

        Me an David did a survey and we sh@gged at least 80% of them actors we did see.

        • Elton John - Drama Queen says:

          Sad news Jonathan, proper upset we are me an David, but we av ad a miscarriage.

          See, last night after I ad put im to bed, I took David up a cup of nice, hot, chocolatey, Horvaltinelicks (is favourite that is). An when I’d read im is story and made im say is prayers (he is a one for not thanking God he is if you let him get away wiv it) we was just falling asleep right and there was this almighty noise wot came out from is side of the bed, under the quilt like, kind of like someone blowin a massive raspberry see, an he says to me, “Ere Elt, I think I’ve sh!T mesel!!”

          Well luckily right he adn’t, but his tum went down and there was this right nasty pong. See an we reckons he must av ad a miscarriage cos it looks like there ain’t not no nippers in there no more!

          Anyway its not so bad, we is tryin very hard for another one see, but he is gonna av to lay them ruby murries for a while he is.

    • LOL Elt… I think you would like him up close too ;) When he shakes your hand, he doesn’t let it go until you have finished talking with him. He’s around 6′ 3 and very approachable.

      Buzzing with Ange’s last blog post..Buzzing with Ange

  7. Angie, any info available on how exactly he became a multi-millionaire in 4 years?

    I appreciate your stand dear, and can see how body language etc. play a role in the business world/ wealth creation. However I believe it is the ‘icing on the cake’. It does not replace the key ingredients to making it happen, some of which are intelligence, innovative ideas, hard work, good people management and leadership skills, opportunity, and, in Dubai, good contacts in the right circles :)) Can we agree on a 20-80 instead?

    • I mean, 80-20 instead!

    • Jim & Em says:

      The book is worth a look BJ – its on Buzzing’s site!

    • Yes Bridget, I can tell you that… how are you btw? It’s been a while. Jamie created his wealth by investing in property, trading the stock market and developing a very successful business. It’s a synergy of all three. He makes money in his sleep and he wants to teach whoever is willing to learn, to do the same. Think about it. The more wealthy people there are, the better the economy is. Especially seeing that there will be more than 100 million baby boomers retiring in the USA alone within the next five years. When this happens, their retirement funds (401K in the USA and Superannuation fund in AUS) which are tied up in the stock market, will be drawn out for them to live on and it will leave a big hole in the stock market. It’s a good idea to be prepared for this and have some savings or liquid assets to ride through the wave of uncertainty that lies ahead.

      With a portfolio of properties alone, the way they increase in value, it wouldn’t take that many to have assets worth a million dollars. In fact, here in Australia, it only takes 3 median properties and you are a millionaire. By knowing which properties to buy and where, it is achievable. Having the cashflow to fund the repayments is where trading the stock market comes in using low-risk strategies. This cashflow adds to your monthly income and is useful if you are starting out in a new business or want to supplement the income you already have. Does this make sense?

      Buzzing with Ange’s last blog post..Buzzing with Ange

      • Urban Paga says:

        he hocked himself up to his neck on property then borrowed and gambled against his credit and got lucky

        well in

      • says:

        From what I’m reading Buzzing Angie, you clearly don’t need this Jamie character to tell you how to make money! :))

        I’m ok Sweety.. well, i think. It’s been a while indeed. I’ll touch base soon.

  8. Lib says:

    Very kindly Ange has sent me his book and I am yet to read it.

    It is my next book to read though and until I read it I don’t really have an opinion, will let you know.

  9. Lib says:

    He is fit though.

  10. jonathan says:

    Sorry I know I should be more open minded and i do try to be but its just that all (well most of us) are so caught up in daily struggle for survival – not the desert island kind of struggle but the real world…. will be able to pay the mortgage this month, is there enough to feed the family, how am i going to get to my mum in cambridge for mothers day, etc etc.

    Had a bit of a medical scare as well back end of last week – i’m not saying i re-evalated my life but I did try to think when i could fit in 5 mins on the running machine ( Iknow we’re discussed this topic before).. my point is that if he’s found a way to scam people for a few quid to ‘learn the secrets of a new life’ then good luck to him, but man of us live in the real world and that’s how it is unless we win the lottery.

    Yes we work hard (very hard) to better ourselves and provide a better life for our families and to be able to be there for them when they’ll really need financial help – college, homes etc so we have plenty of motivation. That’s our ultimate goal and idon’t think its a low one – just possibly an obtainable one though.

    • arvind says:

      It is time I came in on this as it is so tied up with the coaching work I do with some clients.

      To be honest I had never heard of this guy before but he seems to have his marketing act together.

      I have seen Tony Robbins live and he is very slick – has the audience in the palm of his hands.

      Ok – TR has great content and charisma and the guy has done well. And he has used his success and wealth to help others such as through his foundation and the basket brigade initiative, whereby tens of thousands of needy families around the world get a surprise Xmas hamper.

      But when I see 1,000s of people attending his seminars, I wonder how many of them actually change their lives long term. I understand that many get hooked on his seminars and attend again and again. I enjoyed the time I went and it was mind blowing – and I was on a high for about 10 days.

      From the 12,000 who attended the weekend I went to, I wondered how many became millionaires etc?!

      Personally, I believe such seminars may be useful to attend once and they might give you a few tips about making changes in your life. But the real work begins inside you and you still have to continue living your life as before.

      As Gareth says, we all have goals, mundane though they may appear to be.

      But perhaps that is the whole point of our lives – it is about just how we define success – whether that is millinairedom, private yacht, putting the kids through college, buying your own home or just gettng the next meal.

      I really do believe that a lot of damage is done, perhaps unintentionally, by quick fix gurus and moives such as The Secret.

      The real work is done inside of us and for that there is no substitute – not even Tony Robbins nor Jamie McIntyre :-)

      Thanks for sharing Ange – and good luck!

      • Urban Paga says:


        I totally agree with you on this one- if it was so successful surely everyone would get the same level of success

        it smacks of pyramid selling a bit

        while I don’t see the point of a life coach myself I think the only real way anyone COULD get any vale from one s in a one to one scenario. Perhaps I’m going soft!

        • I’m not selling you anything here UP. Not sure where you picked that one up from *wondering*

          Buzzing with Ange’s last blog post..Buzzing with Ange

          • Urban Paga says:

            a question

            when you say he’s a millionaire

            do you mean he has hocked himself up to his neck for assets that are now worth a million or a few million

            or do you mean he has milions to hand

            if the second- wy is he telling you?

            erm cos he needs the money for a hair transplant

          • all of the above UP.. he is a multi-millionaire now… and there is no hair transplant needed… lol

            Buzzing with Ange’s last blog post..Buzzing with Ange

          • Jim & Em says:

            Anymore incoming missiles oh Urban one? ;-)

          • Urban Paga says:

            so to re-cap

            he went mental hocking himself up to his gills n a time when property prices went up

            but ultimately if the buy to let market goes tits up he’ll be knackered.

            I have a friend who earns multi-mills playing the markets. he reckons that for every 1 who makes a killing in property by to lets 99.9% scrape by or lose. he now earns mad money playing currency markets.

            he feels no need to do 300 quid a pop seminars however.

          • Urban one… I like that Jim!

            Guess what Urban one… it’s a lot more than 300 quid ;)
            Buzzing with Ange’s last blog post..Buzzing with Ange

          • Urban Paga says:

            but in essence what have said is the outline content correct?

            in short

            -get lots of credit cards
            - get lots of credit
            - use money to deposit on house
            - arrange new mortgage on strength of first mortgage

            hope market goes up- if it does you have equity in the property which you can then use to get another mortgage

            the fact he shares his secret leads me to believe the real money maker is in doing seminars about money making

            and lets face it if he could play the markets so well he’d be earning tens of millions a year doing it instead of hiring a hall to tell people about it wouldn’t he?

            seriously- how much did he rob you of for the info I’ve just given free…….

          • Have you read the book oh Urban one? God love ya! The answer to how much it costs is in the book… I don’t have to give everything away now do I?

            The property market always goes up… never fear unless there is a huge flood like when Noah built his ark and it all gets washed away.

            As far as getting lots of credit cards, that’s not necessary as the equity in the property is enough to get going and build your portfolio on. Our investment property returns us 10% per annum. It’s more than a part-time salary and it increases every year.

            Buzzing with Ange’s last blog post..Buzzing with Ange

          • Urban Paga says:

            did he mention his court problems? or does he leave that out?

          • AngryfromEllesmerePort says:

            Try telling that to the thousands of homeowners who were in negative equity in the early 90′s

        • Arvind says:

          I agree Gary – I love one to one work with clients best :-)

          So if you are going soft, when would you like to have long put off drink in London?!

          Arvind’s last blog post..It?s a Dog?s Life – Love Yourself Uncondionally!

      • You are right Arvind. It is inside everyone. No matter how many times you hear these guys, they won’t make a change in you as you are the only one who has that power. They can motivate and stimulate and unless you are willing to change, then it ain’t gonna happen!

        There is nothing “quick fix” about Jamie’s seminar. He does spend the first day talking about how if you want change, then he supplies the tools to make it happen. There are always people who don’t show up the next day. It’s not for everyone. Arvind, I have seen what some of the graduates have achieved though. Some of them get all hyped up and go for it, then lose their “MOJO” and revert back to the way they were before. It is a stretch to believe and to take action to make it happen and the ones that stick with it come out on top… oh, and luck has nothing to do with it ;)
        Buzzing with Ange’s last blog post..Buzzing with Ange

        • Urban Paga says:

          so in short you paid to go and see something that won’t actually make any difference? madness.

          here the urban pagan guide to making a million quid in a year

          buy something for 100k- sell it a year later for 1.1 mill

          easy this

    • Jim & Em says:

      We hope you’re on the mend J, more than man-flu by the sounds….

    • Hi Jonathan, it’s not good that you’re not well. Speedy recovery to you.

      I hear you and guess what? I do live in the real world too. Perhaps my perception is different now to yours. Once upon a time, I believed that we had to work hard in a good job and make good money to take care of our family, and then when we retire, we could enjoy life. Long before I came across Jamie McIntyre and the likes of him, there was a big influx of “Financial Planners” that had hit the scene in the big banks over here. They were introduced to teach people… er hum… exploit people with the banks products which would supplement their retirement funds because by the time I retire, there will be no such thing as a pension… not that I would want to live off that as it is pittance anyway. The way the population is, there are too many retirees and less people working which means that there are not enough taxes to keep paying out social security as it once was.

      The Financial Planners idea is to put your life savings into a fund which will give you high returns in order for you to have a big enough nest egg to live off in your retirement. Not so high in my opinion. The returns that is. I worked almost 18 years in banks and I have to tell you, they charge fees like wounded bulls. I’m sure everyone here knows what I am talking about.

      There is no scamming involved in Jamie’s program or seminars. There are many successful graduates who have gone on and built incredible wealth for themselves. I have met and developed some great friendships with them. It’s for real and what he teaches is how to do it for yourself. He doesn’t own every company on the stock market or every investment property that graduates purchase. He simply teaches strategies and helps to develop a mindset ready for wealth.

      How many people who win the lottery hold onto it? If your wealth increases considerably because of a windfall, and you cannot master your money or don’t know how to invest it wisely, the lottery money isn’t going to last that long. I’m sure you can find statistics somewhere that will back that up. Not only that… what are the odds nowadays to actually pick the winning numbers! Money is a magnifier of who you are. I understand that something like this is not for everyone. I wrote about it to share it with everyone here. Even if only one person gets it and makes something great out of it, that’s what I am here for… and I don’t even need to know about it. You always get back what you give and I feel that this kind of stuff is worth sharing.

      Buzzing with Ange’s last blog post..Buzzing with Ange

      • Urban Paga says:

        does he have a percentage success to fail ratio of all wh attend his courses?

        I’ll start the bidding at less than 1%

  11. aussiecynic says:

    My life to date is a total miss/match of luck and direction… most of the plans I make are totaled by others… cicumstances which to say the least have made it impossible to achieve even half of what I try and do….
    go to University age 28 bridging course in Bachelor of Science Majoring in (you wont Beleive this) Quantum and Astro Physics… yep I am a geek… finish the bridging course … get into Degree course with honours I might add start course…. sister ends up loosing her kids I being only living relative get handed 3 kids under the age 8, all with problems, marriage breaks up, ex takes all cash (and no way to get of it because no money to fight it through the courts) and leaves me penniless in debt massive debt… with 6 kids, no businesses, no income and no time to complete my course…… hows that for a Universal Joke ….
    So in desperation and with an open mind I looked at all these self help books, seminars (no money to buy tickets so no point) and all, though they do give you a sense of empowerment and strength, which positive thinking does, the only benefit of them I can see is inspiration to move forward….
    If you have nothing left at the end of the week, there is not much you can do…. it is all well and good to invest your last pennies in the stock market, to buy property, start a business but when you havent got the money to buy the inital ticket you are hardly going to have any to give to a broker and there isnt a financial group with any credibilty that is going to lend you one single dollar on the hope you will make your life better ….

    For those who find Inspriation it is a wonderful tool to increase what you must already have …. and I do agree a positive outlook is much more productive than a negative one…
    This I found to be a great truth….. for the most part I can see how it works and the empowerment one gets from these principles….
    But the part none of these speakers can tell anyone is how to get there in the first place, without the use of credit…. Regardless of where they say they started most of these people did it without a family, a mortgage… they where single, working, and no real responsibilties and regardless of the debt they had they still had enough to start with….
    At the moment I am almost debt free except for my mortgage, the debts my ex saddled me with are gone 10 years of paying for them, hubby and I have worked hard for what we have and after taking time off with the move are moving into a new mindset…. but we did it without mentors, speakers, family, and on our own… hard work, going without and knuckling down …… has got us here… thats what works…

    Good luck Ange I do hope you get what you are looking for, but look inside as well as outside yourself as well you have agreat strength and loads of folks out there with masses of experience to help and advice you along the way and we dont need payment…. just your friendship…

    • arvind says:

      Thanks for sharing your inspirational story AC – one day maybe you too will have a following ;-)

    • You’re beautiful AC… I want to hop on a plane and come on over and hug you… I’ll bring the chocolate too ;) I have found what I was looking for and it is a means for me to be able to help others. This seminar is the third that I have attended and I went because my partner was also coming. It was his first. It’s great because he now understands what I have been talking about for the last two years.

      Hard work does work but wouldn’t you rather have freedom? Wouldn’t you rather have time and the means to travel… hop on a plane and go to some of those places that you have mentioned here on flowers? I have read some of your other comments and it is obvious that you are just itching to get away and go on some grand holiday. I do too and I want to take my whole family along… grandparents, siblings, nieces, nephews… everyone. I reckon it would be a whole lot of fun. I will never stop dreaming as that is what drives me. Without dreams, none of this would make any sense… I’ll bring some champagne too! Send me your address.

      Buzzing with Ange’s last blog post..Buzzing with Ange

      • aussiecynic says:

        Thanks heaps Ange
        you are buzzing…
        I’ll email addy to ya…lol… you bring champas and Chocolate, I supply the cheese and bickies…. actually Tassie cheese is cheaper on the mainland than it is here.. believe it or not…

        My Dreams and my family is what keeps me going… although some days are harder than others…. most days are wonderful in all ways….
        You read me right I am just busting to go travel… and it is true never been on a plane never left the country… although Tassie does feel like a totally different place and time…. dont even have a passport, but working on that one…hehehehe

        Hubby and I are looking at selling the house in about 18months as the price goes up… in 12mths it has increased 40,000 in value and we havent done anything to it…so with a coat of paint and a spruse up you never can tell…. the town is gearing to be the next mining boom town and the starts are beginning to show….
        If that happens we have a plan of what we need, what we will do and apart from what we will invest we are looking at overseas, then a camper trailer and travel around OZ, before Moppet hits High School… thats the grand Plan and everyday I am reinforcing it… but the priority is to see my Grandmother before she is gone… shes 81 and havent seen for 2 years and paying off the house…
        I love how positive you are it lifts me when I am feeling abit blah… If I never read this guys book, I wont miss out because your posts are inspiring enough…. keep them coming and one day soon maybe I’ll get over there… watchout for the spirit docking… you might get a call…lol…

        aussiecynic’s last blog post..For all those who doubt We grow em big

    • Lib says:

      Well, well AC. Thats the kind of inspiration I am talking about. Good for you. That is the kind of story I would pay money for. From the heart, and how to deal with a mess we sometimes call life.

      Hats off to you.

      I must admit you hit on my sticking point about his book which I have started to read. If you haven’t got any money/credit to begin with, what do you do then?

      • angesbiz says:

        Lib, chapter 12, page 159 is where he explains how to raise funds.

        angesbiz’s last blog post..Education for Life Seminar

      • aussiecynic says:

        Thanks Lib
        I wasnt sure about posting it… thought perhaps a bit to personal and thought no in the context of post I should share…
        The hardest is getting your head around the situation and then trying to work out what to do…..
        Is takes hard work and perserverance
        but you do what you can and give 110% to sorting and getting to the other side and eventually you do….
        the secret i think is seeing the light at the end of the tunnel regardless how far away it is…… or how dim…

        aussiecynic’s last blog post..For all those who doubt We grow em big

  12. Gareth In China says:

    Its all been said really.
    Hard work, focus and information are generally what are needed.
    If you want to do something then plan it.
    Research what it is you want to do, investigate case studies, develop your plan from an informed view point, set yourself a series of SMART goals and then commit yourself to doing it.

    If you need someone to tell you this then go to a seminar like the oine above, but lets accept this for what it is – common bloody sense told to you by an excellent marketing man.

    In todays nanny society there are so many ‘victims’ who need this sort of thing as they are used to being told what to do, what they shuold be doing ,why they aren’t, why they can’t, who is to blame and how to make it better. Genreally never for free though eh!

    • Thanks GIC. So… are you implying that I am a “victim?” Hmmmm… funny!

      As I mentioned up further, it was the Financial Planners that put this idea into my head that I had to make sure that I took responsibility for myself and my future as no-one else is going to take care of me when I retire and my fund would certainly have not been enough either the way I was heading because I chose to stay home after I had my kids. Since learning of all this, I am taking action and putting some of the strategies in place. This will mean that all I need to work with is my laptop and phone, whether it be property or stock market or business… it doesn’t matter where I am or who I am with, I can choose when to work and when to play without answering to anybody else. Don’t you just love that idea? I certainly do.

      Buzzing with Ange’s last blog post..Buzzing with Ange

      • Jim & Em says:

        It is what most strive for Ange so good for you.

      • Urban Paga says:

        no you can’t

        you can’t choose to not work for 10 years can you- and you do answer to your credit company don’t you? so wat you paint as a perfect lifestyle is in fact no different to the majority of people tied to a job is it?

        I’d rather not have the hassle of massive credit debts hanging over my head being honest. horses for courses as they say

    • Arvind says:

      Gareth – I hear of the same people attending the many seminars of a similar vein being pedalled about in London at the moment.

      And how I do know this?!

      I get “special” invitations to them from the same people – and not because I attend them myself!

      Arvind’s last blog post..It?s a Dog?s Life – Love Yourself Uncondionally!

  13. Urban Paga says:

    does he mention the times he’s been investigated by the australian investment comminsion in his seminars

    02/185 McIntyre group of companies return to Court

    Tuesday 28 May 2002

    The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) has applied to the Supreme Court of Queensland for the appointment of a Provisional Liquidator to the McIntyre group of companies. The application, which was adjourned on 30 April 2002, will be heard on 29 May 2002.

    On 27 March 2002 the Court made orders appointing Mr Bradley Vincent Hellen, of Calabro Partners, as receiver and manager of the assets of Mr Jamie McIntyre, Ms Jana Rajnoch, Visual Changes Pty Ltd (trading as 21st Century Academy), Cashflow Creation Pty Ltd, JNMAC Pty Ltd, JNMAC2 Pty Ltd and Jaymac Communications Aust No2 Pty Ltd (Subject to a Deed of Company Arrangement).

    The Court also ordered that Mr McIntyre and Ms Rajnoch, of Noosa, Queensland, surrender their passports to the Court.

    On 29 April 2002, the Receiver tendered a supplementary report to his earlier report in relation to the affairs of Mr McIntyre, Ms Rajnoch and the McIntyre group of companies to the Court.

    On 30 April 2002, the original orders against the McIntyre Group of companies were varied and extended so that the McIntyre group of companies were prohibited from carrying on or holding themselves out as carrying on, or dealing with any fund or property relating to the operation of five schemes identified in the Receiver’s supplementary report.

    The orders restraining the McIntyre group of companies from dealing with certain property, or dealing with any funds held in bank accounts subject to their control, without the prior written consent of the ASIC, continue until 16 July 2002.

    Mr McIntyre undertook that he would not leave Australia without first giving ASIC 14 days prior written notice of his intention to do so and would return to Australia on or about the date to be notified to ASIC. The Court also ordered that:
    the appointment of the Receiver be terminated over the assets of Mr McIntyre and Ms Rajnoch, and their passports be released to them;
    Mr McIntyre and Ms Rajnoch be restrained from dealing with any and all of their present assets or money other than for purposes specified by the Court until 16 July 2002;
    Mr McIntyre and Ms Rajnoch must give ASIC seven days prior written notice of any proposed dealing with his present assets or money exceeding $4,000.00 in relation to any individual transaction, or any proposed payments to investors in the five schemes identified in the Receiver’s supplementary report.
    The appointment of the Receiver to the McIntyre group of companies continues.

    ASIC’s investigation is continuing.

    of course he wll mention this?

  14. Urban Paga says:

    And a bit more recent

    05-167 Another wealth creation spruiker caught out

    Wednesday 22 June 2005

    The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) has successfully brought legal proceedings against a wealth creation promoter operating nationally.

    21st Century Academy Pty Ltd (21st Century Academy) and Mr Jamie McIntyre have been ordered by the Federal Court of Australia to stop or change the way they arrange, promote and hold live seminars in Australia.

    In making final orders the Federal Court declared that 21st Century Academy had contravened the Corporations Act 2001 (the Act) in that it had carried on a financial services business without holding an Australian financial services licence (AFSL).

    The Executive Director of Enforcement at ASIC, Ms Jan Redfern said the Federal Court?s action should remind consumers that it is important to check the credentials of people providing financial advice.

    ?The law seeks to protect consumers from unqualified people who often provide misleading advice about their expertise and skills, repeatedly making far-fetched promises and guaranteeing personal wealth. For their own sake, consumers should be wary of such promises and always ensure they obtain financial advice from licensed professionals?, Ms Redfern said.

    The Court found that 21st Century Academy had provided financial product advice, by arranging, promoting and holding live seminars in Australia to members of the public at which Mr McIntyre spoke about certain strategies involving shares and derivatives. Furthermore, the Court found 21st Century Academy had breached this provision by publishing and promoting a book entitled ?What I didn?t learn at school but wish I had?. This book contained financial product advice with respect to securities and derivatives.

    In relation to Mr McIntyre, the Court declared that he was knowingly concerned in the contraventions of the Act committed by 21st Century Academy. The Court also declared that Mr McIntyre had contravened the Act in that he had provided financial product advice, on behalf of 21st Century Academy, without being authorised to do so by the holder of an AFSL.

    ASIC alleged that 21st Century Academy and Mr Jamie McIntyre had acted in contravention of the Act from 11 March 2002 to 31 December 2004.

    As a consequence, the Court granted injunctions to restrain 21st Century Academy and Mr McIntyre from:
    arranging, promoting and holding live seminars in Australia at which advice or recommendations are given in connection with securities and derivatives (including blue-chip shares and exchange traded options) unless that advice is given by the holder of an AFSL or by the authorised representative of an AFSL holder, covering the provision of such advice;
    printing, publishing and distributing written material that promotes and advertises live seminars at which advice or recommendations are given in connection with securities and derivatives, unless that advice is given by the holder of an AFSL, or the authorised representative of an AFSL holder, covering the provision of that advice; and
    printing, publishing and distributing the book ?What I Didn?t Learn At School But Wish I Had? (in the form as reprinted in March 2004).
    Additionally, the Court ordered 21st Century Academy and Mr McIntyre to pay ASIC?s costs.

    ?Entities associated with Mr McIntyre and 21st Century Academy hold live seminars outside Australia, and in the past these seminars have been conducted in New Zealand and Fiji. While these seminars may be advertised in Australia, consumers should note that they fall outside ASIC?s jurisdiction?, Ms Redfern warned.

    what a lovely rags to riches tale eh?

    • says:

      This is too long to read at midnite Gary, and I won’t have time during the day, could you give a summary pls? 8)

      And what HAVE you done with the N?

      Asked by L’impertinente Bridget Jones, Flower’s Invisible Woman 8)
      ‘s last blog post..This is how it all started..

      • Urban Pagan says:

        In short Bridge

        this success story

        had his assets seized and companies liqiudated

        and was done for trading without license in financial services

        yet he fails to mention it in his rags to riches tale

        he’s a good saleman but thats it and his interest is in himself

        as his 30 odd websites all with different wealth based names suggest

        found one where he boasted of speaking with Stormin Norman- the gulf war guy- but he spelt his name wrong. ooooops


        and the two bits above prove it- after all if he’s not told the whole story to his punters they have paid to be lied to

        • says:

          Ta G., certainly more digestible! You’re good with Executive Summaries ha! ;)

          Seems a bit like a conman to me this shady fella! Hmmm… but then Buzzing Angie’s saying he came clean with it and fixed the wrong. What’s your response?

          Ah! The N’s back in pagaN!

  15. Urban Paga says:

    so buzzing?

    I take it he covered all this in depth in his seminar in a really up-front way.

    Oh he didn’t?

    Now theres a shock

  16. BO says:

    Ha ha,excellent debate,over to you buzzing….please take the dock!

  17. It’s good to see you doing your due diligence oh Urban one! Yes, he made a mistake and then made it right. All investors were fully re-paid, unlike some other shoddy businesses that leave honest people broke!! This information is also readily available. Haven’t you ever made a mistake? Any cynic or skeptic will pick this up as the information is readily available on the internet. I am pretty sure that all graduates and non-graduates looking into his program will stumble across this info and the ones that go on and make use of his program are excited by the possibilities, and many go on to take necessary action and improve their lifestyles. Even if it is just to reduce “bad debt.”

    Any other questions… keep them coming :D
    Buzzing with Ange’s last blog post..Buzzing with Ange

    • Jim & Em says:

      A return serve from Buzzing…..

      This is better than TV.

    • Urban Paga says:

      so in his seminar aside from the obvious ‘so who wants to be rich’ stuff he opens by saying stuff like

      ‘its like the time I ad all my assets seized by the authorities’


      ‘do like I did and trade illegally without a licence’

      take into consideration I found this info out on a google search. I myself have done a number of naughty things none of which can be found on google. so what else has he done that hasn’t made it onto the public domain. and it wasn’t one mistake he made was it. the regulatory authorities felt it necessary to stop him trading several times. so like it or lump it he’s a crook. and your feathering his nest. And you know as well as I did he re-paid people because he got caught. If he hadn’t he wouldn’t.

      Again I ask you- what percentage success rate does he have. What does he guarantee?

      A similar guy over here was doing a very simiar thing. Encouraging people to get up to their necks in debt. This was featured on a programme. It all goes well until people may a) be made out of work b) be unable to work due to health

      then Jamie boy is long gone and people are left bankrupt and financially screwed for the rest of their lives.

      Bottom line- he makes his money stating the obvious in an evangelical manner to people and encouraging debt.

      • geesh!! you are a tough crowd to please… no he doesn’t oh Urban one as the people who attend more than likely have done what you did and know all about it anyway. Yet, they come to see for themselves and make up their own minds. The seminar is not about that and the program has a 90 day money back guarantee for whatever the reason. If by the end of the 90 days you are not completely satisfied, you can send it back and get refunded in full!! That sounds fair to me. And another thing… this is not for everyone… I wanted to share here for the ones who are interested in knowing this kind of thing exists and to give the rest of you something to think about. It certainly has had a lot of attention so it has served it’s purpose.

        I have no idea of what the ratio of success is because when it boils down to it, I am responsible for making the decision of whether or not it is for me. There are hundreds of testimonials on Jamie’s sites and you have already found those so have a look.

        If whatever naughty thing you did hasn’t ended with a court case, then it’s fair to assume there is no record of it and nothing will show up on google. On the other hand, if you were to become famous, there would most certainly be records on the net relating to you and your deeds. Are you ready to be exposed?

        Buzzing with Ange’s last blog post..Buzzing with Ange

        • Urban Paga says:


          What he is doing is a well known scam

          the thing I posted which is waiting in spam will outline this i greater detail

          until then…………..

          as for if I were to become famous……… he’s hardly famous s he? except in his own mind I think

        • Jim & Em says:

          Its all publicity though, right?

          Thorns n flowers team – thorns n flowers!

  18. Urban Paga says:


    my post with links has gone to spam I think!

    set the truth FREE!!

  19. Urban Pagan says:

    while I am in spam I will cut and paste some of the links – this one from money week

    The investment seminar

    ?Learn here how you can have a career change by becoming a stockmarket investor/trader,? claims Darren Winter?s Win Investing publicity. It would seem that the route to stockmarket riches is available to all and a free seminar will show everyone how it is done. So far, so tempting. Unfortunately, the seminar is just a taster promising unlikely returns of up to 450%, according to one BBC participant. Unearthing the real ?secrets? requires willing investors to part with just over ?2,000 to cover the cost of a two-day follow-up course.

    Similarly, at Inside Track, you can learn to ?quickly build a property investment portfolio? while ?avoiding the mistakes that amateur landlords make? for just ?2,495, says The Guardian. But that is just the start ? budding investors are then asked to part with up to ?12,995 as a membership fee, followed by ?250 per month thereafter.

    Don?t be conned: The harsh reality is that investing successfully in either shares or property actually requires experience and hard work rather than two days listening to investment advice that could be picked up for a fraction of the price by simply reading a decent book on the subject.

    Remember ? the majority of fund managers, backed by armies of analysts, fail to beat the market on a consistent basis, so the chances of a group of amateur investors finding some hidden stockmarket secret in a weekend are more than unlikely.

    For every major winner there are countless losers in a free market, an awkward point that the investment seminars tend to gloss over. They also play down inconveniences such as void periods and the impact of interest-rate rises when targeting buy-to-let investors.

  20. Urban Pagan says:

    Another one

    What are investment seminars & real estate scams?

    Some investment seminars may try and convince you to follow high risk investment strategies, such as borrowing huge sums of money to buy property. Others promote investments that involve lending money on for no security?or with other risky terms. While investment advice can be legitimate and beneficial, it is important to look carefully at what an investment scheme or seminar is offering. Attending an expensive seminar or investing in the wrong kind of scheme can be costly mistakes.

    You could be invited to an investment seminar in a number of ways?you might receive a letter drop in the mail, see an ad in a newspaper or magazine, or hear about it through word of mouth. The seminar may promise that a motivational speaker, an investment expert or even a self-made millionaire will give you advice on investing.

    The seminars and real estate investment schemes make money by charging you attendance fees, by selling you over-priced reports or books and by selling property and investments without letting you get independent advice. They often make misleading or deceptive claims or pressure you to buy into investments that will end up losing you money.

    The investments that the seminars offer are often over-valued and you may have to pay fees and commissions that the promoters did not tell you about beforehand. The seminar promoters might offer ?rent guarantees? or discounts for ?buying off the plan??but these may not deliver the benefits they promise when the total cost of the deal is taken into account.

    Some seminars or schemes may even fly you to the property location to view the property. They will try to pressure you into committing to the deal?without giving you time to obtain independent information or advice.

    Warning signs

    Advertisements for seminars or real estate investment schemes that promise a ?risk-free investment?, ?be a millionaire in three years? and ?get-rich-quick?.
    Promises of above-average returns at little or no risk.
    The first seminar you are invited to attend may be free, but there are very high fees to attend any further seminars
    Offers of loans to cover the costs of both the investment and further investment seminars.
    Investment seminars that offer to teach you ?secret? or ?exclusive? techniques for building wealth.
    Protect yourself from investment seminars & real estate scams

    Use your common sense: the offer may be a scam.
    Remember there are no get-rich-quick schemes: the only people who make money are the scammers.
    Do not let anyone pressure you into making decisions about money or investments: always get independent financial advice.
    Remember that family members and friends may try to involve you in a scam without realising that it is a scam: you should seek independent advice (from a lawyer or financial adviser)
    Be wary of investments promising a high return with little or no risk.
    Do not open suspicious or unsolicited emails (spam): delete them.
    NEVER reply to a spam email (even to unsubscribe).
    If it looks too good to be true?it probably is.
    As well as following these specific tips, find out how to protect yourself from all sorts of other scams.

    Do your homework

    Check with ASIC and the ACCC to see if they have taken any action against the promoters or their schemes (and remember that even if ASIC or the ACCC have not taken any action to date, this does not mean the scheme is safe or legal). ASIC?s FIDO website has more information about investment seminars.

    Scammers may offer to fly you interstate to view properties. Before you accept their offer, find out if you must pay for your travel and accommodation if you don?t buy a property.

    DO NOT commit to any investment at a seminar?the atmosphere at these events can be quite charged and exciting, but investment decisions should only be made after a lot of thinking, and most importantly, after seeking advice from an independent financial adviser licensed by ASIC.


    The easiest way to avoid these scams is by not responding to the advertisement for the seminar. If you believe the seminar might be worthwhile, seek independent professional investment advice before deciding to attend.

    No investment is risk free, including real estate investments. There can be major costs involved (such as legal fees and stamp duty) and the market can change overnight.

    Take your time and make your decision based on independent research and expert advice.


  21. Urban Pagan says:

    And more

    What happens behind the locked doors of property seminars

    If get rich quick property schemes seemed too good to be true when the housing market was soaring ahead, the feeling is much stronger now with property analysts predicting significant price falls.
    However, this has not stopped property investment companies from bombarding potential customers with invitations to attend free seminars.

    A recent mailing from Inside Track, a property investment education company, is headed: ‘How you could give up work and be a property millionaire’. It goes on: ‘Start from scratch – live on easy street instead of struggling for a living!’ The leaflet describes how the Inside Track programme could enable you to retire in three to five years’ time, find some of the most profitable opportunities, which it says are rarely advertised, and ‘make money from property in good times (easy) and bad (even easier)’.

    Only in the small print at the end does Inside Track point out that the leaflet should not be construed to be an invitation or inducement to engage in investment activities, and that it is not authorised by the Financial Services Authority to provide investment or financial advice.

    Inside Track is not alone in attempting to make money out of people who want to invest in property, as Margaret Dibben’s article about Chloe and Choices Acquisitions proves.

    These companies are not doing anything illegal – there are no specific rules about property investment by individuals for them to break. They are not giving…..continued below

    investment advice. They say the investment decision is left to the client. So it is all the more important for prospective property investors to be extremely careful about spending their money right now – not only on the seminars (with Inside Track, for example, only the first is free: attendance at subsequent seminars can cost thousands of pounds), but also on property itself.
    Carefully worded schemes that talk about seemingly inevitable financial success sound tempting, yet buy-to-let schemes carry enormous risks for the unwary. I went to a free introductory Inside Track seminar in a country hotel to find out more.

    Before attending in summer 2006, Inside Track repeatedly urged me to arrive 30 minutes early to allow time for registration. Registration in fact took 15 seconds (‘Fill in what you like,’ said the man with the forms) and for the rest of the 30 minutes Inside Track personnel mingled with the audience, checking what they wanted from the evening and asking about their existing investment portfolios.

    At 7.30pm, as about 60 people entered the banquet room, we were told the main doors would be locked throughout the three-hour presentation ‘for health and safety reasons’. The only way out was through a back door, at which were posted five Inside Track personnel. Whether or not this was for a genuine health and safety reason, it meant that leaving the seminar was an intimidating experience.

    We were twice told to switch off mobiles (‘putting them on silent or vibrate isn’t enough’) and a notice said that no recording equipment could be used.

    Then came the evening’s entertainment in the shape of a sixtysomething Inside Track representative. With a deep breath he began an almost non-stop peroration that was in turns populist, bombastic and bullying.

    ..continued from previous page: His criticisms were aimed at audience members who folded their arms (‘you’re just cynics’), estate agents (‘middle men only after their cut’), property journalists (‘left-wing academics’) and Guardian readers (‘if I’ve upset them, I’m really, really glad’).
    Those who declined to answer his questions were described as ‘silly’ or ‘snob-heads’ or ‘losers who haven’t got properties of their own’. His three-hour monologue – interrupted only by Inside Track colleagues explaining their transformations from financial failures to property millionaires – can be boiled down to four main points.

    First, he said attendees should sign up for a ?3,995 weekend seminar ‘where you’ll meet developers’, ‘be taught how to structure a deal’ and ‘learn 30 surveyor-based techniques to buy at below market value’.

    Second, after that weekend, they should spend a further ?5,995 to get access to online information about new developments ‘to cherry-pick the best deals’.

    Third, if they invested, they should borrow money to buy at least five and preferably 10 or more buy-to-lets, at discount prices secured by Inside Track. ‘If market conditions change, you’ve no protection with only one.’

    Fourth, all deals should be done through Inside Track’s linked companies, Instant Access (for property acquisition), Fuel (for mortgages) and Aftercare Solutions (for property maintenance).

    To support all this there were his contentions, rattled off with apparent authority: most…..continued below

    Spanish properties had quadrupled in value over five years; one Florida villa that allegedly appreciated from $100,000 to $300,000 in 18 months was ‘typical of what’s happening there’; and ‘whatever happens, when you go to sleep tonight you always know your house will be worth more tomorrow’.
    He finished by giving away a trio of Inside Track DVD sets and challenging his audience to either sign up for the weekend seminars or go home and explain to their families why they were still failures and still broke.

    A few audience members stood up, pens and credit cards at the ready, but most of us ran the gauntlet of Inside Track’s ‘consultants’ to exit through the only available door.

    Tony McKay, managing director of the Inside Track group, says his companies’ robust style of marketing at workshops should not be compared with how estate agents or developers sell their products. ‘At these events we’re not selling properties but selling the right to attend an educational seminar,’ he says.

    McKay says that his representatives do not abuse members of the public and he expresses surprise that doors should be locked or people heckled by speakers if they walk out or appear sceptical of claims made at events. ‘If people want to leave they can leave,’ he says.

    As for independent financial advisers, who attracted especially crude criticism at the Exeter workshop, he says: ‘We don’t necessarily believe what IFAs say.’

    But in his words there may also be a promise – albeit a slightly cryptic one – that his companies’ sales techniques will change in the tougher climate of this year’s property market. ‘We all know that the market in this country is more challenging now,’ he says. ‘That means we’re changing the front-end marketing of what we do.’

    guardian.co.uk ? Guardian Newspapers Limited 2008

  22. Urban Pagan says:


    Making that magic million is easier than ever before. And if you don’t believe it, try going to a hotel near you most weekday evenings.

    There, you can witness one of the seminars purporting to show the quick route to a low-risk million, now mushrooming all over major cities in Britain.

    One recent issue of a London giveaway paper advertises no less than three “make a fortune” firms. Radio stations are also awash with ads from the millionaire merchants.

    The seminars claim to offer near instant fortunes in property or on the stock market. Each takes up to three hours. But to save readers time, Jobs & Money joined the typical audience of 25 to 40-year-old wannabe millionaires and attended four on your behalf.

    But the easiest route to making really big money is not on offer at any seminar. And that is to run get rich-quick-training sessions yourself. You would not have to pass any exams – or need to be regulated by the Financial Services Authority. You just need a plausible promotional patter, enough money to pay for advertising and the cash to hire a hotel meeting room.

    Seminar promoters invariably offer free sample evenings. Some make totally over-the-top claims although others provide useful if basic information, available elsewhere for a fraction of the price.

    All have a “magic moment” – the time when they realise working is for suckers and by sitting back, you can watch the cash roll in.

    For Australian Peter Wright of the Investors Club, it was his skin cancer diagnosis and a subsequent near death experience. And for Darren Winters of Winters Investment Network (not a network and not allowed to give investment advice), it was selling out his computer company for a fortune (it actually went bust owing ?250,000).

    The free seminars are generally about selling expensive weekend sessions which profess to give the in-depth information needed to make that million whether through buy-to-let properties or stock market option strategies. These cost anything up to ?3,300 but on the night punters are lured in by “discounts” if they sign up immediately. Most allow you to bring a friend for free.

    Just how many attend the paid-for seminars is never clear. But it is far from one-to-one teaching. Some may attract as many as 100 paying ?1,800 each. So the seminar providers can rake in ?180,000 for a weekend’s work.

    The Investors Club, linked to a group of Australian property developers, is an exception. Here you pay ?1,700 plus VAT to join a club which offers buy-to-let advice, paid-for services to landlords, and the chance to purchase properties at a discount to what the club says is their true worth.

    Most seminar organisers also claim to be full time investment traders or property dealers. How they do that and squeeze in as many as five seminars a week is not made clear.

    The Seminars

    Seminar 1: Inside Track

    Who runs it? Jim Moore

    What’s claimed: Become a millionaire in three years or less. He claims you can give up work and be a property millionaire from buy-to-let. Even taxi drivers and window cleaners can do it. No capital is needed. He states rents will treble in 10 years.

    Validity of claims: Moore says he has bought and sold football grounds. These are unspecified. Independent property experts have not heard of the “economics centre” he quotes. His seminars usually include someone on the “property trac” who has bought a huge number of buy-to-lets with little money. In one instance, nothing had been finalised.

    Magic moment: Being broke nine years ago, toiling for a pittance, utterly sick of the daily grind. Decided to make himself “incredibly wealthy”. The “nine years” line was used in August 2002 and September 2003.

    What qualifications? None. Property investment is unregulated.

    Cost of follow-on course: ?3,995 for two days (including lunch) discounted to ?1,680 “on the night”. Tapes “worth ?900″ can be bought for ?497.

    Wealth warnings: None were made apparent.

    Jobs & Money rating: Zero. You pay for a mix of aspirational rubbish and buy-to-let information that can be found in paperback books.

    Seminar 2: The Investors Club.

    Who runs it? Peter Wright.

    What’s claimed: Buy property at 15-30% below market value; you can guarantee your financial future with buy-to-let; you can make ?1.5m profit tax-free in 10 years. The Club offers legal services, financial advice, and property management.

    Validity of claim: The discount prices involve buying “off-plan” buildings that are not yet ready for occupation, or not even built. The Club markets a Salford property that Club directors own. The ?1.5m claim depends on property prices continuing to go up and investors using every gain to raise fresh loans. He advises remortgaging your own property and using the cash to fund 10 to 15 buy-to-lets. Wright cannot explain the tax-free claim. The Club is not regulated to give financial advice but someone called “Tariq” (no surname given by Wright) may be. Says “Steve” (no surname) in the seminar audience is proof of a buy-to-let fortune.

    Magic moment: Spending six days between life and death on a cancer ward. “I decided to relax and make money.”

    What qualifications? Not clear. Wright does not have to be regulated by the FSA.

    Cost of follow on course: No course but you have to join the Club for ?2,000.

    Wealth warnings: Scant if any. Property prices only appear to rise. There is no mention of void months without tenants.

    Jobs & Money rating: Zero. Huge salesmanship but very little useful information.

    Seminar 3: Winters Investment Network.

    Who runs it? Darren Winters.

    What’s claimed: Anyone can become a millionaire starting with ?500 and one hour’s effort a week. He claims to have read 200 investment books in six months (more than one a day) and cooked and washed for top investment professionals so he could learn their secrets. He says he is a full-time trader as well as the UK correspondent for a leading foreign investment magazine. Promised his own fund in August 2002.

    Magic moment: Building up a software company and selling it for millions. He then invested ?40,000, lost it all and decided to learn about markets.

    Validity of claims: Winters was a director of a software company which collapsed owing ?250,000. He has never named the traders he cooked for. The years he claims to have been involved in finance jump wildly. He cannot be a full time trader given his “training” programme. He has never named the investment publication. The fund does not exist.

    What qualifications? His firm is not regulated by the FSA despite the name. He has a degree from Exeter University.

    Cost of follow on course: ?3,100 for a weekend but reduced to ?2,300 online and often to ?1,450 for those who sign up on the night. You can bring a friend for free. Anyone who has attended a course can earn ?200 for each new person they persuade to go on one.

    Wealth warnings: Lots of stuff about making huge money through options but scant warnings on risk or that it could all unravel.

    Jobs & Money rating: Zero. His free seminars feature easy money boasts and showmanship. He moves from investment basics to complicated devices. Not the best way to spend thousands.

    Seminar 4: Gate 2.

    Who runs it? Will Beagles and Simon Hart.

    What’s claimed: Make huge profits from rising, static, and falling stock markets. You can be a millionaire in 10 years starting out with ?1,000.

    Validity of claim: They show how a ?1,000 stake doubled in a year and re-invested with the same success for a further nine years equals ?1m. They back up claims with charts of Next and Marks & Spencer which both doubled in one 12-month period.

    Magic moment: Beagles worked for Lloyds Bank during the 1987 stock market crash. He was earning great money but made so much for the bank, he worked out he could make much more working for himself. His CV shows he worked in currencies, not equities.

    What qualifications? Both Beagles and Hart say they have worked for banks as well as trading options and futures as independent dealers. They say they teach courses for Virgin, Banque Nationale de Paris, Barclays, Scottish Power, the European Commission, the London Stock Exchange and Scottish Power as well as hedge funds. As they do not recommend shares, they do not need Financial Services Act approval.

    Cost of follow on course: “Worth ?5,000 including a manual we could sell for ?2,000″ but actually ?1,800. “We don’t make a fortune out of it” they say.

    Wealth warnings: Occasional and very scanty. Lots of talk of options and spread bets but no recognition that most lose out.

    Jobs & Money rating: 1/10. The free seminar is less frenetic than some. There is a layer of useful material but nothing that could not be found for a fraction of the price in a book.

  23. Urban Pagan says:


    Tell me how your chum Jamie- the one who had assets seized, and was trading illegally differs from any of the above.

    as i said before I’d keep hold of your hand and beam back a s**t-eating grin if you were paying me………… wait for it folks $2995 dollars for this.

    Lets see 3k x 700 = 210,000k

    lets say we take off 33% to put te shw on the road

    he’s walked away with 150k for 4 days evangelism

    nice work if you can get it

  24. Urban Pagan says:

    And some advice for how to spot these scammers

    Real estate scammers are a deviant bunch, drawing curious buyers into their lecture halls for exhorbitant prices to hear nothing but implausable get-rich-quick schemes. These mass scale con artists peddle their substance-free publications to the naive consumers, promising them wealth with little effort. Sometimes the appeal of these promises overshadow the listeners’ apprehension, so there are several words and actions that you should watch for when attending a real estate seminar. Real estate guru John T. Reed has devoted himself to exposing real estate frauds and on his comprehensive website, he lists a number of keywords that indicate a scam.

    Words that Signal a Real Estate Con:

    easily determine market value
    removes guesswork
    secret (if it ever was a secret, it stopped being one when he sold the first copy)
    perfect offer
    dream stealer
    removes doubts
    anyone can make a killing
    lazy way
    gold mine
    removes risk
    judgment proof
    This is not a get-rich-quick scheme
    easy money
    take the fear out

    Beware of these Seemingly Neutral Words if Used too Frequently:

    money machine
    cookie cutter
    boot camp
    nothing down
    global (unless they are in the international shipping or moving business)
    program discount
    Fraudulent Organizations Often Incorporate These Words into Their Names:

    U.S. or United States or American
    land bank
    acronyms that end in MAE or MAC (fraudulently designed to sound like the federal mortgage organizations FNMA (?Fannie Mae?) or FHLMC (?Freddie Mac?)
    co-op or cooperative
    education association

  25. angesbiz says:

    You know what… I have no idea about these other seminars you so kindly found information on so I cannot comment on them. You sure have done your homework Urban! The difference is that Jamie McIntyre and 21st century Academy ARE all above board and no-one can make you part with your hard earned money if you don’t want to. Have you read the testimonials from some of the graduates who have taken the strategies on board? You will find some of them here http://www.dynamicwealtheducation.com/testimonials.php … a bit more reading for you.

    Clearly, this is not for you and I thank you for bringing all of this up. It’s good to get it out in the open. Jamie does not claim that this is a “quick-rich-scheme” and it isn’t. All he is supplying is the information for you to go out and do it for yourself. If you want to spend more on education, then do it. If you don’t, then don’t. It’s that simple. Some of the graduates have replaced their income and more in a few short months since taking this on board. Some have retired at a young age and already smelling the flowers and living a fulfilled life.

    I searched for years before I found 21st Century Academy and we did lose some money with the kind of companies as you have outlined above, so I am coming from a place of experience here. I wouldn’t dare recommend something I have no idea about. I know this works and that’s good enough for me. In your instance, I only wish that you are happy and fulfilled with your life and that you always get what you want out of life. Life is a journey and to grow in life is the best gift you can give yourself and those around you. That’s what I am here for. Education is the key!! 21st Century education that is.

    angesbiz’s last blog post..Education for Life Seminar

  26. Urban Pagan says:


    fair points but I would question he is above board

    I don’t see him as any different to any of the above and his legal issues back that up. but its your choice and that. hope it gets you where you need but if you do you will be in the minority on this rather than the rule!

    and I got the info in 10 minutes on a google search.

    • angesbiz says:

      Thanks Gary. He is the only one who really knows whether he is above board or not and from what I have seen and spoken to him about in the last two years since I have known him, it would totally go against everything he is teaching now. Being in the minority is what it’s all about… you know… that 4% of the population and that doesn’t bother me one bit. I’m ecstatic to be there.

      If by some chance we ever get to be in the same place at the same time, I will buy you a pint or two… I like mine cold as ice ;)
      angesbiz’s last blog post..Education for Life Seminar

  27. Jim & Em says:

    Here he is in action – we’re showing off our youtube in comments feature:

  28. Malick says:

    You may find colouring diuffcilt but your results are gorgeous! I love this card especially the border punch on the side a fabulous twist!Hope the rest of your Mother’s Day was wonderful!And thanks so much for your sweet comment on my Luis post! :)

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