Go! Change our judicial system

Posted on February 10th, 2008 by Lib


Lib here,

 The Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowen Williams, created a bit of a storm this week within the UK with his comments about what he feels is the inevitable integration of the UK’s present legal system with a religious and legal system from elsewhere.

Reason? More attention needs to be paid to religious sensitivites of all kinds in the British legal system and that the exisiting British system is unable to adequately deal with the reality of complex societies.

The vast majority of people within the UK have vehemently disagreed with this, some going as far as to call it treason.

 But is he not just being a realist? Can two opposing and very different legal and religious systems happily co-exist? Or is it taking diversity too far?

Comments please……

50 Responses to “Go! Change our judicial system”

  1. Patricia - London says:

    Who needs Al-Qaeda when you’ve got Al-Rowan? This professional fool doesn’t seem to realise that some of us came to the UK precisely to escape sharia.

    Those desperate to enjoy hand-chopping can always move to an Islamic republic.

    • fab says:

      Blimey, erm, Patricia, welcome to GO! Smell the flowers.

      Group hug as admin might say!

      This’ll be an interesting topic Lib – is it all over the UK tabloids & news?

      • Lib says:

        Hi Fab,

        It is indeed all over the news although I wouldn’t really pick up a tabloid to read about it.

        The Sun, arguably our most famous tabloid, lead with the headline (about Rowan) ‘What a Burkha’ and we need to ‘Bash the Bishop’.

        Very irresponsible.

        • Bo says:

          Lib,i love it when you read the Sunday Times,this is gonna provoke some discussion alright.Religion sucks,i hated it in school and still do,i’m not being funny but if they love their judicial,religious and whatever systems,then stay in the land it belongs,or shut up,end of.

        • arvind says:

          The gutter press have been having a field day over the last few days :-(

  2. aussiecynic says:

    We have heard this even this down here…
    You beat me too it Lib….
    We are having a similar thing down here but with the aboriginal law…
    So many religious doctrine has been intergrated into laws look at
    Jewish marriages are recognised as is their legal system with dealing in crimes involving the Jewish community, various religious holidays are also, there is several other religious and cultural differences which are accepted as the norm these days that depending on what those aspects are can be incorporated within a community, I dont mean the cutting off of hands for stealing but perhaps some of the less mutilating ones can be or at least recognised….

    However I do also think that when you immigrate to a country you accept the laws customs and rules of that country, one hundred percent…. if you dont like it then dont move there….
    I really think any of this nonsense wont be sorted out until there either no religions ie BAN THEM ALL or a world governing system under which all countries must accept, until then the human race will continue to war and fight and kill each other for a belief in a being that no one has ever seen and can accept as faith with no rational proof either way…
    I believe in Santa Claus as does millions of children therefore going on the letters to Santa every year it has all the requirements to be accepted as a true religion of faith, as no one has ever seen him, we only accept him on faith and above all millions beleive him to be real…. and the numbers of Santa followers outnumber all those of Christine and islamic faith put together….. if the letters are anything to go from…..


    • arvind says:

      AC – lets start our own religion here based on Santa – we already celebrate Christmas the night he visits us down the chimneys. So we continue doing the same and just call it Santaday.

  3. Lib says:

    Mmmm, I think the difficulty is AC that you cannot cherry pick sharia law, it is an absolute minefield, it is a case of all or nothing.

    The hand-chopping off/stoning/death penalty is putting it in it’s most simplistic terms.

    Sharia law (and indeed probably aboriginal law) is matrimonial, transactional, basically everything our own legal system is but with different ideas of law breaking and penalties/outcomes associated with that.

    There are already sharia courts within the UK although not recognised obviously, why do we need to intEgrate it?

    And of course you are right, all this is based on effectively nothing, nothing we have proof anyway.

    But it is based on faith, how can you ask everyone in the world to give up belief? One of the strongest decision makers in our world today.

  4. Jim & Em says:

    Great post Lib thanks.

    Em here. . . .

    Hasn’t Australia just announced that anyone who wants to live under sharia law should leave Australia? Quite right I say! And the same should go for the UK or any other country where sharia law (or other religious laws) is not the law of the native people.

    It is a sad day when the UK curriculum is affected by the view of communities who have chosen to come and live in the country. That Christmas decorations are not allowed in offices because of the fear of offending some of the immigrants/expats.

    We live in Dubai which is ruled by Sharia law. We accept it. It was our decision to live here and therefore you have to respect both the culture and the law of the land. During Ramadan, restaurants close in the day time, and if you are caught eating in public while the sun is still in the sky you can be arrested – whatever your religion. And fair enough.

    It is not fair enough that exceptions start to be made, changes to the law are made and people who are natives of the country have to change and adapt to these laws that are put into place to accommodate immigrants/expats that choose to live outside their home country.

    Britain seems to be losing its backbone – what a shame. The true integration of cultural diversity comes through acceptance of each other not being pressurised into chaging to accommodate.

    My muslim friends in Dubai are horrified that such exceptions are being made, which, they say make a mock of Islam.

    • Lib says:

      Spot on Em! The general concensus of the Muslim community in the UK is that the very suggestion of moving towards sharia law makes a mockery of everything they stand for.

      There are examples of parallel systems running in other countries such as Malaysia and Nigeria, neither of which though has as strong a Christian based legakl system as the UK.

      I simply don’t know how it could work.

    • aussiecynic says:

      I totally agree….
      However until recently Australia was lossing her official Backbone also…

      The thing is, if an islamic Cleric had said the same thing only reverse to western laws he would have been stoned to death before anyone had heard about it….

      You can not have it both ways…
      If you dont like it then leave, if you cant leave then adapt, if you cant adapt then get deported, what ever but go away….

      What our former PM Howard Said was in regards to refugees ‘We will say who comes and we decide who stays…’ but when he said this it was inregards to race not religion…. bad times… I will find the article.

      I can not understand why people will move to country because of what ever reason and then set about attempting to change it to what it was they had left….. If the laws are so good where came from then why did you leave in the first place…….

  5. David S says:

    As a long term ex-pat in Saudi and the UAE, I have learned to live quite comfortably under Sharia Law. It’s no big deal.

    What Sharia Law stands for in many respects is very similar to laws adopted by Western society, after all it is based on an extremely similar set of principles as laid down by both the Christian and Jewish faiths, of which Islam is an evolved version of.

    Curiously enough, these religions (Christians / Jews) are the foundation of much of Western law anyway.

    Should Sharia be incorporated into English law? No, not because I am afraid of it, but because the law there has evolved from basic Christian values and we elect a government to make such decisions on our behalf. Immigrants should live by our laws as I live by Sharia in my host country.

    What I do find worrying though, is how everyone seems so eager to jump on the bandwagon of “chopping their hands off / death by stoning etc etc”. Which strikes me as Islamophobia, based on the kind of articles Lib predicts from the dear old Sun Newspaper.

    I’m not saying this does not happen in some primitive Islamic societies, which is driven by lack of education and tribal law presented as Sharia.

    But is it Sharia? The Koran does not encourage this anymore than the Holy Bible does. The irony is that both (or all 3) books are open to interpretation and dependant upon how you wish to interpret it, you can draw the same conclusions from all these religeous texts.

    However, I struggle to see why Aboriginal law (or elements of it) should not by incorporated into Australian law, after all the Australian Aborigines are not immigrants.

    • I am impressed David.

      It is very rare that a Western expat living in a Muslim country makes the effort to understand better the religion of the place he lives in, has an impartial and balanced view of it as a consequence, AND the courage to voice his opinion in a forum where clearly the mention of Islam/ Sharia ruffles feathers.

      Hats off to you.

      • arvind says:

        Ditto Bridget.

        David – excellent balanced viewpoint!

        I have quickly understood and learnt in your few words the intricacies and real issues here, so thank you for that.

        The Archbishop has today explained how his words were taken out of context and how he had been pilloried for nothing:-.


        So it seems like it may just have been a lot of ado about nothing – but at least it has brought a lot of attention and debate to a thorny issue.

        And given the popular (gutter) press a field day to provoke and incite their readers :-(

  6. jonathan says:

    Sorry – I’m a bit ignorant of the specifics of Sharia law so I’m not going to wade in guns blazing sticking up for UK law etc.

    Just wanted to add that a surprising percentage when asked on forms their religion put ‘the force’.

    If we’re gonna recognise one, where do we stop?

  7. AngryfromEllesmerePort says:

    He should stick to whittling out the perv’s from the church before he puts his foot in his mouth regarding the Laws of the UK.
    Of course Sharia Law should not be integrated into the UK, there’s a perfectly inadequate legal system in place already.
    I agree with Dave S it’s only the most primitive (perhaps poorest and uneducated) countries that take Sharia Law to it’s extreme – Pakistan, Africa, Iran and to some extent Saudi. Those countries with relative wealth appear to be more moderate.
    There was an article in the English newspapers recently abouth the introduction of loudspeakers on a Mosque in Oxford (supported by the Bishop of Oxford) where the local community rightly complained and a spokesman for the Mosque said ‘We do not need the volume to be loud but we want to have the call in some form because it’s our tradition.” – i wonder what they did before the introduction of HI-Fi? Dave you may be able to correct me but i thought according to the Koran you are not supposed to disturb your neighbours when praying (or something along those lines) – what sort of country is the UK descending into?

    • David S says:

      The call to prayer being ‘broadcast’ prior to the age of Hi-Fi dis happen. The Iman climbed to the top of the Mosque’s minaret and shouted the opening prayer from there.

      Modern stuff eh? Makes people lazy.

    • Patricia - London says:

      How ridiculous.

      Sharian law is as strong and extreme as it ever was. It’s down to the individuals that practice not just the countries.

      A 23 year old in Afghanistan was recently sentenced to death by an Islamic court for downloading an article from the internet about womens rights.

      A 21 year old Saudi Arabian woman was sentenced to 200 lashes and a six month prison sentence for having an affair with a male friend, despite having been abducted and gang raped. She was spared by a last minute royal pardon from King Abdullah.

      Ok, these countries aren’t the most westernised but sharian law is not just operated in some kind of sub standard society.

  8. Jim & Em says:

    One example of trying to hide behind religious law I came across was when I did my teaching practice in Birmingham.

    It was in a strongly ethnic area (can’t remember the name) but out of 800 kids in the school only 2 were ‘white/Christian’. Amusingly, these were the vicar’s kids, who wanted them to have a multiracial upbringing (good for him). The rest of the kids were a mix of Hindus, seikhs and muslims.

    When I arrived at the school on that first morning, you could feel that something was not right; the energy was awful and people looked so sad. When I commented in this, I got the full story.

    An ex pupil – a 17 year old Pakistani girl – had just been murdered on the steps of the school which was shocking in itself, without hearing the full details.

    The story goes that she had become friendly with a white ‘Christian’ boy and wanted the freedom to follow her heart rather than her imposed religion. When she told her father about her ‘boyfriend’, her descended into a rage and started chasing her with a kitchen knife. She was so terrified that she ran out of the house and through the neighbourhood to her old school – the only place where she felt she was truly safe. The tragedy was, that the caretaker had left earlier than usual that night and locked all the doors. When the father caught up with her he slit her throat for ‘bringing dishonour to the family’.

    This no doubt would have been acceptable behaviour in parts of Pakistan, but thankfully, the court found him guilty under British law.

    Part of this crime was racially motivated and the other part religiously motivated (can I say that?) But when can it ever be ‘right’ to commit murder someone – with intent?

  9. David S says:

    Hello Em, (assume that’s you with the teacher training). Let’s not confuse religious motivation with fundamentalist “interpretation” of the Koran, highly likely mixed up with Pakistani cultural values.

    It is this extreme interpretation and some Muslim’s confusion of religeous values and local culture values that leads to the whole religion being tarnished in a manner that it not representative of the religion itself.

    Same views apply to AC’s story also.

  10. Lib, this is a great post, very thought-provoking.

    I am not an expert in either the UK’s legal system or the sharia, so will not comment from that perspective.

    On a general note, I firmly believe that when you live in a country other than your own, you have to abide by the laws of that country. That being said, if a country is willing to welcome foreign people on its soil, a minimum amount of compromise/ flexiility is required.

    For instance, while, as Em rightly say, anyone eating during ramadan in Dubai COULD be potentially arrested, there are set spots to accomodate people eating during the day in many places. Similarly, while you would think that alcohol is totally banned during ramadan, there are bars which sell alcohol at night. Because Dubai has chosen to welcome expats on its soil, it accepts a certain level of compromise.

    Similarly I think that a certain amount of flexibility is required to allow foreigners to be comfortable in England. But compromise does not mean upheaving the legal system. Incorporating sharia law into UK’s legal system is definitely not something that I would advocate.

    As a concluding note, I believe that if the world is becoming a global village and the term ‘world citizen’ favoured, the need for a genuine effort to learn about, understand and respect different cultures, religions and practices by one and all is sine qua non. Rash judgements based on misinformation is not going to get us anywhere.

    If we continue with that attitude, we might as well just ALL go back home, wherever home is.

  11. Lib says:

    Ok, devils advocate here.

    A lot of immigrants in the UK are here because they have no other choice.

    Having fled from war torn countries (often started by a western viewpoint) so they therefore have had their ‘choice’ about which legal system they partake in taken away.

    Granted, a lot have fled fundamentalist sharia law (if you can call it that) as per Patricia from London’s point.

    But the law that they are used to, the law that they have been governed by all their lives is suddenly non-applicable.

    How does that work for them? Are we giving them human rights or taking them away?

    • arvind says:

      Good point Libby – there is no easy answer.

      I bet most of the immigrants in this country (UK), like me, would welcome the safety and security granted by British law anyday, compared to the laws of the land of their forefathers.

      The country of my birth Kenya is currently lawless and ravaged by political and tribal divisions. I know where I would rather be right now :-)

  12. Gareth in China says:

    I’m not too familiar with Sharia law so I’m not going to talk about the rights and wrongs, after all many western countries still kill people too.

    The adoption of Sharia law, multiculturalism and pandering to none British ways of life and values would/will put us inexorably on the road to being an Islamic state.
    Many Asian and Muslim people I know in the UK are fine with the UK values, its why they moved there.
    I certainly can’t imagine the local Essex girls near my England home would be happy running round dressed like pepper pots.

    On the flip side though,
    Is it possible to get a Bhurka that has the midriff cut out to show off belly button and piercing, in this case many mingers would actually improve their chances of pulling.

  13. Anthony says:

    I didn’t realise shakira had er own law, i just thought she made music, and sh*te music at that

  14. BuJ says:

    Hello Bridget, you got a lovely blog here :)

    I heard of Rowan’s comments and I welcome them.

    Rowan welcomes open mindedness and debate. He did not say we will chop people’s bits off, etc.

    I think what we need is an educated debate rather than an emotive set of outbursts based on what the nearest tabloid has to say. Use your brain, read, listen and make decisions.

    I am very delighted to read of David’s opinions on this.

    Finally, I’d like to add that the background to this is very important. Some people (this excludes me) argue that we should have Sharia law in the UK to deal with DOMESTIC matters such as death and divorce.

    There are strict and well-defined laws in Islam on how to divide a person’s estate after their death. Such would be a good example why some people want Sharia law. I have to stress that is is not a replacement for criminal law, which of course has to remain British in my opinion.

    The comment showed the Archbishop is open to debate about the subject, rather than blind acceptance of another set of rules. We have to at least recognise this subtle but important distinction.

    Have a good day.


    • Hi BuJ!

      Welcome to Flowers! :)

      Glad you have responded positively to my invite to contribute your views here, despite us having cyber-interacted a few times only at the UAE community blog.

      Maybe you could introduce yourself to us? I only know that you are Arab and contribute on the UAE blog.

      Thanks for the compliment about the Flowers blog :D We find it lovely too ha! ;) Clarification: Flowers is not blog. It’s Jim’s and Em’s. They’re behind this great concept of a ‘Smell the Flowers’ Community, and the rest of us are authors and commentators. You’ll find Jem (short for Jim and Em) great mediators, they allow the community to self-regulate, debates flow freely, and Jem would only intervene with a suggestion of a ‘group hug’ if things get too steamy. They’re kewl, you’ll find out (they let Bridget get away with loads ha! ;) )

      Thanks for your views on this post. So it is just about the domestic isues? I’ve heard that in some Arab countries (Syria, Egypt), they allow Christians to govern such issues outside the islamic-influenced laws of the country. Would you know anything about that?

      BTW, suggestion: it’s best to catch a post when it is still on the main page. That way, people can follow easier and debates can flow. Once it falls off the main page, it kinda joins archives.

      Please feel free to get amongst it at Flowers on all posts!

      Enjoy the Flower Smelling with us!


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