Go! Smell the Hampster with the criminal record!

Posted on February 2nd, 2008 by Purple13


Spotted over on the register – a story about wasted emergency services calls – people phoning 999 to report hampsters put out in the rain, lack of a £1 coin for a supermarket trolly and theft of a library card by a freind.

SO now the Police are changing the greeting to put off time wasters.

Have you ever dialled 999 (emergency services) and felt a bit foolish? What if there wasn’t any other option? Its said the 999 is so easy to remember – perhaps  a 555 for lesser emergencies that an operator can divert to your local station?

DO share.

14 Responses to “Go! Smell the Hampster with the criminal record!”

  1. jonathan says:

    Here’s mine… in the dark days when I was a bus driver, one night I realised I had an elderly lady who had been to bingo in thebig town in distress – she’d lost her purse etc keys and was confused and fretful as she reckoned she needed to get into her house to get urgent medication.

    After calming her down, I assured her that i’d help. Although I didn’t have a plan!

    We came to the end of the route and i stopped outside her bungalow – no neighbours no nothing. SO i did the only thing i could think of – dialled 999 and stated teh problem.

    They did transfer me to RIpley HQ who transferred me to Ilkeston HQ (i’m on my old pay as you go mobile here!) and a policeman said they couldn’t come out to me as they had no cover.

    Eventually I agreed if they waited outside theh station, i’d pull up and ‘drop her off’. I did – they didn’t and I had knock on the station door!

  2. Can’t say I have Jonathan… but friends of ours six year old son called the Fire brigade to their house once and there was no fire… they were not impressed to say the least!

    • jonathan says:

      Hi Ange – I’ve heard a similar tale when my Dad was a special constable – his sergeant had a call put through from his young son – who “wanted to speak to Daddy” and rang 999 of course. lol

  3. lemmyfrommotorhead says:

    Millions could be saved and your 555 is a great example. The only time the fire engine roars in the Midlands UK is when the crew are late for their dinner – perks of the job.

    Do they REALLY rescue cats out of trees or is that a myth?

    Touch wood – I’m yet to dial 999.

    • Lib says:

      I’m with you Lemmy, touchwood, I’ve never had to dial 999.

      No actually, I did just before Xmas when some lads started on a woman in a taxi queue I was in, can’t remember exactly what happened next as I was slightly ratted but they showed up, I think.

    • jonathan says:

      Hi Lemmy’ – if its anything like Police Acadamy (first still the funniest – who can forget the blue oyster bar scene!) I digress… i don’t think they shoot them to get them out! lol

  4. Urban Pagan says:

    what is a ‘hampster’?

    is it anything like a ‘hamster’?

    Go! Read a dictionary

    • dubaidave says:

      GO! Try some manners urban pagen – join in, contribute and be :-) or are you Angry from Ellesemere Port in disguise?

    • mel says:

      get over yourself pagan!

      this blog is about building people up and cheering people on not tearing them down.

      If you want the grammar and spelling to be correct, go find an english grammar blog where you will be in you element.

      great post 13, thank you. your spelling makes me more confident that this is not a place of perfection but one of humanity.

      • Urban Pagan says:

        no thanks

        I will stay here

        rubbish post 13. poor spelling is an insult to the english language.

        And ‘dave’ – Go! Cybergroom any available female

  5. Jim & Em says:

    Dead right about those wasted emergency services dial ups…

    In Dubai, still 999, Em witnessed someone drowning on the beach and due to rip currents rather than wade in the dialed 999 – no sign of the cops so Em’s pals waded in with a boogey board and pulled the guy out who was tired but ok…

    45 minutes later the ‘emergency’ services arrived and ironically had been responding to ‘other emergencies’ that turned our not to be the case.

    Hmmmm. Hindsight perhaps – a difficult one to call as it depends on the situation.

  6. aussiecynic says:

    Down here is Oz we dial 000…
    But with the influence of American TV on Youth in our major cities when they asked kids what the Emergency number is they often say 911
    We dont get the prank calls as badly as those mentioned… but it does happen,
    If The Ambulance takes anylonger than what is considered a reasonable responce time there is an inquiry…
    The same for the Police and Fire Brigade, alot of times the calls arent pranked as far as organised crime, eg Arson, bashing etc…
    One emergency number is enough, you call you get the emergency operator, you tell them which service and are transferred to them, it all takes a few seconds and the service will be there usually within a few minutes, unless you remote, in the out back it is usually the flying doctors or rescue helicopter, SES etc.. to get you as quickly as possible…

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