Go! Take a look at the future

Posted on January 8th, 2008 by Lib

Well, here we are in 2008.


Its Lib here, thinking about what the future may or may not hold and how incredibly quickly we seem to have got to 2008. How things have progressed, how things have changed and how things will be in 6-8 years time. Vastly different?

 Click on the picture for a sneak preview.

 Good? Bad? Possible?

 Comments please……

51 Responses to “Go! Take a look at the future”

  1. Mohammed McAlpine says:

    all entirely plausible, there is plenty of evidence to suggest that science fact follows science fiction, V is for Vendetta…..

    • O'DB says:

      V is for Vienetta … that was my worst film of 2007, utter tripe … don’t know much about the comic novels it was based on, but assuming they’re half decent, the film completely slaughtered their credentials.

      Sorry, Lib didn’t have time to watch it all (time is money. G. Gecko), got to Google at ’98, but i reckon in 2014 we’ll all be riding round in jet-powered cars, and Metal Mickey will do all the washing up after tea (but screw it up, again, with hilarious consequences) and we’ll all be on a 3-day week. And the Jetsons will live next door.

      • Jon Different says:

        well i reckon you should have given it another 5 minutes, it wasn’t a long film, it didn’t end up as you predicted and i understand waht mohamed meant about v for vendetta.

        whether the film was tripe is a matter of personal conjecture. personally it wasnt my cup of tea.

      • dubaidave says:

        LOL Metal Mickey..

        Boogie boogie!

      • Lib says:

        Should have watched it to the end O’DB! But you are probably not far off, who would have thought that a potato substitute could predict the future eh?

      • gareth in China says:

        At a push this might be plausible but highly unlikely it would be able to usurp the real news. I think there are plenty of savvy people out there who’d keep it at arms length. If we all became sedentary in our lifestyle (as some are already) then maybe, but there are enough of us out and about.

        V for vendetta is a bit of a dog of a film, trying desperately hard not to be but failing miserably – don’t watch it.

        • Mohammed McAlpine says:

          A bit surprised everyone wants to give an opinion on the film….. I only selected it to mention because the film is fairly recent and therefore maybe more readers might know it was about a prediction on the future.

          Funny how the mere mention of it gets everyone wanting to share their opinion on it though…..

          Star Wars!

  2. As fast as this thing is moving anything is quite possible. Thanks for posting this.

  3. aussiecynic says:

    My Great Grandmother use to say
    In her lifetime..
    She had seen the invention of all these things:

    moving pictures
    Motor Cars
    The Titanic
    the ATomic Bomb
    Colour Television
    The Bikini
    Women voting
    the electric light
    And Wild Bill Cody

    and many more
    If one life time can contain so many new and exciting things then what will ours bring….
    It can be great if our eyes our open to see them

    • Lib says:

      But thats jut it AC, what monumental things are there left to invent?

      Bit of a stupid comment as we obviously don’t know yet but we don’t really have any big problems left to solve, ok, aside from world peace and famine but they have always been there.

      I can’t see anything big being invented outside of IT.

      • aussiecynic says:

        There are plenty of things left to ve invented…
        The totally electric self generating car.. although this has been done the oil companies still need to allow them to produce it…

        Global and renewable energy sources on a mega scale,
        Environmentally sustainable building materials
        the cold fushion generator…
        Space travel in a lifetime of the average person
        the cure for cancer
        the cure for aids
        non lethal smokes
        non genetic modified foods which grow faster
        solving drought
        solving famine

        and if global warming continues the genesis project to build a new planet to live on…

        Thats all I can think of for now….

        • Gary says:

          you’d think Phil Collins would have enough to do butchering Diana Ross classics and moaning about tax- but now he’s building a planet too?

          He is my favourite bald cradle snatching bad acting tax dodging drummer of his generation.

          Go Phillip

          • Jon Different says:

            phil collins….. the inventor of middle of the road muzak

          • Gary says:

            you’ve got to be kidding

            he was the inspiration for a lot of gangsta rap and dealt with many social issues

            eg- you can’t hurry love- anti teenage pregnancy warning against premature ejaculation

            in the air tonight- about the effects of napalm and agent orange on Vietnamese society

            against all odds- warning about gambling addiction

            he was a visionary

            the white Bob Marley

          • I’m with Gary on this one, Bridget loves Phil Collins!

          • Jon Different says:

            cant help feeling garys tongue was planted firmly in his cheek there bridget.

            theres plenty of peopel who do love him hence the record sales, doesnt mean he isnt firmly in the middle of te road tho……

          • fab says:

            LOL Gary, Brit humor again, I’m getting it slowly gotta watch him BJ – Jon Different is right….

          • Jon Different says:

            ok, gloves off, his records are as a dull as ditch water.

            but in his defnce i went to see him at the insistance of an exgirlfriend once and he was the consumate performer. his interactuon with the audience was first class, his band were extremely polished, tight and professional as was he. he put on a first class show. there was only one thing i could complain about……

            all he played were bloody phil collins records!!!!!


          • Ha! And there was Bridget feeling all smug Fab that she spotted a case of Brit humour last week when a Brit didn’t (pls tell me Mel is British! No? Duh.)

            Even is Phil was sitting by the side of the road, Bridget would still like him Jon! ;)

          • Jon Different says:

            hmm… so if phils normal position was on the side of the road he might have made some decent recodrs…

        • O'DB says:

          nothing ‘big being invented outside of IT’ ?

          cripes, Lib, take some pychedelics, expand your mind, er, man.
          [i don't do smilies, exclamation marks and other signifiers of cheeky, non-offensive humour, but if i did there'd probably be a herd of them here]

          The list that AC above gives is a tiny fraction of some of the ideas/problems we’ve already identified as needing attention. There’s almost limitless ideas we haven’t even considered yet, in every walk of life, let alone those brain-boxes driving IT.

          • Lib says:


            I’ve just go in, I’m pissed and perhaps my own post has defeted me. I only wanted to draw attention to perhaos what may be the future.

            I is kidding you with the whole potato thing O’D 1 Kanobe.

            Also, trying to encourage inventiveness stuff thing. Of course there is stuff out there, if we have indentified it, why can’t it be done?

          • gareth in China says:

            You’ve spent to much time in Tesco Lib.

            ‘I is kidding you…’

          • Lib says:

            Lol Gareth, I was trying to make my tone more jokey but I is obviously not funny.

  4. nothing will surprise when it comes to technology..The one thing I do know is that in 2014 I will be behind the curve as much as I am in 2008…I’m still figuring out how to text message on a cell phone…

  5. I believe anything is possible!

  6. dubaidave says:

    Love the clip Lib an dmaybe us flowers are headed down that media route? :0)

  7. That’s a cool little video put together by the museum. I didn’t see the ending though, where were we supposed to end up again?

    • Lib says:

      Its basically saying that our whole lives are going to end up online. It finishes with the New York Times becoming a print only edition in protest to the the online news conglomerate.

      I have no doubt that a similar situation will ensue but the scary thing is that it’s not that far off.

  8. Mel says:

    Wow! Scary clip lib.

    It is all getting more and more like the minority report everyday!

    About 7 year ago I bought my mum a fax machine because I live abroad, thinking she would be delighted, but she virtually ignored it for a week. WHen I asked her why, she admitted she did not know what to do with it or how to work it, which may seem silly to us, but she grew up without computers of any of the fancy gadgets we have today!

    I am beginning to realise how she feels, as technology is moving so fast, I am getting lost too!

    Thanks Lib, it has got me thinking.

    How did you get on naked in Boots???

    • Lib says:

      Thanks Mel,

      I can see how people get confused with technology. I am forever trying to to get a signal on my microwave.

      Nakedness in Boots happens at lunch today.

  9. jonathan says:

    soz – that entry above should have been apicture of puss from shrek – anyone know how to get rid of comment or post a picture????

    • Jim & Em says:

      Hi J,
      We’re looking into that software wise – upload of pics an such like which WordPress isnt that reliable with….

      Watch this space – suggestion noted!

  10. Jim & Em says:

    Hey Lib,

    Awesome post -this really fires us up and we are totally open minded about the exponential growth of IT savvy platforms.

    As Dubai Dave flatteringly eluded to up above we truly believe GO! Smell the flowers will be a part of the user generated content culture….

    THIS, is just the start…

    Bwwwoaaa aaa aaaa (Evil laugh)

  11. arvind says:

    Hi Lib,

    Great post – bit frigening though how far Google has come.

    Only a few years ago in one of my previous jobs, I did a $200k deal with Google – and in return they sent me some groovey T-shirts!

    Good luck with Boots romp :-)

  12. Great Clip Lib…makes you wonder what the directions is that we are heading in ultimately….will we lose our self expression in our desire to self -express ourselves???????

    I think the next several years are going to bring about some interesting changes in how we all percieve life as we continue to build upon the technology of today that leads us further and further into the future of our imaginations!

  13. Jim & Em says:

    Dead right on 2008 approaching rather quickly…Time gets quicker as we get older, right?

    Here’s 2 theories:

    1) As under 5′s, for example, it’s all a new discovery, journey, every waking moment as we dive into endless school summer holidays between 5 and 10 years old – then life gets ‘normal’ – we become familiar, pressures and responsibilities, times ‘flies by’

    2) The Earths rotation is speeding up! Yup.

    AND it’s not flat! Honest.

    • Lib says:

      I had this exact discussion today, rand up a family member to specifically speak to my little niece and had a barrage of family stuff before I got to the little bundle of joy that I was looking to speak to.

      When does anyone tell you as a child the exact moment you have to grow up?

      Still comes as a shock every time.

  14. Future… I think that some time soon (next 5 years) something major will transpire in communications. It’s just too easy for an attack. A pulse bomb could rip every server and computer to shreds. We rely on the electronic infrastucture way too much, and consider it to always be there. I am stocking up on freeze dried chicken :-)

    • Lib says:

      I watched 24 as well. Quite impressive if that were ever to happen. Fortunately we have the current British government to lose things for us.

  15. Sorry, I doubt the revolution. Having watched a technology program when I was younger called ‘tomorrow’s world’ and seen the predictions for the future, pretty much most of them don’t come true.
    The problem with things like this is the only people who watch it are already tinteret heads and are open and willing to believe this sort of thing, in fact they thrive on panic mongering. I could post any wild theory I liked and get it believed all I need to do is make the presentation polished, slick and slightly plausible.

    To my mind I think that development will continue but only in a controlled and organic way. If you live your life in my space, you tube and facebook then sure you may get had. If, however, you don’t and still live in the real world then you’ll be a lot less ready to believe all this conspiracy theory hogwash, to my mind its similar to the Y2K issue, lots of panic but little substance if you keep on the ball.

    • Lib says:

      Its interesting that you interpret it as an issue Gareth. Why is it bad?

      • Jon Different says:

        i think gareth was referring to y2k as the issue, not what the future holds…

        and y2k was an issue in the end, not because of the impact of the millenium date, but because of the millions of dollars squandered by companies trying to avert a distaster that never was…

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