GO! Smell the holdup!

Posted on December 11th, 2007 by Jim

GO! Smell the flowers would love to know if you have ever been asked to hand over your bag, wallet or anything else of value to you. What did you do? What would you do if it happened again? Do share, or your pet gets it!


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  1. aussiecynic says:

    Hi jim and em
    I must say I have never been mugged or robbed face to face….
    but one day while I was unloading a kid on bike grabbed my wallet of the seat of my van while I was on the other side of it…
    Me and a friend chased the little toerag down throught the storm water drains and when I caught him gave him a spanking he wouldnt soon forget….

  2. fab says:

    I have seen an attempted carjacking in New York and thought some guy was going to get shot until he drove away with the offender holding onto the car door and running after the car until he cold run no more…

    I say if you’re not sure give ‘them’ whatever they want!!

  3. Luckily no, I haven’t. I have no idea what I’d do if I were mugged, but hope that I make the right decision.

  4. Lib says:

    I get mugged on a daily basis in Tesco’s.

    Actually, someone attempted to mug one of my work colleagues last week, they went for her bag. To be fair he was never going to get anything.

    She said he can have my mobile, he can have me but he was never going to get my Mulberry.

  5. Dustin says:

    Not myself (knock on wood) – hope to never experience a criminal attack. I did hear of a funny story though of a guy who grabbed a woman apparently attempting to steal her purse that was hung around her neck. Her husband then grabbed their shotgun from the truck, fired one shot into the ground, and the mugger ran away, found a police car, and begged to be let in saying: “Let me in. They are shooting at me”. After all the facts were in, he was not only let into the car, but into jail too. He should be safe for at least a few months before they let him back out on parole so that he can search for his next victim. :)

    You can find a link to the original story & full details on the below url: http://dustinsgunblog.blogspot.com/2007/11/too-funny-criminal-first-attacks-then.html

  6. Thankfully, I have never encountered this, except one time I was 13 and riding my bike in the park – some guy with a receding hairline named Walt (he said ‘Vault’) suggested I come over to his house because it had air conditioning, a pool, and he made pizza better than anyone… I guess that was a proposition he thought no 13 year old could ignore. Never (and still don’t) have gone to the park alone since then.

    Unfortunately, my brother got car-jacked at gunpoint n the late ’90s. I used to be a server, too – so I am frightenened that I could have perhaps wound up in this situation:

    My bro was out at a pub with other members of his work crew with the restaurant he was serving at. At the pub, a newcomer introduced himself. He was new in town, waited tables at a few places in NYC, etc. did they know of any place that was hiring??? etc, etc.

    The stranger bonded with the group quite quickly, sharing horror stories of unruly and snobby customers, etc. When it was time to go home, the stranger called is cell phone a couple of times and left a message that he needed a ride home. The bar was closed, and only my brother was there. The stranger asked him for a ride to his friend’s house where he was staying. Since it wasn’t too far from where they were, but far enough that walking may be unsafe, my brother said yes when he was asked for a ride.

    As they were almost to their ‘destination,’ the passenger began to hunch over and said he had to throw up. My bro quickly turned into an abandoned parking lot. Then, all of a sudden, the doubled-over guy sat up straight with a freaking gun!!!!!

    He gave my brother a 10 count to get out of the car, not without taunting him by saying : “NOW what are you gonna do?” “NOW what are ya gonna do?”

    funny thing is, about two months after that happened, I was driving on the highway to work, and I thought I saw my brother’s vehicle ditched on the side. I took and exit and entrance to circle around – and lo and behold – it was his car!!!! Same stickers on the back, everything! There were different license plates and the steering column was peeled, so it must have been re-stolen. I’ll never forget that phone call to my brother: “Guess what I’m sitting behind right now … YOUR STOLEN CAR!” He came soon after – right before the cops. He was hoping to find some of his cds – found nothing but a heap of old and VERY smelly clothes.

  7. vimeo.com says:


    GO! Smell the holdup! | Go! Smell the Coffee…

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