Conan the Rave-arian…

Posted on May 14th, 2010 by Jim

Arnie at his best? Terminatior, Governator or erm, Ravenator?

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Whatever next – Radiohead vs Dave Bruebeck?

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Comments n clips optional -just add a ‘v’ after http if you want to add youtube – I’ll be back / Bach.

2 Responses to “Conan the Rave-arian…”

  1. Elton John - Drama Queen says:


    Youz lot!!!!

    Well we wents to see that Cambert Johannson we didst! Me an my David right see, likes wot I tolds youz we woz goin tooz!

    An that blimmin Camembert, he saids right, that my David woz likes not qualified see, to be one ov them Cabinet Ministers right!

    Not qualified……..!?!

    My David……!?!

    He knows loads ov stuff he does an all! An he’s dead proper good at inventin things, likes audits ov the last government’s spendin spree, an budget financial statements see he is!!

    He’d be an asset to any guverrment he woulds!!!!

    An that young Nick Clegg woz there tooz, not sayin much rights he wozn’t. Just all quiet an red faced he woz.

    An my David, he says, “Wotcher Gorgeous! You’re all quite fer change youz is! Couldsn’t not shut you ups we couldn’st last week when youz came round canvassin at our place, could weze?!?

    An he went redder an redder he dids tooz!

    “Well erm, erm, erm erm…..” he says, “like, well, youz see, Camembert ere, he is likes proper dead bossy an that he is, coz see, well, likes, erm, erm, he erm, he’s like The Gaffer he is, an all an an that right.”

    “Oh stops stutterin Nick,” says I

    “Well, erm, erm erm, erm, erm…..” he says…..

    “That’s right that is!” says Camembert, “See last week, er Maj, The Queenie, she only went an made me Prime Boss over Parlyment rights she didst an all!! An that meanz I knowz best see, right!!”

    An he starts combin is air backwards over is baldin chimp’s arse stylie,

    “Youz as missed a bit, Camembert, youz as!” says my David, “Youz can still sees that chimp’s arse of yourz youz can! Come ere Prime Boss!” says my David.

    An wiv that he whipped out is comb an starts sortin out Camembert’s barnet!

    “Bloomin buggerries!!!!!” shoutz Camembert, “That’s blimmin well brill that is young master David!”

    “Tell youz wot Camembert,” says I, “youz looks dead proper Prime Bossterial now youz doez!”

    “Wotcher Elts, didsn’t see youz there,” he says, just rude he is! “Tells youz wot, young David, youz can be The Right Honourable Chief Master Of, An Advisor To The PB’s Barnet youz can. It’s your job to make sure it looks its best at all times an always be better than wot it woz under Geronimo McFalsmile’s guverrment right.”

    An that Nick Clegg he says, “But… But…. But….. But…..!”

    “Shut it Clegg an stop blushin!” says Camembert, “he’s better lookin than youz he is an all!”

    He’s right there tooz he is!

    So my David is mow like The Right Honourable CMO,AATPBB, Mr David Furnish-John. Bit ov a mouffull that is……

    Not sure I likes the idea ov my David workin tooz close wiv that Nick Clegg thoughz……….

  2. Maralynn says:

    Alaifzaam-inaormatkon found, problem solved, thanks!

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