The Dubai Digital Media Conference 2010

Posted on May 6th, 2010 by Jim

With my firm belief that this coffee community can grow into something useful online I’m attending the  Dubai Digital Media Conference  here in Dubai hosted by the gang down at The Media Exchange. Investing my time, if you will to see what is coming next in the world of social networking after some 2,700 posts and 58,000 comments here at coffee following the drama of us having all our flower smelling content stolen in the summer of 2009 where we nearly lost the lot and sadly lots of regulars along the way. This radio interview on Dubai eye was key to us getting it all back and re-inventing ourselves – as one does in life!

digi media conference

With technology moving on at a rapid rate of knots and as we move from web 2.0 to web 3.0 user generated content is expected to grow. I enjoyed the presentation by Rob Proctor of London based reality digital who gave us a glimpse into the future of online media and a sniff of things to come.

reality digital

The reality of GO! Smell the coffee is we are a clique forum of varying personalities that post from time to time, comment, adopt various personas in some cases and go from there – we could be so much more!

The following is taken from the reality digital website that made me stop & think:

People naturally associate with groups and communities with similar hobbies and interests. Social media on the Web has created countless niche communities revolving around focused points of interest. Whether it’s seeking parenting advice or showing off their latest car modification, online communities of interest are creating highly-targeted verticals for people’s passions. Reality Digital provides social media solutions to businesses that cater to online niche communities that promote and inspire entire groups of artists, enthusiasts, critics and fans. With UGC capabilities rich in video, images and more to share, as well as social networking tools like blogs, forums and chat to interact in, Reality Digital enables these businesses to build passionate social media communities that thrive.

With reality digitals help I’d like to create a virtual coffee shop  – that online place to get your ‘fix’ everyday within the world of inspiration, health, people, places, food and media and of course – COFFEE. The question is before more time n money is invested to you is what would you like to see here or isn’t it enough just to tweet and be on facebook?

Rob and his team in London have kindly agreed to look into the potential of what they see GO! Smell the coffee holding.

Comments welcomed – poking optional and do let me know your thoughts and any questions you may have regarding the Dubai Digital Media conference, reality digital and the future of GO! Smell the coffee……

35 Responses to “The Dubai Digital Media Conference 2010”

  1. Ian Baker says:

    its enough as it is

    with tweets, facebook and this I think you’d be nuts to put anymore money into it.

    when you do people will take it work and as soon as the money isn’t made- ie they make a living off it overnight they disappear.

    think of people you helped out in the past who once that financial help was gone have never returned. think of people who you bought books off who then refused to even put a single post up a week. think of ‘writers’ who once funding stopped turned their backs.

    keep it as is.

    enjoy it for what it is

    and realise its not a commercial consideration

    the days of people setting up sites and making millions overnight are now millions to 1.

    so for my input- thank people for showing you what can be done but don’t spend a cent on it anymore.

    not being negative but being realistic.

  2. Jim says:

    Thanks Ian,

    I’m hoping that coffee can be a case study of ‘before’ and ‘after’ to run on the next platform of technology but at no commerical cost to the site, except me investing my time…

    Rob of Realtydigital will be looking into the feasibility of this as with their platform the site could be so much more….acroos facebook, twitter with easy to add videos, groups and all that goes with it – the wordpress we are on now only really lends itself to a 1 dimensional blog that a few people drop in and out off – it should be a ‘clean’ site, easy to join, access and write….

    If not, then enough!

  3. irishcoffee says:

    Good news Jimbo! Will be interesting to see what Rob and his team come back with. And I agree with you – the sky’s the limit!

  4. Ian Baker says:

    so when you put

    he question is before more time n money is invested to you is what would you like to see here or isn’t it enough just to tweet and be on facebook?

    and i GAVE ME HONEST answer

    what you meant was

    ‘will some of you tell me this is the right thing to do as i am going to do it anyway’!!!

    just enjoy it for what it is for as long as you enjoy it. its been going for about 3/4 years now- people selling you new platforms are going to serve their own interests aren’t they?

    like rehan the flower shop man, like arvind and his self published book and life cack he was touting, like the others who were funded to help then when funding dried up they legged it off, like the man with his fabulous gifts and photos to tout, like the book that was being written.

    please don’t think I am having a go but just enjoy it as a hobby and don’t waste loads of time on it. time is the one thing you can never replace in life and as we both know too well you never know when your time is up.

    put it this way when the day comes to shuffle off this mortal coil is your last thought going to be ‘I wish I’d spent more time with rob from reality finding out if he could link us up with a new platform’?

    its not is it!!???

    • Jim says:

      Ian thanks for your honest answer – just trying to give you more background – in all fairness I had high hopes for the previous community and allowed myself to be rail roaded by a floral online expert who took the fun out of the place and dangled the $$$ sign in front of me IF the place was going to make anything of itself….

      I do feel the content here can be shared to a much bigger audience with ‘doing what we love and the money following later’ say 10-20 key contributors plus open source software that lends itself to a more open community within facebook and twitter – ultimately one or two less buttons for people to press to find us – digimedia do aeem to have the tools to integrated coffee into facebook and vice versa….

      When my mortal coil shuffles off then yet – my thought will be ‘ I gave it a good go ‘ same with my writing, golf and whatever else rocks my boat.

      I enjoy writing here and flattered that people comment and get amongst it….only this front blog page has any functional use to the reader and it could be so much more…

      Rob hinted at offering his help to take us to the next level of technology which I’d gladly accept – an excellent ‘ before / after ‘ case study I think….

  5. Lib says:

    I think you need to meet Rob, Ian, before you cast such aspersions. Rob is a fun-guy name.

    • Jim says:

      Rob is a great presenter as it goes and knows his topic…

      • Lib says:

        I’m not knocking, just having a bit of fun!

        I’m technologically retarded so have no idea what this site can become tech-wise but I do know that its something quite special, in a good way.

        What has happened so far is a novel in itself but the past is the past, forever forwards and all that!

        You’ve achieved the hardest part, the online community, now I guess its time to build on it, perhaps a side bar with a pac-man game on it?

        • Jim says:

          Fun is the name of the game and I’m hoping Rob will drop by sooooooon to give us his verdict an dto clarfiy what this software does….

          Pac Man – bring it on – not a bad idea as it goes provided I can find chuckie egg, daley T’s decathlon and Jet set willy. :-)

      • Uulkan says:

        Hello there, I found your blog via Google at the same time as searching for a coprmaable matter, your site got here up, it seems great. I’ve bookmarked it in my google bookmarks.

  6. Stevie says:

    I attended the conference and with the exception of the google regional managers presentation Robs was the best….
    If I remember rightly Rob promised $6000 of free trial software to 2 guests and that they were looking to invest in a website or 2 in the UAE to get things moving.
    Jim maybe you will qualify?

    • Ian Baker says:

      the key being ‘free trial software’

      once the trial is up and the terms will be very definite then you pay for it

      its the equivalent of taking a car for a test drive

      I am not against change but i am against flaggelating a deceased equine beast

      • Jim says:

        Flogging a dead horse – without tech change then that’s what coffee will be – open source software is only going to get bigger – look at the tweet updates here related to coffee…every minute or two someone is talking about coffee…..

        @ Steve – not sure we met at the conference and yes, I’m hoping Rob and his team will give coffee the tech boost it needs as we become, ideally a case study!

  7. Ian Baker says:

    but ‘proctor’ sounds too much like ‘proctologist’ for my liking

  8. Bo says:

    Jim , just popping by to see what’s happening and this the first post i’ve read on here since it was Go-smell the flowers.

    Great to see your still doing something you believe in.

    Standing for what you believe in is one of the most important skills you need in life.People in life will try to knock you down but as long as you get back up,you’re showing them you that you stand for what you believe in.

    I think i’ll pop in more often for a coffee.

  9. Hi Jim
    I am not as tech-savvy as I’d like to be but I do understand the power of social media although i see it more as a natural progression away from corporate controlled media and towards a truly free information source than I do as a purely social forum.

    I like the idea of a true, online coffee shop but it’s hard to achieve because this medium (unless you make your living in it as I know a few do) is somewhat distractive to our regular lives. It takes commitment to be online and be a part of an online community as I know. And I find there are times when as I have said before “real life” takes over (and I guess you understad that better than I).

    I have been struggling for a couple of years now to try and figure out what it is I want to achieve online and how it fits with my real life and career and it’s not easy.

    I think that’s the key to all this – before you get distracted by the allure of more tech – decide exactly what it is you want to really achieve with GSTC. And then as individual writers we can see where we fit in (or don’t).

    I don’t want to sound glib and God knows I am having a hard enough time with this process myself, but you have to make a road map I guess and the first thing you need to know is the destination you are trying to get to. I’m not sure that GSTC has that clearly defined as yet.

    The tech stuff is just the wheels – you are the engine Jim. And the world has been set to right more than once in coffee shops.

    Anyway not sure I have really said anything of any value here.

    Will ponder more.
    .-= Angela in Canada´s last blog ..Who will pay me to write? =-.

    • Jim says:

      Hi Angela in Canada!

      Your comments are of great value and I appreciate your engine metaphor, a relentless one at that! I guess after all that happened with losing flowers (temporarily) and bringing coffee out to save it my experience has been more of a personal fight that anything else.

      The brand has quite a story but bar controversy in comments what else does this place offer the NEW reader, really?

      This place is a distraction, as alot of the online world is and if Rob and Digimedia can work their magic to give us the platform we need to reach more people with content then great – However….do they really need the distraction I wonder?

      I believe one feeds the other but I’m going to see if Digimedia step up to the opportunity and provide us with a truly open sourced community that, for example, in addition to health, media, inspiration, people, places and food can become a hub for all things coffee…..

      Failing that then it’s time to let it GO!

  10. fair bit of comment on here already, but my tuppence …

    a while ago we had a chat about all this malarkey & think i was pretty much on the money that mobile computing, simpler interfaces, etc. was the way to. This was before Twitter & micro-blogging was blowing up. (I also suggested buying Apple at $80/share – it was going north of $260 recently – you do the math(s)).

    as a criticism I personally feel the interface has become too messy – with Twitterfeeds, forums, etc. As part of this the numerous links, graphics & videos are making it very sluggish to load.

    So, if i had any say i’d strip it down to the basics (an online forum/community) & concentrate on that. I wouldn’t suggest pouring more money in to do this – just prune back to basics, ideally by dropping some of the extraneous elements that have been adopted over the last year or 2. If a simple edit isn’t possible then re-build using simple, web-based web-site design software (i.e. not expensive) & create a simple, clean interface so that people can just as easily access & respond on the go via iPhones, Blackberries, Google Android phones as they can via their laptops/home PCs.

  11. Ian Baker says:

    i AGREE with ODB

    I also fail to see the fact that someone twitters the word ‘coffee’ that it in any way relates to the site. it doesn’t does it?

    its just a word.

    it doesn’t mean that every two mins someone is tweeting the site so its erroneous.

    I suggest paring it down. I would lose the forums for starters as they don’t get used often if at all.

    just get a bank of say 5/10 writers who will post a topic a week ad see how it goes for a couple of months. if the content quality isn’t there then all the new software won’t make a difference will it?

    also decide as angela says exactly what it is you want it to achieve. if its a commercial project then tie up with sponsors etc etc.

    if its a community based on info share then keep it there

    the key is traffic really. if its not getting it, or if you do an analytics search and suss out who visits when and why they return or not.

    the key is quality of writing.

    and diversity.

    a good on line debate is the way forward.

    the problem is that most people will only stay if its a back slapping exercise- that makes for zero debate. zero debate equals zero interest.

    again just my thoughts

    • Jim says:

      Yup – fair point Ian Baker – one of the previous writers here declined to come back as he was ‘too tired of defending his point of view’ and didn’t feel it was a place he could post without criticism….he didn’t have the energy!

      I’ve some thinking to do with coffee….you’re right – back slapping club doesn’t work either…hmmmm.

      Would you just pull the plug and move on?

      • Ian Baker says:

        only you can answer that in reality mate.

        • Lib says:

          Why don’t you just get writers that don’t mind a bit of a debate? Different view points is what makes this world tick and if you’re that passionate about your own opinions/way of life then defending it when called to, shouldn’t be an issue.

          • Jim says:

            That could work Lib…

            GO! Smell the coffee – for those who enjoy debate.

            A mass deb…..I’ll get me coat.

            Maybe that is the point here – the very thing that led to the 150-200 comments per post….


          • irishcoffee says:

            Good call Lib! I’m always up for the debate! At least it has the potential to muster a bit more than what usually falls under mere subjective taste or opinion.

      • Ian Baker says:

        Lib makes a good point

        if you want discussion you need differing opinions and people willing to back them up. take CC for example- I am not religious- CC is. we are poles apart and will never agree on it. but she has the courage of her convictions as much as i do.

        because of this she will stay here long time. a person on the internet is not enough to shake her faith nor is it enough to shake my lack of faith.

        the people who get overly precious TEND to be the ones who make wholly unsubstantiated statements that when held up for scrutiny fall apart. as many of them appear to define themselves by these ‘statements’ when they are easily debunked or can’t argue why they can’t back up their statements then they skulk off.

        truth is the ones who have disappeared have been too precious. I would say that this probably happens not just on line but also in real life.

        open up big, contentious debates and interperse them with info pieces or discussion pieces.

        only the strongest survive in life often.

        truth is the majority who were castigated ‘invented’ internet persona’s ie- i am an author- no your not your someone who paid a company to publish your work and sold very few- a world of difference and undermines people who are talented and scrape to get by.

        ‘i am a successful coach’- not really you just take money of overpaid neurotics to make lists and state the obvious’.

        now i HAVE NO ISSUE with anty of the above. what i HAVE issue with is people, when their tissue of lies unravels, run away blaming everyone else when in reality if they had been honest about their lives to start with would have had no problems.

        rant endex!!

        • Jim says:

          Fair play to the pints made – I support the logic and do think there’s to much back salpping and moderated comments on blogs of which we’ve never been part of!

          That said..applause to Lib, u, Irish coffee and CC who do, despite often being polls apart crack on and have your say….others have dropped in and left as its been deemed as ‘not worth it’…

          We seriously could be onto something….more key people invite more key people…?

  12. Rob Proctor says:

    Hi Jim and all the other Guys…..a very interesting debate I must say….No worries on the Proctorcologist – I think I might of just heard that before somewhere!

    RD does have some very easy to manage solutions with great functionality, that may or may not be good for everyone on the site.

    You can see a couple of examples at:

    These are built on our demo platform called Harmony.

    If the users on the site really dont think that they would use the extra functionality, then really you may all be better sticking with what you have today, but if you would like to see more then it could be an option.

    These is a short chip into the conversation, but I will come back and be a lot more detailed, over the next few days.

    Cheers for now


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