Go! Watch the video (just not on YouTube)

Posted on May 4th, 2010 by Lib

Lib in Manchester calling! M.I.A’s video for her new single, Born Free, has been banned by YouYube, deemed as being too violent.  News story below.

YouTube Preview Image

The full length video can be seen on Vimeo below.

 So, having watched the video and the newsclip, have YouTube got it right? Is it too violent? Or is their moral stance a bit laughable considering their website is nicknamed ‘YouPorn’?

And is there a place in today’s society for such graphic music video’s?

So many questions! Please answer below but only, quite rightly, if you’re not ginger.

4 Responses to “Go! Watch the video (just not on YouTube)”

  1. Jim says:

    Just back from plucking my ginger ones Lib…mad this video was banned although retty normal practice in the UAE as we often get ‘ this content is not suiitable etc’

    There IS a place in society for graphic videos, of course – back to the old PG warning / I am 18 honest guv to cover the legalities but really, if people want to find such stuff they will…

  2. Hi Lib,

    I was blown away (pun not intended) by this video. Didn’t care for the music, but the video was so intense that I didn’t hear much of it. I think that there is a place for this even on YouTube as long as there is a warning regarding violence, sex and nudity. I was not offended, but rather it made me thoughtful about the intent of the movie and some of my first initial issues seen such as the government of all nations, war, prejudice, injustice, torture, immigration and how we all have some of the “police” type characteristics that can be for many illicited in certain curcumstances such as Hitler’s genocide. This would be a great piece to discuss in college. Thank you for sharing it.

    .-= ClinicallyClueless´s last blog .. =-.

  3. irishcoffee says:

    The video certainly makes a point! But couldn’t it still have such impact without showing such graphic violence?

    A little subtlety goes a long way!

    But it usually comes down to marketing, and what is trendy and topical… I’m sorry, but for me this one has just gone over the borderline, veering into crude and cheap.

  4. Gareth in Thailand says:

    They’re always banning something somewhere. Usually some pasty liberal arsewipe who is scared of his own shadow and complains about anything and everything where it looks like someone has half a chance of enjoying themselves doing something the pasty little sod would never do him/herself.
    I remember they banned Frankie Goes to Hollywood because they used the word cum/come in the song Relax, the banned gangster rap, even one of Madonna’s videos because there appeared to be a depiction of Christ (yet we now go apeshit when the Muslims get angry about a picture of Mohamed).

    Society needs to reclaim itself and its freedoms. The expansion of governments control into how we live our lives needs to be reigned in. By making people take responsibility for their actions, words, lives, consumption, etc will begin to stop the culture of the victim.
    Victims are made not born – sorry to CC on this but I have sympathy for people but not victims who won’t snap out and have a million reasons for why they are a victim and whose fault it is.
    By allowing people to sit and wimper about who did what to them, for what are generally menial complaints or invented syndromes (we have a disease for just about everything now don’t we) stops them from making their own life decisions and building character. This is actually a worse crime and worse thing to do to them than giving out sympathy and hugs as it means the poor soul will struggle to reclaim their life and remain a victim.
    Censorship is one of the first ways you stop people making their own decisions and taking responsibility, you remove their need to decide not to watch something, you allow them to blame something they watched as an excuse for why they screwed something up. You actually inhibit any self reliance they had as they can then use the excuse of watching a violent film, playing a violent game to cover up any hideous crime they might want to commit.
    So as for the video, if I was making a song/video the first thing I would do is make it graphic or controversial in the first place with a view to wanting it banned. Once it gets banned you have advertising money can not buy, on the TV and in newspapers. People then flock to buy whatever cheesy crud CD you managed to insert the ‘f*ck’ into 58 times a minute or watch whatever titilation and half nipples you put in the video.
    Keeeeerching pay me.

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