GO! Stop the aggression…

Posted on April 17th, 2010 by Jim

Who can tolerate this kinds of abuse? I mean from the ladies perspective – not the Irish. I do wonder how anyone can tolerate this in their life but often some don’t have any choice. Or do they?


What can be done to ‘help’ the victim here and when you looked at the image did you assume the ‘attacker’ was a man? Comments welcomed!

8 Responses to “GO! Stop the aggression…”

  1. Jim,

    Bet you didn’t guess I would comment on this one. :-) I never assume in who the “attacker” her injury could have been from an accident herself, her boyfriend/husband, father, brother, mother, sister, etc…you get the picture.

    If we assume that this is from abuse, the person whether male or female, probably experience abuse in the past or was indeed a victim, has low self-esteem, has difficulty making her own decision, is isolated from friend and family and is easily controlled. She may also perceive herself as having no control or choice for fear of retribution. Or has learned from the past that they truely did not have a choice and lives out of that past…and can’t access the part of the brain and personal strenght and voice to make a different choice. There is also the battered woman syndrome which also applies to children, elderly, men, etc…

    .-= Clinically Clueless´s last blog ..Dietician consultation =-.

  2. Irish Coffee says:

    Having a ‘dig’ at the Irish now, are we?! Watch it! I have Irish friends who wear real sunglasses and could really put your windows in! :p

  3. Ian Baker says:

    in fairness you are only seeing one side of the story

    perhaps she needed to be put in line

    lets face it she looks a bit trappy doesn’t she?

    if she has wound her bloke up that much that he had to speak to her with the language of the right hand then she really should realise who is the boss

    I had a lippy one once. and believ e me it was only once.

  4. It’s possible she fell down the stairs. Women can be awfully clumsy sometimes.
    .-= O’DB in the Forest´s last blog ..Irish Coffee updated the "Basic" information on their profile =-.

  5. Jim says:

    Nope..she normally uses the stair lift!

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