What Old Rockstars Sing

Posted on April 12th, 2010 by Clinically Clueless

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Any other ideas?

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  1. Jim says:

    The term ‘old rockstars’ conjurse up images of Johnny Cash in his late days CC….awesome yet frail.


    • This is a really good one. I’m seeing three on my bucket list in the next two months. One is the Eagles and James Taylor & Carole King (JT & CK are together)…I’m really excited!!! A couple of years ago, I saw Carole King and she sounded great at 62 years old. JT is 62 this year and we try to see him everytime he tours…still sounds great. Eagles…two different looks.

      Eagles 1973: httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OPospvRqP_s

      Eagles 2008: httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AmXf66324XY

      .-= ClinicallyClueless´s last blog ..Dietician consultation =-.

    • Elton John - Drama Queen says:

      Right see youz lot! Like listenz to this!

      Last night me an my David went down to Macca’s new chippy fer us teas see, loves me fish an chips I does, an my David reckons that them deep fried Mars bars is like a dead proper good afrodisiyiac he does an all! An he is right too see he is!

      So I gets to the front the ov the queue an Macca, like, all sweetness, thumbs aloft nicey nice niceness, he says, “Wotcher Elts! Wots it gonna be then, weze av gots fried Linda Mac Banana Fritters an chips, Fried Linda Mac Nut Burgers an chips, or wouldz youz likes me special, fried Linda Mac Oriental Veggie Scaloopians wiv chips, mushy peas an gravy!” Brill theyz is!

      “Sorry Macca”, says I, “that Linda Mac stuff is blimmin orrible an all it iz! Just gives us cod, chips, mushy peas wiv curry sauce twice, an a deep fried Mars Bar fer the little un please.”

      Proper dead polite I was, said wiv a smile an all I didz too an that! “We dons’t not serves nuffink wot as ad a face on it, Elts you animal terrorist, this is NOT a chippy fer ageing rock stars wiv a crap discography, its fer enlightened rock starz wot eat seeds an kids who appreciate meat is murder an that you fat old puff! Gerrout! An take that young puff wiv youz until youz like learn sum manners an that!”

      “Shut it Macca!” my David shouts, “I is 21 years an old an that, an my Elts IS enlighted! He doesn’t afttooz dye is air like you, you vain old sad get!”

      “An he got is knightedness 2 blimmin years before youz he didz! Got that from the biggest Queen in the land he did an all, her Maj Queen Lizzie, an she served im up wiv roast beef an Yorkshire Puds an that rightz afterwards tooz she dids, me an all as our Elts’ young prince consort tooz, see!”

      “She’z got proper manners she as! Ever wondered why Elts got is Knightedness first?! Cos is discography is like miles betterer than wot yourz is see! True that is an all. So get lost yerself!”

      “But can I at least av me deep fried Mars Bar perleases…….? Elts’ll pay youz an all he will…..”

      “GERROUT!!!!” screams Macca! Bowfe ov youz!!!”

      An David, he shoutz, “Youz ad better get your saggin ass round our place tomorrow, youz ad, cos listen everyone (an like the place was full, FULL!) that roof on me shed wot youz put a new roof on last year is leakin it is! LEAKIN ALREADY LIKE!!!” AN YOUZ ONLYZ GUARANTEED FER 2 YEARZ AN ALL RIGHT, 2 YEARZ!!!”

      “An I expects youz in person I does, dons’t not wants that rubbish apprentice, I expectz the organ grinder not the monkey right! Only gave youz that job cos youz was ard up fer cash an that, an youz wanted a PRESTEEEEGUURS CLIENT so as you couldz name drop an that…….!!

      “Come Elts, letz us go to Rod Stewarts chippy round the corner, coz I fancies a pork bratwurst an chips wiv me deep fried Mars Bar an all I does, an anyone ere oo like wantz dead proper fish an chips can come wiv an my Elts will pay too an all he will, youz dons’t not avz to av that disgustin Linda Mac rubbish now see youz dons’t !!!

      An off we went, wiv 36 guests, cost me a blimmin fortune it didz! That young un…..! He’ll be the deaf of my wallet he will!

      But it was worf evry penny to see that blinkin Macca in is gay white apron an hairnet (stained wiv air dye) gobsmacked fer once!

      Do youz lot knoz wot? I reckons that Macca’s a closet puff an all I does, my David reckonz thatz why is wives keepz on walkin out on im all see!

      Its true that is, TRUE!!!

      See yaz!



  2. Ian Baker says:

    here is the greatest music clip every seen




  3. I saw Sheena Easton a few years ago, but she was significantly better with this song than this video that was recorded about the same time. She did a fantastic job of it, but also talked about how long she could actually sing this song!!


    I also was able to see Peter, Paul and Mary before Mary’s death the following year and they sounded great!!!
    .-= Clinically Clueless´s last blog ..Dietician consultation =-.

  4. BoSnr says:

    Just thought I might slip this one in quietly

  5. Ian Baker says:

    here is another of the greatest ever done

    its dexys midnight runners

    with the tune Jackie wilson said

    however some clown at the bbc got it wrong and rather than put a pic up of jackie wilson soul legend put up a pic in the background of darts legend jocky wilson

    enjoy kids- you’ll thank me


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