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I’ve just moved flats, so have the joy of calling telecoms engineers on a daily basis in an attempt to set up a new phone line & internet connection. Hence, my contributions will be like my bowel movements – very patchy & irregular (sorry if you’re mid-way through your cornflakes). I’m presently writing this on free wi-fi in the Barbican, so will only check in once in a while till I get the flat connected.

In Saturday’s Guardian newspaper’s Weekend magazine there were a series of articles on how the last decade have made huge differences to the world we live in – ’10 years that changed EVERYTHING’. Amongst the articles was a great piece on technology & communications by Alan Rusbridger entitled ‘Power to the People’. He makes good arguments for the 10 things that have changed our lives in the highly evolving areas of internet & technology.

Amongst his top 10 is Twitter & concludes:

‘ Who are these sad people who want to know that some other sad person is waiting for a bus or has just changed a nappy? … Yes, people still write/say that. Smarter people recognise that Twitter is one stage on from Google – applying human intelligence and recommendation to the ordering of information … in real time.’

I’m relatively new to Twitter but agree with his sentiment. It’s an amazing communication tool & really feel it is revolutionising the way we find, disseminate & discuss information, news, etc. I really feel it has that incredible potential & like Mr. Rusbridger think it will become as prevalent, dominant & useful as Google has.

What technologies do you think have changed life (for good or bad) in the last decade?


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  1. Purple13 says:

    Hi O’Db

    I’m a huge Twitter fan and apart from the obvious soft marketing possibilities it offers through building and sustaining a good following, the other thing I like about Twitter is its immediate-ness.

    Breaking news spreads like wild-fire and when you can beat the normal news channels to a story, then that’s when you start to get large amounts of users.

    RSS with interaction and participation of others.


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  2. Gareth in Thailand says:

    I don’t Twitter, apart from the name reminding me of a slang term for your Granny’s tea toeel holder I have little desire to be updated as to where Paris Hilton is flashing her clam or who is roasting Jordan (real name Katie Price).

    As for good technology, cheap flat screen TV’s. Now we can watch major sporting events in the comfort of almost any bar in the world.
    Bad technology, CAD design packages that kid any fookwit he is a skilled engineer just because he/she can make a flashy 3D model and a power point presentation, not being put off bythe fact that the design is unmanufacturable snd half the time illegal.

  3. Wireless technology becomes widely used. Microprocessors become denser allowing for more storage space and faster computers. Increased bandwith makes memory cheaper. Memory sticks/USB drives…excuse me my nerdiness has raised its head!!!
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  4. Lib says:

    I feel your telecoms engineer related pain O’DB, one of the complete arse aches of moving. A funny complaint letter here

    Technology that has changed life in the last decade?

    I don’t know whether its changed life but the ipod has definitely enhanced mine.

    And as much as I’m loathe to admit it, Google would probably be my number 1 too.

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