History…aaaah…Please, Don’t Run Away!

Posted on October 29th, 2009 by Clinically Clueless

 From Sin to Supporter ~ Part III out of V

“Why can’t they have gay people in the army? Personally, I think they are just afraid of a thousand guys with M16s going, ‘Who’d you call ‘Faggot?” ~ Jon Stewart


Writing about homosexuality from sunny (not much difference day to day) Southern California is Clinically Clueless or cc for those who want to write less!!

This is a summary of the history of that has impacted person’s who are homosexual. Also, the Bible has been used to oppress and harass women and slaves, so I have included a part of that history as well.

In 1777, Thomas Jefferson made a liberal move at the time by proposing a revision of the Virginia law to reduce the penalty for sodomy from death to castration. This was never enacted.

In 1865, the Civil War ends and slavery is abolished and voting and civil rights are granted to blacks.

In 1892, Hungarian psychologist Benkert invents the word homosexual to describe people attracted to the same sex. This created a shift change in the medical profession to rather than it being a sin or criminal act, it was seen as a psychological condition to be cured.

In 1920, women win the right to vote.

armband2In the 1930’s, homosexuals were among those that the Nazi’s persecuted and were marked with larger triangle than for other “offences,” so that it could be seen from a distance. It was a pink triangle pointed face down. It is estimated that 220,000 gay men and lesbian women were executed for this “offence.” This is the reason for the usage of the triangle as a homosexual symbol. Both as an identification symbol and a reminder that they were part of the Nazi atrocities.

In 1950, Harry Hay and others found the Mattachine Society in Los Angeles, America’s first on-going gay right organization.

In 1953, the American Psychological Association adds homosexuality as a list of disorders to be addressed by psychologists and psychiatrists to treat. In 1973, they vote to remove homosexuality from its lists of “illnesses,” thus ending efforts to “cure” gays.

bgittings65Also in 1953 on April 27th, President Dwight D. Eisenhower signed Executive Order 10450, which mandated the firing of all federal employees who were determined to be guilty of “sexual perversion.” The following two decades thousands of homosexuals would lose their jobs. In all of those years, the lowest percentage for one year was 25%. I do not know what the average or the highest percentages were. In addition, all employees were required to take “loyalty oaths” for employment swearing that they are not homosexual. These regulations were not repealed until 1975.

In 1953, both, State and Local governments began to follow suit as did private employers. Although the Civil Service Commission curtailed the discriminatory policy in 1975 it still lacked sexual orientation nondiscrimination policies. In 1988, President Bill Clinton signed Executive order 13087, which prohibited discrimination based on sexual orientation for federal employment.

In 1963, as part of the black civil rights movement there is a march on Washington DC where King delivers the famous “I have a dream” speech.

When did you ever see a fag fight back?… Now, times were a-changin’. Tuesday night was the last night for bullshit…. Predominantly, the theme (w)as, “this shit has got to stop!”—anonymous Stonewall riots participant


On June 28th 1969, the “beginning” of the gay rights movement began with the Stonewall Riots in New York City. At that time, gay bars were like the bars during prohibition, blacked out, entrance in the back and lots of raids and police harassment. On this particular night at the Stonewall Inn, a New York gay bar, they fought back against police harassment which initiated several days of rioting and began an uprising from the oppression and harassment in which homosexuals had been living.

MilkFlierIn 1978, Harvey Milk, a gay Supervisor of San Francisco and Mayor George Moscone were assassinated by Dan White. On May 21, 1979, the verdict was for 5 to 8 years for manslaughter. This sparked the White Nights Riot. The 5,000 person march turned violent as police vehicles are overturned and set on fire. Later, in the evening, police retaliate in the Castro neighborhood, arresting and beating gay men. Ironically, and much to the dismay of police, the following day 4,000 people gather for a peaceful celebration of Harvey Milk’s 49th birthday. They had already obtained a permit for such a gathering.

Please, continue on my journey and learn about some interesting facts about the problems that people who are homosexual have and do face on Thursday, November 12th.


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All comments and questions welcomed.

7 Responses to “History…aaaah…Please, Don’t Run Away!”

  1. Fascinating chronology – a lot of research for sure.
    Unbelievable that being gay was still considered an “illness” by the APA until 1953!
    Good job cc

  2. Hi cc
    Yes sorry about that.
    When’s the next installment?
    .-= Angela in Canada´s last blog ..Cows probably know more about diet than you do. =-.

  3. Next installments: Thursday, November 12th and Monday, November 23rd. That is it, then the series will be over.
    .-= Clinically Clueless´s last blog ..Time for Another Health Update!! =-.

  4. eric says:

    “In 1988, President Bill Clinton signed Executive order 13087, which prohibited discrimination based on sexual orientation for federal employment.”

    Bill Clinton wasn’t elected until 1992, and sworn in 1993. I’d double check your facts.

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  6. Ramon says:

    Great work! This is the kind of info that should be shared around the net.
    Shame on the search engines for now not positioning this publish upper!
    Come on over and discuss with my web site . Thank you =)
    Ramon´s last [type] ..Ramon

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