Eat your way to a healthy prostate?

Posted on September 11th, 2009 by O'DB in the Forest


An interesting piece in yesterday’s Telegraph (UK newspaper) suggested:

‘Eating raw broccoli coated in tomato ketchup and topped with crushed brazil nuts may not seem very appetizing – but it could be a way to prevent and treat prostate cancer, a British nutritionist claims.’

It’s all based on a book by Professor Margaret Rayman – The Prostate Care Cookbook.

Using evidence-based based nutritional studies a number of certain foods (e.g. broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, tomatoes, brazil nuts) have been shown to slow or arrest prostate cancer in experimental & clinical studies. The recipes that Prof. Rayman has put together aim to concentrate on these food types & help prostate cancer patients (or, presumably, men with a genetic predisposition, family history of prostate cancer) to combat their cancer.

Sorry ladies, once again this is a male cancer piece, following Clinically Clueless’ piece on moobs & male breast cancer.

Any thoughts (perhaps Ethical Eater has more info, since he’s studying nutrition) & any special dietary requirements all catered for.

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  1. Jim says:

    Loving that picture you posted and I have to ask where you found it.

    A timely reminder for me O’DB in the Broccoli Floret (forrest) as I used to exercise the old prostate by a bit of inner clenching and holding then releasing….only a few seconds at a time, holding if you will but one can improve over time….

    Time for a green salad me thinx – can’t do any harm!

  2. Thanks for the post. Very interesting. No problem with the broccoli, cauliflower, tomatoes and brazil nuts. Hate brussel sprouts…oh, this is for men which I am not! My husband will eat all of those foods. He follows this site, so he will read it, but he never leaves comments.
    .-= ClinicallyClueless´s last blog ..World Suicide Prevention Day!! =-.

  3. I had read before about tomatoes being a good cancer preventing food bt not broccoli – makes sense I guess. Good post.
    .-= Angela in Canada´s last blog ..A sad anniversary. =-.

  4. Purple13 says:

    We’re eating our veg ‘a la crunchy’ in the Fabulous Photo Gifts office these days anyway – Mandy’s just about got me veggie (the very occasional meal out when i give into my meat cravings).

    Thanks for the info.
    .-= Purple13´s last blog ..Adding visitor stats to your Tumblr Blog =-.

  5. ethicaleater says:

    Hi O’DB in the forest.

    very interesting post highlighting the fact that certain foods have been scientifically found to have cancer prevention properties. However,it is very difficult to isolate any one type of food allowing researches to pin-point said food stuff as being the sole preventative due to the fact that food is generally eaten in combinations.

    Alot of fruit and veg are known/thought to be anti-carcinogenic which is why as a student nutritionist/dietitian teaching is to encourage people to eat at least 5 portions of different fruit and vegetables a day.

    It’s widely acknowledged that males don’t ‘check’ themselves as often as they should and certainly not as regularly as females. Picking up early signs / indications of changes can reduce the risk of chronic development of P.C. or e.g. skin C. so always good to keep an eye on yourself.
    Right so, I’m off to coat some brochers with T.K.
    Great post pal
    .-= ethicaleater´s last blog ..coffeesister and Jim are now friends =-.

  6. Jim says:

    News just in – Patrick Swayze dies of Pancreatic cancer:,27574,26075553-23109,00.html

  7. [...] GSTC contributor O’DB in the forests’ recent post on ‘eat your way to a healthier prostate’  I awoke here in Dubai with the news that Patrick Swayze has passed away after a long battle with [...]

  8. Liam Price says:

    Patrick Swayze is one of the most talented actors in Hollywood, he would surely be missed by a lot of his fan.

  9. henry says:

    most veggies and especially cruciferous vegetables like broccoli are good for preventing cancer and a good overall health.

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