Milk in your coffee?

Posted on September 16th, 2009 by Angela in Canada
Picture from Photobucket.

Picture from Photobucket.

A disturbing report from a researcher in New Zealand suggests that milk may not be as good for you as you have been led to believe.

Professor Keith Woodward, a professor of farm management and agribusiness at Lincoln University in Christchurch, New Zealand, has published material suggesting that a mutant protein (known as A1 Beta-casein) may have serious health implications.

“While most dairy companies, trade groups and government agencies consider it harmless, a growing body of research implicates A1 beta-casein in diabetes, heart disease, autism and schizophrenia,” says a report by AlterNet’s Ari LeVaux.

The book that Woodward has written on the subject is fraught with government and corporate cover-ups and denials about the health risks. Not much wonder in an industry that has built its reputation on the benefits of drinking what to all intents and purposes is one of the most natural, healthy beverages in the world.

The biggest problem that Woodward has in proving his claims is that human health trials, (a necessary step to prove or disprove any scientific health claim), would be unconscionable on the off-chance that he is right. Although some tests performed on rats found a correlation between A1 and the development of diabetes.

Interestingly there in an alternative that involves switching production to a different protein content known as A2 beta-casein. The problem is it takes about 10 years to switch the herd, which is not an attractive option to most dairy producers or the industry as a whole.

The only other option (for those who are concerned) is to switch to goat or sheep milk, neither of which contain the mutant protein.

Whether or not Dr. Woodward is correct it begs the question: just what is safe to eat, drink and do?

The answer: Eat only in your imagination; drink only your own saliva and do absolutely nothing at all. Then you should be safe!

Are you scared to drink milk now?

14 Responses to “Milk in your coffee?”

  1. O'DB says:

    Casein, a protein in milk, also removes some of the components of tea that are thought to have cardioprotective effects.

    Quoting a wikipedia article on the health benefits of tea (found here –

    ‘ A study[55] at the Charité Hospital of the Berlin Universities showed that adding milk to tea will block the normal, healthful effects that tea has in protecting against cardiovascular disease. This occurs because casein from the milk binds to the molecules in tea that cause the arteries to relax, especially EGCG. Milk may also block tea’s effect on other things, such as cancer.[56] Other studies have found little to no effect from milk on the observed increase in total plasma antioxidant activity.[57] Teas with high EGCG content, such as green tea, are not typically consumed with milk. Previous studies have observed a beneficial effect from black tea which was not attributable to the catechin content.[58] Plant-based “milks”, such as soy milk, do not contain casein and are not known to have similar effects on tea. ‘

  2. Jim says:

    Interesting as what is safe…

    I often go for soya in my lattes and recently hear dit was worse for me than normal milk.

    The ‘healthiest’ of all milks, I understand is goats.

    Anyone confirm this?

  3. BoSnr says:

    Milk must be good for you.
    That is why ladies are shaped the way they are.

  4. Purple13 says:

    Oh dear – another diet bites the dust! Back on the double cream chaps.

    Wait – squirty cream (the can variety) – surely that’s the way to go?
    .-= Purple13´s last blog ..The Photo Gift Company that really delivers – a case of Summer Lovin’ =-.

  5. Oh, good another excuse for not drinking milk…I have always hated milk and when I can actually choke it down, it has to be non-fat. However, I try to make up the calcium with low fat cheese, non-fat Greek yogurt, broccoli, and tofu. But, my doctor still has me on supplements. Any other suggestions? Oh, and I drink lattes with non-fat milk…my indulgence…along with dark chocolate and ice cream. I’m high risk for osteoporosis.
    .-= ClinicallyClueless´s last blog .."…’Cause I’m Mad as hell…" =-.

  6. ethicaleater says:

    Found this information on goat’s milk which quotes trusty references.

    If Woodward is right, then there are alternative ungulates producing milk that provide all the nutrients our bodies required.

    I personally wont believe the hype
    .-= ethicaleater´s last blog ..coffeesister and Jim are now friends =-.

  7. Thanks for all the comments.
    I personally think the benefits of milk (in terms of calcium etc.) probably still outweigh any possible harm.
    I actually love goat’s milk cheese but am not keen on goat’s milk in beverages but would adjust if I had to.
    I never put milk in my tea any more – symptom of being here in Canada for too long – virtually no-one does here.
    .-= Angela in Canada´s last blog ..The controversy over GM Wheat. =-.

  8. ethicaleater says:

    I had some soya milk (for the first time) on a raspberry tart the other evening – it was scrummy folks !
    .-= ethicaleater´s last blog ..coffeesister and Jim are now friends =-.

  9. Nick Sommers says:

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  10. Leland says:

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