OK so we filled the hole with water – now what?

Posted on September 9th, 2009 by Purple13

I took the kids swimming at one of our newly opened municipal pools earlier this week here in the U.K. The last week of their summer holidays was typically raining and windy so what to do?

“How about a trip to the swimming pool”? I suggested. So we arrived, spent an age getting a ticket to enter (one receptionist you see) and then – to the pool.  I was hoping for a slide – maybe a water jet or an inflatable – no, none of that. Typically, a rectangular whole filled with water (surprisingly warm for a council pool) and a chilly breeze blowing from the ventilation system. Lots of fun to be had in a pool you know:

Rather than have diving contests we played Sharks – one of us is the shark and has to ‘catch’ the others (think tag in a pool), we played jumping in, we played splashing each other, we swam (for a bit), we did all of the above three times and then it was decided to get out. We’d been in there about an hour and a half.

Not bad value for £6 – 1 adult (me) and 3 children – we had a quick play in the park next door and then headed home. The £1 locker money (x2) being spent in the food vending machines on the way out. Of course, driving home, it struck me that it’s pretty crazy really – I mean it’s just a hole filled with water and yet we managed to pass the time quite successfully I thought.

What’s your take – do you have a local pool, is it nice or grotty & when did you last go swimming?

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  1. Purple,

    I love when you share about you and the kids. I’m glad that you clarified that you were the adult. I was beginning to wonder. LOL

    I cannot swim…failed beinning swimming 4 times as a kid…my mother gave up!! However, we have an olympic size pool where some of the olympic atheltes have used.

    I like simple fun…teaches kids to use their imagination…good for the brain.
    .-= Clinically Clueless´s last blog ..Suicide: A Personal Story =-.

  2. Jim says:

    Hi Purple…

    Thanks for shaing and I loved that Peter Kaye clip at the ‘diving’.

    A pool is a gasp for air here in Dubai with the 40 degree heat at the moment but I’ve always been a fan of them – right back when the instructor forced me along doing my 25 yards in ‘deep water’ badge without the use of arm bands or the dreaded rubber ring!

    Do they still have the colour codes and ‘blow’ when you have to leave the pool? i.e the time limit?

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