Fantasy gigs & super-groups

Posted on August 5th, 2009 by O'DB in the Forest


Been shuffling (not that kind of shuffling) through my music collection & thinking about some of the great gigs I’ve been lucky to get to.

Public Enemy performing a 20th anniversary of ‘It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back’; Elbow performing with the Halle Orchestra at the Bridgewater Hall, Manchester; The Who performing ‘Quadrophenia’ (complete with Adrian Edmonson as the Bell-boy & Trevor McDonald as the newsreader) to a 150,000 people in Hyde Park.

Kratfwerk at the Manchester Velodrome for the Manchester International Festival, complete with Great Britain’s Olympic gold medallist cyclists doing laps during ‘Tour de France’ was a recent highlight.

Tour De France, Kraftwerk (Manchester Velodrome)

But there’s plenty I’ve missed: The Sex Pistols playing Manchester Free Trade Hall (1976); The Stone Roses playing Spike Island (1990); The Verve playing a homecoming gig in Wigan (1998).

A band & venue I’d really have loved to have seen live were The Jam playing in the 100 Club – would’ve been incredible.

Any fantasy gigs you wished you’d been to – real or an amazing band in an amazing setting? Dead or alive (not the 1-hit wonders of ‘you spin me right round’ fame), real or imaginary venues?

I’d be keen on seeing the following super-group: Rick Parfitt on rhythm guitar, Chesney Hawkes on drums, Adolf Hitler on bass & Wee Jimmy Krankie on lead vocals. All performing on the moon. Without any oxygen tanks.

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  1. Purple13 says:

    from the poster – that would be their ‘gold’ album then.

    Nearest I’ve got to live music was watching Abba the movie – funnily enough.
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  2. Gareth in Thailand says:

    In 1996 I was sentenced to 18 months in deepest darkest Somerset. Whilst there I saw an sdvert for Chaz, & Dave playing in Cheddar followed by Wookey Hole and then Wells. I caught the Wells gig and boy o boy what a gig. All the cringeeorthy old favourite tracks plus a lot more Covknry banter to boot.
    Better still afterwards they had the table behind me in the Indian restaurant. Oh how they laughed to the people in the restaurant when slf the locals began shouting ‘Rabnit curry for you then?’ and ‘shouldn’t you be sat at a snookrr table’ believe me the local banter level didn’t get much better as more alcohol was added. Me & my mate soaked it all up as a classic East meets West cold war developed. We refrained from opening ip a Northern front but did later supply some ammunition.

  3. Red Dog says:

    Echo & The Bunnymen recreating the classic Ocean Rain album at the Albert Hall with an orchestra.

    Real not fantasy, what a cracker.


  4. httpv://
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  5. In 1979, I saw a sold out tour of the Bee Gees at Dodger Stadium. This was before online…it was when several months earlier, you go to the venue and wait for hours and hours hoping you get tickets. Even before arm bands folks. Also, because it was stadium seating those on the ground level had to get their early to get a good spot. 1:00 am we waited for an evening concert. I was younger then!! Can’t do that now. Above are pictures of that event. (Note: Andy Gibb was a solo artist and not part of the Bee Gees)
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  6. I also saw the reunion tour of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young at the Staples Center. Note: Do not go to concerts at sporting venues for the sound quality. Great concert just wish the sound was better. There were hard tickets to obtain. Wesley Snipes was in the upper section with us.
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    • Ooops Again…


      In terms of fantasy, I would have a very difficult time coming up with something. Off the top of my head, one thing I’d like to see is Eric Clapton sing with all the groups that he has been a part of…that would be quite a stage!!
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  7. Lib says:

    Pink Floyd is a definite, Led Zepplin and Mansun.

  8. Jim says:

    Good gigs O’Db – you may stuggle to get to see the REAL Krankies though.

    Seen Oasis, Verve et al many a time – wish I’d had got a seat at the unplugged Oasis gig when Liam dropped out an hour before with a ‘sore throat’


    Kraftwerk looked good – what a venus – what about De La Soul?

    Most recent gig I attended was Keane, not a live 8 but in Doo-bye…


  9. Lib says:

    This would be quite a line up


  10. Gareth in Thailand says:

    Impromptu gig by John Scofield at the Jazz Cafe in Camden was a rather nice surprise back in 2003. Some great tunes from his album Uber Jam. Jungle fiction was tremndous. Certainly a great gig for anyone who appreciates guys who know their guitar.
    I think my fantasy gig could involve John Scofield on guitar, Victor Wooten on bass, Miles Davis on Trumpet and Esther Phillips on vocals with Herbie Hancock guesting in there somewhere.

    • Jim says:

      Appaluse for throwing in Herbie Hancock amnongst that lot….the musical equivalent of swapping Paula Abdul as an idol judge for Mrs Becks~

  11. BoSnr says:

    Hi All,
    This last gig I went to was The Australian Pink Floyd Show in Liverpool.
    As regular readers may have noticed I am a Pink Floyd afficionado.
    The APFS was musically and lightingly? a very good tribute

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