GO! Reveal yourself, caller – but not you, Banksy!

Posted on August 1st, 2009 by Jim

One of the coffee smelling ingredients of a successful community is to write from the heart and be yourself!


With the advent of social networking many of use chose to use different names, multiple personalities and create an online brand that is different to what lies behind the scenes.

There’s a balance of course – with identity theft and folk ‘knowing too much’ but where do we draw the line? Does graffiti artist banksy everhave that issue – probably not!

YouTube Preview Image

As I finalise the 10 contributors for GO! Smell the coffee and get my head around community guidelines I’d welcome any comments relating to this topic of identity. So, reveal yourself, caller or does that take away the ‘fun’?

16 Responses to “GO! Reveal yourself, caller – but not you, Banksy!”

  1. Lib says:

    No I don’t reckon there is any need for people to reveal themselves completely is there? And besides, my feet are my best feature.

    Tis a difficult one Jim, the internet is pretty much taken on face value anyway. I suppose the big question is about trust, can you imagine walking round in to a coffee shop and the person you are meeting for the first time walks in with a bag over their head? Or everyone was walking round as their avatar? It wouldn’t really work but I think on here it does.

    • Jim says:

      Good analogy Lib…

      *Idea for a coffee shop – call is ‘bagsy’ – no one knows who anyone is but it’s fun!

    • Nico says:

      they had taken over there for she had all the infomation on this conampy and the some of money involved weare she got this info from i do not no verry convinced she was told me they are from spain i read a few articals on the net about this conampy which i led to belive payed them a31300 for an insurance to get the whole of my money back and the sale of my points and it turned out to be a boguse conampy, rang my credit card conampy to nite and they put that payment in disput so there for i were verry lucky to stop the paymet been cashed as it takes one to two days before the can get there hands on it

  2. Gareth in Thailand says:

    Not bothered, although historically those who hide behind alter egos are normally tossers.

    As for Banksy, if they all knew who he was his work would probably not have got the critical acclaim it has, sure he has a talent but its blown up a bit by the media. There are many known artists out there with comparable work but don’t get the press he gets.
    Still, it gives middle class feckwits something to gush about at dinner parties in between school fees and the latest ‘fab ethnic restaurant we found near Shoreditch’, as the above clip deomnstrates so clearly with an assorted collection of pashmina wearing, neckless wonders who’ll be the first to scream about urban scum should they get mugged on the way home from the exhibition.

    • Jim says:

      At the flowers / coffee community there has been a few playing multi roles behind different names and it’s only served to put new commentators off.

      I’m off to mug an arty goer anyway, back later.

  3. BoSnr says:

    Ok All.
    I have got to come clean and admit who I am..

    I am Libs dad and proud of it

  4. Lib,

    You bring up an excellent point. However, many artists, actors and writers have used pseudonyms for decades. To me the question to be answered are bloggers writers?

    I know for me because of the nature of things that I write I need to use a pseudonym for now. I only recently revealed that my first name is Coleen. Also, that I have two blogs. That was a huge step as many readers know who I really am, my real name, and are friends.

    Due to security, I do not want my full name revealed. However, if someone contacts me by email and I eventually feel comfortable with them, they will receive my first name and rarely my last name.

    Eventually, I will probably will reveal my last name, but only after I address my mother with my abuse.

    Coleen aka cc aka ClinicallyClueless aka Clueless aka ~stjs aka SomethingJust. :) .-= Clinically Clueless´s last blog ..The "ists" in My Life!! =-.

  5. Dispite my not revealing my identity, I am better able to write from the heart and be myself, at this point, in time. Too many repercussions at this time.

    cc ;) .-= Clinically Clueless´s last blog ..The "ists" in My Life!! =-.

  6. Red Dog says:

    I’m Red Dog’s dad and proud of it.

    It is quite a relevant topic this for what went on at flowers and coffee the last few weeks. Anonymous commentators tend to be more inflammatory and abusive than they would face to face.

  7. O'DB says:

    Personally keen on a degree of anonymity.

    Not because I feel that the mystique gives me a certain ‘Je ne sais quoi’ (literally) but just prefer my private life that way. Internet fraud, too, is far too easy with people bandying about birthday’s, locations, etc. & I’d rather the small flock of O’DB’s that are wandering the lands of the world to remain shepherdlesss (i.e. I’m a selfish b&stard who doesn’t want to be squandering my billions on unnecessary paternity suits).

  8. Great post mate. Can I bookmark your site into Delicious? I couldnt find it added there.

  9. Now THAT’S what I’d deem an interesting take on things. What I would advise perhaps is talking to other people involved in the scene and bring to day any conflicting points of view and then update your blog or create a new post for us to read. Hopefully you’ll take my ideas, I’m looking forward to it! Try to cover off on some graffiti characters as well if possible, they’re everywhere at the moment.

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