Thank you, Flora 2000!

Posted on July 13th, 2009 by Jim

As Flora 2000 leave GSTF after a 2 year affiliation I wanted to thank them for providing a great flower delivery service and providing the flowers for the caption contests and the free flowers for 2008 to one lucky blogger.


So why the split?

The bottom line was the content as GSTF didn’t match up to the Flora 2000 brand and wasn’t  announced to Flora 2000 customers, as originally hoped. As I was responsible for all the content and posts it was my lack of direction, delivery and communication that wasn’t effective enough to keep this strategic alliance going so Flora 2000 understandably withdrew from the project.

Despite the ups & downs of the last 2 years I’ll still use Flora 2000 and wouldn’t hesitate in recommending them to anyone else.

Al Pacino says it far better than I do with hope that our community will continue:

YouTube Preview Image

Comments welcomed – thank you.

12 Responses to “Thank you, Flora 2000!”

  1. Fertile Fish says:

    What’s with all this, ‘I’ll still use Flora 2000′….

    Ticky RYKy The Thief is a good guy now hey?


    • Jim says:

      All I’m doing is closing off offically from Flora 2000 and thanking them for their support.

      Their end product, service and floral support was never in question.

      Acknowledging the staff there (I’d visited the office on 3 occassions) and made decent connectionds with a couple of the team.

  2. Gary Wheat says:

    so last week he was a scoundrel now he’s a great bloke? I thought his staff were ‘enslaved’?

    All seems a bit fishy to me this. Either you, Jim, believe his staff are treated like slave as you stated? or you were lying? Bit of clarity please……

    • Jim says:

      Hi Gary,

      In this post I’m attempting to move forward and complimenting the end product of Flora 2000 which did what it said on the label throughout the time with GSTF and as an affiliate.

      It’s aimed at the Flora 2000 team and doesn’t mention any 1 individual or how they are treated as I did last week in the red mist of emotion in a bid to get my domain back.

      My call to post this today to draw a line in the sand and move on – RYK isn’t aware of this post until he reads it and is no longer is direct contact with me at all.

      I guess like all organisations I only saw the nerve centre of the organisation which certainly utilises it’s space effeciently (cubicle space per person as per a call centre) and my comments were taken out of context from my Dubai eyes looking into a Mumbai norm.

      I’ve been spoilt for too long…

  3. Svasti says:

    Jim, sorry but I’m with the others. I don’t get it.

    Are you sure this wasn’t all just a dramatic way to promote the split into two websites? One that will hopefully make you money and the other that will be the community place?

    I have to say, given your reticence in explaining exactly what’s gone on, I’m feeling a little suspicious.

    I’d hate to think our goodwill towards GSTF community was used for less than straight-forward purposes?

    The above post sounds like you’re changing the story. Last week, he was the guy trying to rip you off, then suddenly he’s not, then you’re thanking his company after everything that (supposedly) happened?

    Something doesn’t quite add up here…
    .-= Svasti´s last blog ..No return… =-.

  4. Jim says:

    Hi Svasti,

    The thing that doesn’t add up is my behaviour!

    I assure you none of this was staged and it’s been eating me up as I potentialoly lost 4 years of work plus writers content.

    To summarise the last 3 weeks:

    1) RYK withdrew from GSTF, announced no longer interested and gave me his 30% equity back (worth nothing, by the way)

    2) Then mind was changed – 30% was cliamed back but with no further project involvement as GSTF content was deemed unsuitable for Flora.

    3) I said it was too late and with no involvement no equity – then was told he has control of my domain (after I transferred from my 1&1 to his Godadddy) and that he had 100% and I had 0%

    4) We met when RYK was in Dubai in a last ditch attempt for me to get flowers back.

    5) Coffee was set up as a re-brand as it looked like flowers could be gone forever so all content safely hosted here plus a platform to tell others what had happened.

    6) Posts, heated debates, emotions followed and as this ramped up RYK confirmed GSTf would be returned back to me.

    7) Still awaiting the authorisation code from RYK who I’ve had no contact with since Saturday.

    8) Rather than post more on this here and having been requested by RYK not to share anything we discuss,in good faith, I wait for the authorisation code and focus on the positives.

    9) My ‘thank you Flora 2000′ post attempts closure here at coffee so the authorisation code can be released. When it is GSTF will return to a portal to promote our book with Emma getting back her 50%.

    10) New writers to be announced here at coffee and Ia ppreciate the last week could have cost me friends, contributors and content in the finger pointing age of self promotion.

    I’m trying to move on, await the domain transfer, clean flowers up and press on with coffee.

    Any input on coffee greatfully received and how all can benefit openly.

    Sorry for the seemingly swift about turns. One of the team is meeting the Police commissioner in Mumbai today to clear his name so I guess that’s been keeping me awake at night and not something I could go into too much detail on here.

    Life it too short but I refuse to have something taken away from me and have a ransom slapped on it.

    Hapy to answer any more questions here and am looking forward to the code so we can move on.

    Thanks for dropping by into coffee – I appreciate many are put off commenting here at all.



    • You earlier accused your ex-partner of stealing your site. But from above you are saying in 3 you have transfered it to him. That after that due to your dispute he wanted money to transfer it to you. This is not the same thing as stealing as you have before said.

      Earlier you also clearly said that Flora200 is a slave driver organization, now you are saying thank you to it.

      Due you really think it is right on your part to simply say anything you want at anytime?

      It also looks from what you are saying above that you copied all the content and logos from your site that was under dispute to this site. Is that not cheating your partner? Should you not have settled the dispute instead of copying everything to a new site?

      I am sorry to be so direct, but I think what you have done is not correct and you should have been more respectful of your relationship with your partner even when you were in a dispute with him.

      • Jim says:

        Hi Hannah and welcome to GO! Smell the coffee.

        Let me clarify: I agreed to transfer the administration of my domain, at the request of Rehan on the grounds that ‘ 1&1 were unreliable’ and that ‘ Godaddy was a better host’.

        He took the domain and changed the WHO IS details initially from my name and my country to GO! Indian and Gibraltar, all that remained was my home address.

        He then offered to return the domain but at $50,000 until 1st July then increasing by $10,000 per month every month after: holding it hostage if you will.

        My first impression of Flora 2000 was the amount of staff crammed in such a small space, small by Dubai standards in the western world. Upon reflection this was harsh.

        I do think I am permitted to air my views here, at anytime, yes, as are you.

        All the content was my own ann my writers and with alomst 2,900 blog posts and approx 48,000 comments I at least saved everything that started 2 years before I met flora 2000. The only way the dispute could be settled was for me to either:

        1)Find the money
        2) Sue
        3) Smell the coffee and tell the story.

        Flora have agreed to return the domain in any case.

        Please son’t apolgise for being direct and your opinion of right vs wrong is your entitlement and the fact I’ve locked previous threas with passwords and praised the services of Flora 2000 which has never been an issue go some way to address tihs.

        I invite you to click n listen to the 45 minute interview I’ve posted.

        One thing is for sure – without the instruction of my ex partner firing the tech guy on contract to Flora and instructing him to work for me none of this could have been possible.

        Fate played it’s part as did the design team here in Dubai who gacve birth to GSTF and 3 years later GSTC.

        • I don’t think you understand what it means to be in partnership. how can you say it was your own when you are in partnership?

          Even if you partner has fired his employee and asked him to work for you, and there is nothing wrong in doing that, then that does not allow you to make a copy of your previous website to this one.

          I was also in a partnership in my store when I had a dispute with my partner. We took time and worked it out and now after 2 years we have even expanded and opened a second store in the Netherlands. During the time of the dispute we did not go and shout to everybody about how bad my partner is, or we did not open another store and steal all the designs and customers.

          The way you have been posting and messaging on twitter, it really looked like a major crime was committed against you. I was very sympathetic to you. Now after reading the above, it is looking more and more like your fault and you have misled everybody over here and on twitter.

  5. Jim says:

    DOH! The :-) is an 8 by the way….

    It’s not meant to look that shady.

  6. Gary Wheat says:

    I think what svasti is saying is this.

    Was what you said about RYK true? or was it a lie? a simple yes or no will suffice surely. If it was true your grovelling thank you is totally wrong and comes over as very hollow. If it wasn’t then what was the purpose behind lying?

    Also RYK alleged you post under several names some of them used by previous no longer posting people. Is this true? Or is it a lie?

    Surely people who have contributed to your site/sites from day one for no commercial reward deserve to be told the truth? Or is truth only applicable if you want it to be known? In which case that would be a terrible way to treat contributors and would effectively sound the death knell for this site and the other site and any other spin offs that may be planned.

    • Jim says:

      Yes what I said was true, Gary.

      I have never posted at GSTF or GSTC under any name other than my own. I do have several IP addresses where multiple personalities have come from but that seems to have stopped now, thankfully.

      This is the truth, Gary and to everyone else….

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