Domain transfer update: Please release me!

Posted on July 12th, 2009 by Jim

Following your requests and emails regarding an update and after the drama of last week I’m pleasaed to inform you that all that is required for my domain is for Rehan to unlocked the domain and issue me the authorisation code.  He was travelling yesterday and had no internet access so hopefully it can be done today.

To make it simple I’ve opened a godaddy account leaving me to deal with the transfer between godaddy and 1&1 - thanks to both providers as they’ve been a great help  – both clarifying the final step that is required.

Once it is GO! smell the flowers will return to the way it was pre-Flora 2000 and be donating 50% of everything to do with brand GSTF to Emma wheat and focus on getting our story published. We need to clean the GSTF site up pretty quickly as we’ve a couple of publishers and agents reading our manuscript now.

I am still being denied master admin access to my GO! smell the flowers site and cannot post an update, so come on RYK is me my admin code back and send the authorisation code:

YouTube Preview Image

I’ve honoured Rehan’s request not to publish or share his 1 on 1 emails to me here but I’m happy to share mine. I’ve just emailed him the following request to enable this issue to be closed out in a timely fashion and nor be dragged out:

Hi Rehan,

My next interview is this coming Tuesday – I intend to report the direction of both sites and require you unlock the
domain and return it back to me as promised by 18:00 hours Dubai time on Monday 13th July.

To either godaddy or 1&1 is fine – I presume transfer to godaddy will be quicker.

I can then clean up both sites  and focus on the positives.

I’ll post an update at coffee now keeping the readers updating so we can close this out.


I’m still waiting to hear if the so called Cyber crime charges have been dropped (for instructing our content to be moved somewhere safe and that wasn’t under threat from a $60,000 ransom) and have also asked Rehan for an update on this so an innocent victim isn’t caught up in this ridiculous saga.

This was discussed during my interview on Saturday extra on  Local radio sation Dubai eye which went well and a big thanks to john Deykin and the team. 45 minutes in the hot seat running through the history of flowers and latterly coffee. I’m collecting a CD of the show later today which I’ll listen to in due course.

The tagline at coffee is ‘wake up’ and this certainly has been a wake up start to this place – we’ve more readers than ever and only a few brave souls posting comments which is understandable after such a negative start to the place.

I’m meeting a couple of potential supporting partners this week for coffee including a Dubai based adventure company and a fair trade coffee company. Rather than throw the towel on the community idea I’m going to pursue it and am drawing up plans over the coming weeks applying what I’ve learnt to date.

In the meantime I invite the contributors to post, welcome newbies Absolute Adventure and O’DB in the forest and crack on with comments and get this place GO!ng again.

Thanks for your support & understanding,



5 Responses to “Domain transfer update: Please release me!”

  1. BoSnr says:

    As a regular reader/commentor
    What the hell is going on ??

  2. Jim says:

    Hi BoSnr,

    Welcome to GO! Smell the coffee.

    Sorry for the disruption but basically the GSTF domain was held hostage for $60,000 (increased $10,000 per month) or sold to the highest bidder.

    I know – it sounds like a plot for a poor film.

    Luckily I instructed all our back up all the content of the last 3 years to be transferred to a secure server under GO! Smell the coffee (as it was a wake up call and a shock)where it was saved and GO! Smell the coffee was born giving us a similar platform and a place to launch a campaign to get GSTF back!

    This protected the intellectual copyright of all the artciles posted that could have been lost forever.

    Granted coffee hasn’t started off with the lightest of atmosphere’s but things have been resolved with flowers being returned.

    The post above runs through the update and what is planned for flowers / coffee.

    Sorry for the confusion and welcome back,


  3. Emma Wheat says:

    Looking forward to getting the equity back and hopefully hearing the last of this saga.

    I hope that both sites can be used in a positive way in the future.

    Glad to hear the radio show was a success and good luck with coffee.

  4. Jim says:

    Thanks for dropping into coffee Emma and looking forward to taking GSTF back to basics – they way it was…..

  5. Jim says:

    The time for domain transfer authorisation code has now passed as we wait for this to happen.

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